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spiritual concepts

The original consciousness, we call it simply “The Source”, is at an amazing height of vibration as consciousness; all souls are ultimately part of the Source. Well, even if it’s so high The Source still has in it the drive to further evolve, and to do so the Source needs to gather experiences to enrich itself.

Therefore, it split herself in countless smaller shards of any possible vibration, shards that we generally call entities or souls; these souls have no energy whatsoever, they are just pure consciousness and each of a specific level of awareness given by its vibration. The goal of each soul is to increase its level of awareness and hence vibration, and feed the experiences it gathered along the way back to the Source.

Now, since a soul is just consciousness, to experiment around a soul needs an energy instrument called a “body” to be used on a planet to experiment a life against other such bodies used by other souls. After using the instrument long enough in a life, the soul discards the body by death, but incorporates in him the experiences gathered until then and feeding therefore the Source, and leaves for other lives where again it gets other bodies to experiment further.

Everything is vibration in Creation, who encompasses a huge number of universes of almost all dimensions and vibrations possible.

Talking now only about the universe we are in, this universe is built on 12 major dimensions of vibration, whereas a dimension of vibration (D) encompasses everything that vibrates in that range. For instance, everything one sees around like objects, other people, nature, sun, Earth, etc including his body is in 99.999% of cases in the vibration range of 3D that is 3.0-3.99 vibration on chakra scale; as such Earth and humanity is a 3D world as vibration.

The universe is holographic and self-repetitive as nature at its core-structure on all dimensions but manifests at different levels of complexity from the quantum level to the multi-universe level.  

There is a different vibration for a soul as a separate entity on one hand, and a different one for the body on the other hand. While a soul is a single entity, a body is actually made in his turn from 50-100 trillion cells each with its own vibration. Each cell is also split in smaller components each with its vibration and so on... 

Soul vibration reflects actually its level of awareness (how much higher knowledge it has, and how united with Creation it is) on chakra/dimensional scale. The higher the better.

Body vibration on the other hand reflects how well your body on average exchanges energy (prana/chi) with rest of Creation around you, including Earth; energy blockages inside chakras and in the body energy fields impede on energy exchange. Since a human body has that many cells each with different vibrations, I give in a reading a weighted average vibration of them. Again, the higher the better.

Grand average for humanity is 3.6D for soul and 3.5D for body (middle of 3rd dimension / chakra scale as vibration). A 0.1D difference is significant especially for body, since it's at least 10 times harder to increase by 0.1D the body vibration than the soul vibration.

Full enlightened souls start at 7.0D vibration like Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Krishna etc in ancient times, but also in modern times a handful of souls. 

We live daily life events at the vibration of our body, no matter what our soul vibration is! This is key to understand and explains why enlightened souls like Rama, Krishna, Jesus, prophet Muhamad, Lao Tzu, etc who had reached true enlightenment as souls in 7D vibration had actually a 4D body vibration on average, and so exposed to dualist events including violence in their lives as history shows.

You can find out more about how Creation is structured, how to grow both as soul and body, to have your chakras open, get specific procedures and tools to improve your life and destiny, etc, if you attend my school of Body & Soul Ascension Mastery.


All my readings and other spiritual services you find in the Services section of this site.

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