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Main Benefits

I can help your spiritual evolution in this life by assisting you in raising your body vibration on one hand, and further on raising your soul vibration / awareness.

​Raising your body vibration will give you more health, will reconnect you with Mother Earth and have more vitality, be more sensitive to other energies and be able to "read" them easily, be and look more younger, live longer, suffer much less from illnesses and diseases,  and the list continues.

​Raising your soul vibration means reaching into higher dimensions where you didn't had access until now, and therefore reconnect with your soul, with your guides, with your parent-soul (who's in 7D vibration, so fully enlightened), advise with higher entities in that dimensions. I can teach you to be free of any low belief induced by society, family, religion, mass-media and formal education, and go beyond any religion and ancient spiritual schools that use ancient concepts and old languages like Sanskrit and old Chinese who were designed for a humanity with a very different level of consciousness hundreds and thousands of years ago. 

I can teach you to connect with the Now moment in your life. You will learn to connect with your true God in 7th dimension, and with current higher energies, and also understand the energy and consciousness trend of today’s humanity.

To reach all the above and more, I offer you in the Services section of this site the following services and processes designed for you to progress as follows:

Soul & Body Readings

These are intended as a tool to tell you where you stand as vibration both as soul and as body using the chakras scale. I also include details about the Causes of your illnesses and events/relationships in your life that are connected to your destiny. If needed, I also look into your past lives to find the causes of what happens to you now.

I designed the readings on several levels of detail so you can choose the one that best suits you.

I even offer a free version for those that are not interested by details of their soul and body issues and are interested only by their soul and body vibration, and can wait for their turn to come for the reading.

I need from you just a recent photo to send me, since I do the readings offline.


Low Beliefs release coaching

This process of releasing lower/limiting beliefs starts with a reading that does the analysis of the status quo of your soul and body in terms of vibrations, major issues, and limiting beliefs to be released. This I do offline using a photo of yourself you send me.

The next step is a coaching to release lower beliefs, it’s a one to one online session over skype, where I teach you how to release beliefs and do together with you an exercise so you start to trust the process and can apply it later by yourself to release further beliefs.

Next come two services intended to evaluate the progress for 1-5, or 6-10 beliefs, you are working on regularly. The idea is that one needs an evaluation of his progress of releasing beliefs every about once every few months or so, depending on how intensive he works with himself.

Using these tools one can progressively free himself of low beliefs shackles and rise both as soul and body to fulfill his true potential in this life.

Guiding deceased souls back to God / Light

Deceased souls many times still loiter and wander around us without rising to God / Light despite the funerary rituals done at their funeral.


As such, the deceased souls of our dear ones risk to stay for a very long time around, failing to return to God quickly and to follow the normal evolution path of a soul.

Due to my ability to contact souls, to send them the needed energy and to guide them, a thing I practiced for almost 20 years, I can help your dear one's soul to return back to Light, thus avoiding the soul to remain caught in this lower plane.

To fulfill this service I need from you the most recent photo of the deceased one you want to be raised to Light.

Many souls stay here for long because of attachments they had in life, and sometimes if the living ones help in eliminating these attachments, the soul will also leave.

Spiritual School 

You can follow my School of Body & Souls Ascension Mastery which I designed on 13 levels of knowledge and vibration levels. Here you will progress step by step in raising your soul vibration and your body vibration, I will open your chakras so you will progress spiritually much faster.

You will become healthier, get a much higher understanding of events in your life, you will learn not to be the subject of fears and worries, you will become the Creator of your own destiny.

You will become free and liberated from the world psychological constraints, limiting beliefs, and reach whenever you choose what the yogis called "samadhi" or bliss state, but more important if you have in your destiny you will reach Enlightenment. 

Online session/workshop

Here you can ask me any spiritual questions  about your soul and body in this open online one-to-one session.


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