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Journeying into the Haunting Realm of Wandering Spirits and Lost Souls

Updated: Apr 16

Throughout history, the fascination with ghosts, specters, and haunting spirits has been a popular topic across all cultures, continents, and eras, regardless of technological progress.

For centuries, countless captivating stories of spectral apparitions, mysterious occurrences, and eerie legends have circulated across cultures. Regardless of one's belief in the supernatural, the fascination with these ethereal entities beckons us to delve into the mysteries of the afterlife.

In this article, I share with you some conclusions I reached after many dealings with all sorts of disembodied entities, whether of higher vibration or of lower one. I will help you unravel the mysteries of this area of the supernatural, and uncover the truth behind the spectral entities that haunt our collective psyche.

Exploring the Soul's Journey through Creation to Expand Awareness

To grasp the concept of what is sometimes referred to as Wandering Spirits, Wandering Souls, or Lost Souls, it's essential to share with you the spiritual context that engenders them.

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A soul leaving the body after death

As souls, we are on a never-ending journey through Creation to raise our consciousness. At the core of this spiritual is the notion of an Original Consciousness, often simply called The Source. This Source is a high-vibrational consciousness from which all souls originate. The purpose of The Source is to expand its consciousness through a variety of experiences, which it achieves by dividing itself into numerous fragments, each possessing a unique vibrational frequency.  These fragments, which we refer to as “souls”, are pure consciousness with varying levels of awareness, gauged on what is known as the chakra scale.


Pure consciousness has no energy whatsoever and therefore, to raise its consciousness, The Source created the Creation built out of energy, a vast energetic stage where souls, inhabiting physical bodies, engage with diverse life scenarios. This Creation encompasses everything detectable by our five senses - such as planets, nature, and human constructs - as well as elements discernible through scientific instruments, like microscopic organisms and distant celestial bodies, to which we also add anything beyond our 5 senses in lower or higher vibrations.


The primary objective for each soul is to elevate its awareness by living through various incarnations, thereby enriching The Source with expanded consciousness. After a soul has utilized a body for its earthly journey and the body ceases to function, the soul sheds its physical form by body death but retains the experiences it has accumulated. These experiences are the basis for future lives, where the soul will continue to evolve by inhabiting new bodies and engaging in further experiences to enhance its level of awareness.


Why do those wandering souls linger among the living?

Ideally, when a soul reaches the end of life it is supposed to drop the body and move on to the next life. The problem is things are not ideal and all sorts of other factors intervene that make many souls remain here next to us and linger for a long time. After dying, these souls didn’t rise to God despite religious rituals and subsequently were able to reincarnate again. Therefore, they stay here roaming around, whereas many cultures call them wandering souls or spirits, ghosts, phantoms, specters, etc.


Some of these spirits remain driven by unresolved emotions, such as the desire for revenge against those they resented in life, leading them to haunt specific individuals. Others stay attached to particular objects, places, or people that held significance for them previously. A few even seek to inhabit a living body to experience life's sensations once again.

It's pretty common for someone who has just passed away to stick around their family or close friends for a bit. They need some time for "Orientation", to grasp that they've moved on from this life and to adjust to their new state and perceptions. They also need some time to say their goodbyes to their loved ones by visiting them and trying to contact them. Nevertheless, if a soul doesn’t return to God and leave our realm in 3-4 months after passing, it usually means they've chosen to stay around longer. We refer to these souls as Wandering Spirits or Wandering Souls.

Many of these wandering souls are rather low as vibration like in the lower levels of 3D (3rd dimension as vibration). Their lower vibration is due to the attachments they developed over life which keep them down here next to us.

What triggered the interest of ancients in the Wandering Souls topic

Contrary to the common misconception that our ancestors were merely superstitious due to their lack of modern education, they were quite pragmatic. They addressed their essential needs, which included not only better hunting, health, and agriculture, but also the necessity to cleanse their environment of negative energies that impacted their well-being, as well as the presence of disembodied souls. They felt that some souls of former tribe members lingered around, causing discomfort to the living.

To tackle this issue they sought solutions, and over time individuals with heightened spiritual capacities emerged. These individuals demonstrated their ability to conduct funerary rituals that sent these wandering souls back to the divine and thus cleared the atmosphere. Eventually, these spiritual leaders came to be known as shamans, priests, and other titles, laying the foundational roles that contributed to the birth of organized religions.

Different Types of Wandering Spirits and Lost Souls

Within the realm of the supernatural, various types of wandering spirits and lost souls exist. These entities retain a connection to the physical world, often driven by unfinished business or unresolved emotions. Some of the most commonly encountered types:

  1. Residual Hauntings: Residual hauntings are like echoes captured in time, replaying specific events or emotions. These spirits are not aware of their surroundings and appear to be reliving moments from their past. Witnesses often report seeing apparitions going through repetitive actions or hearing sounds associated with a particular event.

  2. Intelligent Hauntings: Intelligent hauntings involve spirits that are aware of their surroundings and can interact with the living. These entities exhibit a level of consciousness and may communicate through various means, such as EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), ghostly whispers, or even physical manipulation of objects.

  3. Poltergeists: Poltergeists are often associated with chaos and mischief. Unlike traditional ghosts, poltergeists possess a physical ability to manifest in our reality using a certain psychic energy, typically centered around an individual, often an adolescent, experiencing emotional turmoil.

  4. Shadow People: Shadow people are mysterious figures often described as dark silhouettes with no discernible features. These entities are frequently seen out of the corner of one's eye or in peripheral vision, disappearing when directly confronted. Shadow people are associated with feelings of unease or dread.

  5. Doppelgängers: Doppelgängers are spectral doubles or mirror images of living individuals. Seeing one's own doppelgänger is often considered an omen of impending doom or a sign of imminent death. These apparitions are said to bring bad luck or misfortune to those who encounter them.

  6. Possession: I found that individuals who harbor intense negative emotions might attract such wandering spirits who attach to them and start causing them lots of problems, leading to cases of Possession. These situations often require an Exorcism process to resolve. Interestingly, I also offer an Exorcism process for getting rid of such negative entities to my clients, and I've noticed an uptick in such cases since 2020. Previously, I encountered about one possession in more than 20 consultations, but now it's closer to one in every 10. Stress, fears, worries, and other negative feelings in the long term facilitate such cases.


Some Haunted locations around the world

From ancient castles to abandoned asylums, haunted locations can be found in almost every corner of the world. These places are steeped in history and legends, drawing visitors who seek to witness paranormal activity firsthand. A few renowned haunted locations that have captured the imagination of enthusiasts are The Tower of London (England), The Stanley Hotel (Colorado, USA), Bhangarh Fort (India), and Eastern State Penitentiary (Pennsylvania, USA).

These are examples just from the English-speaking world, but there are many thousands of such places worldwide, and every country has a few such haunted places.

Signs of a haunted house or location

If you suspect that your house or a location you're visiting may be haunted, there are several signs to look out for. While these signs don't guarantee the presence of supernatural activity, they can indicate a possible haunting.

Here are some common signs:

  • Unexplained noises: Hearing unexplained footsteps, voices, or sounds like knocking, banging, or scratching could be indicative of a haunting. These sounds often occur when no one else is around or when the source cannot be identified.

  • Apparitions or shadowy figures: Seeing ghostly apparitions or shadowy figures out of the corner of your eye or in your peripheral vision is a classic sign of a haunting. These figures may appear briefly and disappear when directly observed.

  • Cold spots or temperature fluctuations: Sudden drops in temperature or the presence of cold spots, especially in rooms that are typically warm, could indicate the presence of a spirit. These temperature fluctuations are often reported during paranormal investigations.

  • Unexplained movement of objects: Objects being moved or misplaced without any logical explanation can be a sign of supernatural activity. This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as "poltergeist activity" and can range from subtle movements to more dramatic displacements.

How to deal with Wandering spirits and Lost Souls

Remember, these wandering spirits are an exception, stepping off the usual path of a soul's evolution and diverging from the ideal journey of continuous consciousness growth.

Therefore, I advise you from a long personal experience of interactions with thousands of such souls, NOT to interact with them. Over the years, numerous methods for contacting them have emerged, ranging from witchcraft and Ouija boards to demon invocations and spiritualism sessions. I advise you against them because they involve risks, including even being possessed by such souls.

Even if he or she is the soul of a beloved family member like a grandmother, uncle, mother, or close friend, I advise after he or she dies and you maybe feel his soul's presence, do only two things:

  • Thank him from the bottom of your heart for the time spent together in this life, and send him your Love and Gratitude.

  • Urge him to return as soon as possible to God for his good, on the path of spiritual evolution! For help, you can call on the assistance of the prophet of your religion whether Christ, Buddha, prophet Muhammad, etc or some other saint you trust in.

Wandering souls, wandering spirits, afterlife, ego, attachments, limiting beliefs, soul journey, Lost Souls, exorcism, the Source, Creation, ghosts, spirits, poltergeists, haunted places, Shadow People, Possession
Wandering soul

If you want that soul to stay with you after the body’s death, examine your reasons for this and you will find they originate from selfishness, from ego. You are thinking more about your interest instead of thinking about that soul’s interest. His true interest is to leave this world once he drops his body and return to God!

Remaining down here after ending a life doesn’t bring additional life lessons to a soul since the wandering soul doesn’t have a body anymore.


Debunking common myths about ghosts and spirits

Despite the fascination with ghosts and spirits, many misconceptions and myths surround these ethereal beings. Based on my experience with them, let me debunk some of the most common myths:

  • Ghosts are always visible: While some ghostly apparitions are visible, many encounters involve other sensory experiences, such as sounds, smells, or feelings of being watched. Not all spirits manifest as visible entities.

  • Ghosts are always malevolent: While some spirits may exhibit negative behavior, such as poltergeist activity or malicious intent, not all ghosts are malevolent. Many entities may be seeking help or attempting to communicate their unresolved emotions.

  • Ghosts can harm you physically: While some individuals report physical contact or scratches attributed to spirits, such occurrences are relatively rare. The majority of ghostly encounters are non-threatening and more focused on communication than physical harm.


Considering your stance on the concept of the Afterlife and its implications

In conclusion, the mysterious world of wandering spirits and lost souls continues to captivate our imaginations. Whether you believe in ghosts and spirits or remain skeptical, the curiosity surrounding the afterlife remains a driving force behind our fascination and fear.

Going beyond all these mysticism and superstitions, in light of the above, the next time you find yourself walking down a dimly lit hallway, or hearing an unexplained noise in the dead of night, consider that you might encounter a soul just like yours, albeit without a body. Treat them with the same politeness and respect you would offer any living person. Often, they will respond in kind. The key here is to respect both the living and the dead alike, recognizing that they are all souls, whether embodied or not. Creation thrives on Unity, not Separation.


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed here and get a spiritual diagnosis, or Healing limiting beliefs, or Compatibility for lovers, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery so to raise your body and soul awareness and reach into higher dimensions.



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