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Christine DeBenna, US


"I have worked with Claude for several years now and have found him to be completely reliable, trustworthy and wise.


Claude helped with me so many spiritual and energy issues that it is impossible to list them all here.  I can tell you that I went to him as a last resort after feeling strange symptoms after a spiritual awakening.  


His body and soul vibration readings are accurate and specific.  After one reading with him I was able to heal what I had been suffering with for several years and worked with several healers on with no results.

What I like best about working with Claude is that he always leads me back to myself.  He doesn’t require lengthy sessions, guru devotion or the like. Just straight to the point, razor sharp information."


Irmak Nalbant, Turkey

"What sets Claude apart is his ability to demystify complex concepts, making them accessible and easy to understand. His approach is straightforward and empowering. He provides clear and actionable strategies, ensuring tangible results are reached. This practical approach has enabled me to make consistent, positive changes.

His knowledge of body and soul vibrations, along with practical methods to raise them, has dramatically improved the quality of my life. The courses on energy structures, soul evolution and the mechanics of the universe have provided me with a deep understanding of Creation and my place in it. And the method for releasing limiting beliefs has cleared many emotional blocks in different areas of my life that had been stagnant for years.

Every course and session with Claude leaves me with new insights and tools that support my continuous spiritual growth and I'm grateful to have him on this journey."

Dora Nakabuye, US

"I fumbled around for years, chasing different spiritual teachers/teachings and spending lots of money on spiritual programs and books, getting my yearning whetted but not finding the light I was looking for.


All I can say is that Claude is a Torch. He is candid and generous with his teachings and guidance, and his scans help me to stay on track.


If you are truly seeking to awaken and understand that it takes effort (like anything worthwhile in life), and you want someone to guide you instead of you fumbling in the dark wasting time, energy and resources, Claude can be your Torch.


Let’s not waste this lifetime. Love and blessings to you, fellow seeker."


Ben Nguyen, UK


"Claude’s teachings & guidance are like spiritual science, they are very precise, practical & truthful.


He has unique abilities to communicate with higher souls, read vibrations and see everything clearly from higher perspectives.


From his courses, I learned so much about creation and procedures to raise my soul & body vibrations. And through our private work, I have gained deep insights into the source of my issues and been able to resolve them."

Rabih Hammoud, Guinea

"Being more mental as a person, and having an unquenchable thirst for understanding — I had filled my mind with volumes on spirituality over the years, naively believing I was on the right track to spiritual enlightenment.

It wasn’t until I found Claude, or Mr. Claude as I like to call him, that I realized how mistaken I was. It was one thing to talk about the unity of Creation as I had read about extensively, and quite another matter to actually feel united with Nature, or have this deep sense of connection to an entity as distant as the Sun.

Over the years working with Claude, he taught me — by example — the difference between “knowing” about things, versus living them.

I keep being amazed by the practicality of his teachings & procedures, and how easily they can be implemented into modern day living routines. Not only this, but also their efficiency in helping me heal childhood wounds, feeling better with consistency (psychologically and physically) and most importantly, connecting to things that are much higher than what my physical senses can perceive, which feeds my soul.

I am forever grateful to Claude, who plays so many roles for so many of us, and helps us understand and accept that we’re humans while at the same time encouraging us to surpass ourselves, and strive to live as our higher selves."

Dave Odrobina, US


"I have worked with Claude for several years.  I follow his spiritual school which has provided me with a great knowledge base about energy, Creation, body energy structures, factors that influence our soul and body vibration, about soul evolution, what happens after death etc. 


His energy readings have helped pinpoint the underlying energetics of several physical and emotion issues that I am working on. 


His chakras energy opening and healing process of releasing old beliefs protocols are helping with some long time issues I have.


I always look forward to a conversation with Claude. Positive and hopeful."

Alex B., US


"Over the last few years working with Claude, he has unlocked a tremendous amount of spiritual insight that has led to deep healing and significant progression on my soul path.


His knowledge, wisdom, and experience is far-reaching as well as his desire to help his students on an individual level.


I'm forever grateful our paths have crossed in this life and can't recommend him highly enough to those newer to spirituality as well as those with vast experience."

Silke, Germany

"After many years on the spiritual path I have finally found a teacher that I fully resonate with and whose teachings have made a tangible positive difference in my life.


I feel closer aligned with my lifepath and have developed a much deeper connection to my heart, my soul and intuition. The classes always leave me elevated and inspired how to be the best version of myself and live a more authentic and happier life.

Claude‘s school is a condensation of thousands of years of spiritual wisdom. His classes systematically build up on each other; while step by step expanding the consciousness of the students.


The tools Claude is sharing are easy to integrate into busy lifestyles and extremely powerful. I learned how to focus my energy, go deep into my heart space and serve humanity with more compassion.


All in all this school is worth to invest time and energy for anyone who wants to live a richer, more connected life."

Raluca B., Romania

"The spiritual school of Body & Soul Ascension Mastery taught by Claude is very practical and allows you to reach results immediately if you practice the procedures.

The energy practices and information about how this universe is built, how energy moves both inside our bodies and outside are at the forefront. To work with energy, you are taught simple techniques such as the unification procedure, spiritual shower, as well as more complex procedures, such as energy self-transfers to help your soul and health, and also energy transfers to help other people. Grounding and connection with Earth and Sun are a cornerstone of his school.

The high vibration energy that Claude infuses in the courses, his energy presence, the chakras opening he does for all students, helped me a lot.

You will learn a lot about yourself, how aligned you are with your destiny, about Creation, and how to get in touch with God.

After each course you gain new spiritual powers that assist you on your spiritual path."

Robert Klein, US

"When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

I was interested in raising my Chi energy, which I've been cultivating for several years.


Claude's school gave me all the tools I needed! He opened my Chakras and taught me the meditations to keep them open. I have a better connection with Mother Earth and was given a meditation to release my limiting beliefs. 

I now have a better understanding of the Context of Creation and a better connection with Mother Earth.


With my chakras open, my soul and body vibrations have risen and my Chi energy has tripled.


I highly recommend Claude's school - it is everything I need to further my spiritual practice! 


You will be amazed!"

Tat Georgieva, AU


"I have been following Claude’s spiritual guidance for several years now and can say with confidence - my journey to my inner peace has never felt better.


Claude has extensive knowledge on body and soul vibration and how to progress it to improve our quality of life and wellbeing. Ascension process is not an easy one, but he will guide you gently but steadily until results are speaking for themselves.


His wholehearted devotion to help his students and this Planet is simply amazing!"


Andrew Muller, US

"Claude's spiritual teachings are insightful, invigorating, and thought-provoking.

 I have explored as many spiritual teachers as I can find, and his words ring true with intentions of raising the quality of consciousness within you. 


His approach is unique, as his wisdom is profound, both to one starting on a spiritual awakening, and for the well-travelled spiritual seeker."

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