How can one differentiate between messages from the ego vs. the ones coming from the soul?

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Make a distinction between the Messages of your Ego versus your Soul

How to know if messages are coming from your Ego or your Soul / Guides

This question is one of the main perplexities in spirituality for every spiritual ever…

Each spiritual walking the Path wonders quite often if what he/she gets by messages, dreams, visions, apparent synchronicities, etc., is real info/guidance coming from his soul or guides, or just coming from his ego.

Factors that influence understanding the source of a message

Well, there is no easy answer to this, and the difference between the typical self-deluded spiritual thinking that majority of what he feels is guidance from his soul or some other higher entity, and a true advanced seeker is given by following factors:

1) how exercised in an advanced type of meditation is the seeker (not mindfulness or TM for instance),

2) how many limiting beliefs he released until then,

3) how good he is in going into his heart in order to connect with his soul

4) if he has access to true higher souls to check and calibrate with them

5) how sensitive to energies he became by exercise, so he attained spiritual discernment

6) how humble he is

If the spiritual seeker is advanced in all of the above he necessarily will also have a more advanced soul like in at least a 4.5 vibration (awareness level on chakra scale), and a body close to 4.0 vibe or more also on chakra scale, while average people are about 3.5 vibe both soul and body on chakra scale.

Vibration level influences the discernment ability of a person

A higher vibration level (awareness actually) both for soul and body will give anyone a higher discernment ability in telling which are body/ego feelings and which are messages from his soul. Therefore, a true advanced spiritual will be able to discern with over 70% accuracy if a message comes from his ego or soul.

Another point I want to stress: some small level of ego is ok, it’s actually necessary on this planet and level of 3D humanity, as long as it doesn’t inflate; one just needs to keep it under control. It’s nonsense when someone says one should completely erase his ego, it means he doesn’t understand just about anything about spirituality and energy mechanics in Creation. Without the ability of being assertive for instance how else can a seeker keep some personal space so to be able to make choices and progress?

Practice makes the difference

As you see, one needs quite some extent of correct spiritual practice as described above before starting to discern with some accuracy between the ego and soul messages. So there is no trick or hack to be applied by the armchair spiritual to differentiate between the two.

One thing is theory and another thing is practice, we should not get lost in spiritual theories and disregard practice, that is if we want to really progress on the Path...

In our School of Body & Soul Ascension Mastery we deal with all factors mentioned above so to ensure a balanced spiritual and vibrational ascension of both a person's soul and body, so to develop his energy and spiritual discernment and therefore be able to chose wisely his path in life.

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