Does our soul get out of the body while dreaming?

Updated: Aug 21

Does our soul get out of the body while dreaming?
Does our soul get out of the body while dreaming?

From my research, it’s not technically correct to say that a “soul gets out of the body while dreaming”. A soul has no energy, it’s just pure awareness and needs an energetic instrument like a human body to experiment a world where everything is also energy.

A soul has energetic links to every cell of a body it uses on a world to experiment it. As such, a soul doesn’t reside inside a body, but the soul might be more “focused” (I can’t find a better word) on the part of the body the person’s mind focused more lately like in years … In usual 3D people on this planet a clairvoyant “sees” the soul as a sphere inside or beside the person’s head, because the brain is 99% used by the average person during life on Earth. In rare cases, the soul might be detected in the heart region for persons who use more their heart in their life, but I saw also people where it’s focused more in their stomachs or even other parts …

More than 95% of the time during sleep the mind replays the fears and worries gathered over the day in ordinary people because that person got attached to them. Only max 5% of dreams are real transmission from a soul to the mind…

During sleep, since the body is inert and runs on the automatic programs located in the spine and without brain control generally, the soul needs much less “attention” invested into the body connection so to say than during the daytime, and keeps just a “loose” link to the body.

In some cases, like for advanced meditators, persons that exercised astral projection, etc. the soul can abandon the physical body layer and might use the higher vibration field layers of the body like the astral body or etheric body (4–5D dimensions levels) to “take a look around” in space in the astral plane generally, or in time whether in future or past, or connect with higher dimensions and have a “chat” with higher entities … or with lower ones if he is a lower soul anyway.

Besides the re-play by the body during sleep of stronger emotions gathered during the daily activity which makes the large majority of usual dreams, all this nocturne activity of the soul produces “data transmissions” from the soul to the brain, who in turn “translates” the data received in terms of its basic beliefs belonging to the person’s culture, social, religion, discernment, life experience, etc.

This “translation”, whether from daily emotions or from the soul nocturne activity, is actually what is known as a dream that might be remembered upon waking up (or not) when the soul re-integrates 100% the body, or anyway much more than during sleep.

Obviously, since the data received from the soul is so distorted by the average brain to understand the real message from a dream one needs help from other higher souls who are supposed to have some expertise in this …


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