What is the method to awaken kundalini?

Updated: May 28, 2020

What is the method to awaken kundalini?

An important point is that kundalini (Earth energy actually that keeps your body alive) can’t be by definition “locked” or you will be dead. It just works in a low percentage like 5–10% through C1 (root chakra) in ordinary human bodies of 3D persons as this humanity is. Higher chakras (C2-C7) have generally a higher opening percentage, but they mainly feed through the C1 anyway.

To open your C1 chakra more I advise to first work on C2 to C7 chakras; don’t touch at this stage the C1 chakra, you are not ready yet and if you tackle it first you can run into troubles.

Opening C2-C7 more you do this by a combination of 1) meditation and 2) focused body techniques, which is a science by itself. If you do only one of these you will fail, as many do just meditation and think they’ll get enlightened like this ... 😀

Once you open close to 30-40% chakras C2-C7 you can tackle also the C1 with low risk and work to open it to 20%, then again focus on C2-C7 and then again on C1, and the cycle repeats.

At each cycle the C1 opens more and since C2-C7 are already opened more because of previous effort the “kundalini” rises “higher” so to say in the chakras channel (shushumna) towards C7 …

The readers that have at least a basic understanding of how Creation really works can derive more conclusions for their practice from what I am writing here from own experience, and also watching closely along the time other high initiates that also worked like this.

Work wisely and don’t take unnecessary risks…

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