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Are orbs visiting angels, deceased relatives, nature spirits, or spirit guides?

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

As many know in the spiritual community, over time many photos emerged that included along with the expected content of a landscape or people also some astounding shapes that appear to be of some ghosts, spirits, or other entities.

I will give you an explanation of what are these after I have studied this phenomenon for a long time both scientifically and spiritually. I might add I also have taken hundreds of photos where I caught all sorts of shapes that had no correspondence in the physical world.

What is the relationship between a soul and “orbs”

A soul/spirit does not have any energy, is pure consciousness, so no one can see it directly, but it can be detected and talked to by a higher soul generally. On the other hand, every soul needs to use some energy-based instrument to experiment a world like ours, and as such through the birth process, it surrounds itself with several layers of energy from higher to lower vibration ones, until the lowest which is the physical body.

When a person dies, the soul is supposed to release all energy layers used until then and return in higher dimensions to merge with God. What actually happens in real life in low vibration 3D worlds like ours, is that many souls lose the physical layer (body dies) but retain the higher energy layers and transform themselves into “wandering souls” and start to roam around. They generally roam close to the attachments they had in life, like properties, other people, and so on; deceased mothers do so for instance many times if they had small children when dying because they can’t bear to part with them ….

spiritual orbs
Spiritual orbs, entities

The shape the disembodied souls show themselves to us is generally as spheres called orbs. There are very few persons who can visualize them directly, but mostly these orbs appear in photos. This is because the camera is able to capture things that most of us cannot see with our naked eye.

Besides these, there are also higher souls in the 5D-7D vibration dimension who act like guides to people and also have a presence in this plane.

Another category of entities that appear as orbs are nature spirits, like the ones of trees, lakes, fairies, gnomes, etc. You won’t find these in crowded places like cities and even in popular natural tourist areas, but only in deep virgin forests from my experience. In the past, like hundreds of years ago or more, when the population was much less and humans were much more strongly connected with Nature, the interaction with these kinds of nature spirits was much more often and many accounts reached us from that time.

This is also why in the past quite a good number of people could directly see or at least perceive them. For us in modern times these are considered just stories, since our connection with them was severed by technology and science in the last about 300-400 years.

How to discern between the physical reflection of light in a lens and true orbs

Spirit orbs can appear in photos as balls of light, however, sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether it is a Spirit or just a dust particle, or a light reflection into the camera lens.

When looking at such a photo one needs some training to discern between true orbs and normal light reflections from the camera lens when taking shots against the sun or the like. Depending on the orb's color, size, texture, and other factors one can distinguish between higher souls and lower souls.

Orbs are beings in another dimension of vibration, and in another phase as well, they shift in and out of our phase of frequency. Yes, everything has a frequency including our bodies, hence we see only a narrow range of frequencies and phases. Since the orbs flicker in another phase and frequency than us, when shooting you need to catch the orbs when they fit exactly the frequency and phase you are in, which is not easy.

Some general criteria to discern between normal physical causes and spiritual orbs are:

  • Model - True spirit orbs have some shapes in them, while light reflections are perfect geometrical shapes with nothing inside.

  • Outer ring – Spirit orbs may have an outer ring or several rings within the orb.

  • The color – dust particles are usually just one color, whereas Spirit orbs can appear as many colors.

  • Connection to them – Try to spiritually connect to them and find out who they really are.

The general problem is that orbs appear randomly and not when we want them to appear in our photoshoots. If we want to increase our chances of such occurrences, the conditions to capture orbs in the photos are in my experience the following:

  • Not to have a very performant camera. It sounds counter-intuitive maybe, but a performant camera will focus very sharply and accurately on the subject you want to shoot. On the other hand, a less performant camera might focus automatically on an orb if it appears in its range since its focus is not so sharp … An old film-based camera is the best in my experience rather than a digital one, or at least an old digital camera.

  • The person frequency who takes the shot and the orbs should be in a close range of frequency/vibration. If you are a 3/4D soul then souls/orbs of 6/7D frequency won’t appear in the photo, but rather spirits in the 3D-5D range. If on the other hand, you are a 5D/6D soul for instance, the 3D spirits/souls/orbs won’t generally appear in the shots you take, but rather souls/spirits in the 5D-7D range. Certainly, as always there are exceptions to these rules, but very seldom from my experience.

  • Have a dark background when shooting. If you shoot at night then the chances to catch such an orb are much higher than trying to catch them during daylight.

Other shapes that spirits take to appear to us besides orbs

There are also higher entities that can project for some time even the shape of their original body to the viewers, but generally for short periods of time, like apparitions of saints, ancient spiritual masters, and the like. This feat needs lots of energy and very high skills to do so.

Recent deceased persons even if they are just 3D as souls vibration can also appear occasionally to close family members in their quasi-original body shape since they haven’t yet had time to release the body energy layers they still retain …

Personally, I have taken hundreds of photos with such orbs appearing in them representing souls of various vibrations. There are also sites dedicated to collecting such orb apparitions, just google the keyword “orbs sightings” or the like and you will find plenty of them.


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than the spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a service like Spiritual Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed there and get a spiritual diagnostic, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery so to raise your body and soul awareness, and reach into higher dimensions.



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