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What you need to Know About the Potential Dangers of a Kundalini Awakening

Updated: May 5, 2023

The practice of Kundalini awakening promises spiritual enlightenment — but it can also bring physical and mental challenges that you may not be expecting. "Is kundalini dangerous?" many people ask.

To better understand the potential dangers associated with this spiritual activity, it’s important to learn more about the risks and how to protect yourself from harm.

Understand the Nature of Kundalini Energy

The goal of Kundalini awakening is often to unleash the power of your energetic nature, or “Kundalini energy,” which lies dormant within all of us. While this spiritual practice promises great rewards, it can also bring challenges — both physical and mental — that you may not be prepared for. It’s important to be aware of these potential risks before engaging in a Kundalini practice. Experiencing Kundalini can bring on intense sensations — whether that’s tremendous energy surging through your body, strange and bizarre flashes of light, or deeply insightful revelations. It can also be accompanied by changes in the nervous system, increased sensitivity to light and sound, and changes in the respiratory system. When Kundalini energy starts to rise, people can experience physical ailments like headaches, nausea, or dizziness caused by the circulating energy in their body. Make sure to rest well before undertaking a Kundalini awakening practice so you will be able to handle these unexpected sensations with equanimity.

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My research into the kundalini energy, chakras, and body energy fields, by using my higher vision and checking with some other high souls, added some interesting details to understanding the kundalini energy source, and how kundalini energy moves inside our bodies.

I found that in order to maintain the body's vitality over life one needs lots of energy to sustain life, an energy that comes partially through eating and drinking, but also more important directly from Mother Earth through the energy she emits to all that lives on Her body including humans. The channel for this type of life-sustaining energy is through our feet soles and upwards through the feet where they join in our root chakra, and feed the reservoir of energy there. This energy lifeline between the planet and human bodies has to work permanently and without fail or death occurs quickly. This life energy in the root chakra is what yoga calls kundalini, which in fact is Mother Earth’s energy that keeps all our bodies alive. Our kundalini in root chakra is actually a very small part of Earth’s life energy that mirrors Mother Earth in our bodies, a projection of Her in our bodies.

In an ideal case, the kundalini energy goes up the spine through the Sushumna channel all chakras (increasing its vibration along the way) without obstacles, feeding the body organs around, and reaching the crown chakra and unites with the cosmos energy that comes from above. Of course that this doesn’t happen in the ordinary 3D human vibration bodies where chakras are clogged and kundalini can’t go up. Things are actually a bit more complicated since there are two different energy circuits in parallel, first the kundalini circuit that goes up the spine, and there is a second circuit of energy that comes from the sun and cosmic energy through the crown chakra and travels down to the root chakra through a parallel circuit which makes together the microcosmic orbit.

Recognize the Different Types of Kundalini Symptoms

Kundalini awakening most commonly occurs through yogic or other spiritual practices, such as meditation, chanting, yoga, etc. Different types of Kundalini symptoms may be experienced by individuals, ranging from physical sensations in the body to subtle energetic alerts to powerful visions or emotions. It’s important to be aware of all the ways that Kundalini symptoms can present themselves so that they can be recognized and understood if they come up during practice. As in many other advanced spiritual procedures, there are also known some kundalini awakening dangers.

Physical sensations can be the most intense of all Kundalini symptoms. These may include strong vibrations or tingles in the body, wave-like shaking or trembling, and a feeling of heat or pressure throughout the body.

Emotional and mental symptoms such as heightened states of ecstasy, joy, bliss, and fears of losing control can also occur.

Other common Kundalini awakening effects include an increase in sensitivity to light and sound, clairvoyance, extreme visualization, powerful insights into one’s own mind, or a connection to cosmic consciousness – just to name a few. Experiencing these potent effects can be potentially life-changing if they’re not handled with awareness and caution.

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Kundalini awakening and risks

Dangers of a Kundalini Awakening and its Causes

When a Kundalini awakening occurs, some people may experience physical symptoms such as heat, increased heart rate, or tingling sensations in their bodies. It’s important to practice self-care when these symptoms arise and consult a professional health practitioner if necessary.

The kundalini awakening dangers come from several sources:

  • Jumping steps in the process. . A correct kundalini awakening process needs Time, regular feedback, and corrective actions along the way. trying to jump steps is a big risk. Patience is the keyword here.

  • Instead of starting with "A" spirituals start with "Z". A complex process, like a kundalini awakening, starts small and progresses in small steps so as to be able to control it. Many spirituals try to start with strong procedures like Kundalini yoga without doing any preparation before! This is a recipe for disaster by itself. Without preparation, there is a risk of strong energy conflicts inside the body which can easily go awry. For instance, the dangers of kundalini yoga practiced without discernment are quite well known. Kundalini yoga dangers can be controlled only under competent supervision

  • Incompetent spiritual guidance. Beware of guides that picked up things from all sorts of spiritual books and some easy courses and then pose as kundalini awakening guides. For such a process you need competent, strong, and highly spiritual guidance. If the guide can't tell you why you started to feel bad in the process, what corrective actions you should take, can't give you competent feedback, then you are in the wrong hands and incur lots of risk for your psychological and health state. Even in well-established spiritual traditions like Qigong and Taichi there are known microcosmic orbit dangers when practicing its procedures.

  • Kundalini meditation dangers. Practicing all sorts of kundalini meditations found in some books or on the net and done without supervision is a great risk that many beginners, unfortunately, don't realize it. Kundalini dangers are a reality that is rarely talked about.

Be mindful of placing too much strain on your body during spiritual practices, as this could lead to serious medical issues such as exhaustion or fainting. Taking regular breaks is recommended to maintain energy levels and prevent physical strain. As the Kundalini energy ascends the body i.e. kundalini rising process, some practitioners may experience strong emotions or intense spiritual visions. It is not uncommon for these powerful experiences to create fear or confusion. To manage these emotions and maintain control of your spiritual path, consider regularly consulting a meditation teacher who has extensive experience with kundalini awakening. The dangers of kundalini awakening are known and produce failed awakenings which can result in health and even mental issues.

If possible, it is beneficial to meditate in a safe space that is conducive to mental and physical wellbeing. Taking this precaution will help to create an environment where it is easier to practice mindfulness, which brings a sense of calm and peace.

Incorporate Spiritual Practice into Your Life in Moderation

When you’re embarking on the Kundalini awakening journey, it’s important to practice moderation and be mindful of the potential risks involved. Incorporating spiritual practice into your life in moderation is essential if you want to enjoy the benefits without putting yourself at risk for any potential dangers. Take breaks throughout your practice, pay attention to signs that your body gives you, and always trust your intuition. Kundalini awakenings are not to be taken lightly. It is essential to have the guidance of a professional facilitator or teacher if you wish to explore this powerful and potentially dangerous spiritual practice. When done correctly, it can help you unlock your creative potential and bring you closer to understanding the higher reality of your being.

However, if not approached with caution, excessive Kundalini energy can cause psychological and physical issues like anxiety and depression as well as more severe physical ailments such as headaches, breathing problems, gastrointestinal issues, and cardiac arrhythmias.

Therefore, it is important to trust your intuition when embarking on this journey and always incorporate spiritual practice into your life in moderation.


The dangers of kundalini awakening should not be taken lightly. Having a supportive community of individuals who understand and can relate to your spiritual pursuits is essential for a successful Kundalini awakening! This can help you remain grounded in reality and provide insight into the potential risks involved with this practice that you may not have considered on your own. While not everyone will be able to relate to the experience completely, having someone to talk it through with can make all the difference during challenging times.

I know, you read or heard from many sources that spiritually you don’t need anybody to guide you, that you are your own mentor and guide, and God takes care of your soul! It sounds grandiose and thrilling, and actually it might work if you practice some beginner’s meditation like mindfulness and TM for instance. On the other hand, ask yourself if you enter a kundalini awakening process that turns bad who are you going to turn to help you?

Due to the limited availability of appropriate guidance during moments of crisis, it is crucial to seek competent supervision from the outset. Drawing from my personal experience as a spiritual guide, numerous individuals approach me for assistance after experiencing negative consequences from their self-taught Kundalini awakening practices. These difficulties could have been avoided with proper guidance from the beginning.

For example, the hazards associated with Kundalini yoga are well-documented, particularly when practiced without the support of a knowledgeable spiritual mentor. The kundalini awakening dangers are frequently underestimated, emphasizing the importance of seeking expert guidance to ensure a safe and effective spiritual journey.

A mentor who has had a successful Kundalini awakening is an invaluable presence to have in your life during this process. Someone who can provide accurate information about potential pitfalls that may arise, such as mental health challenges or the risk of overstimulating the nervous system. Having someone to talk it through with and ask questions can help you stay safe throughout the journey by allowing you to make better decisions along the way and address any concerns as they arise.

It's important to remember that while opening up yourself through Kundalini practice can bring great joy and higher levels of awareness, danger may occur if not adequately prepared. A supportive community and a mentor can help ensure a safe and successful journey during your kundalini awakening.

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