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spiritual concepts

The Primordial Consciousness, often referred to as "The Source," exists at an astonishing level of vibration, and every soul is ultimately a part of it. Despite its elevated state, The Source continually strives for evolution and growth in awareness. To achieve this, it gathers experiences to enrich itself.

Thus, The Source divides itself into innumerable smaller consciousness fragments of varying vibrations, commonly known as entities or souls. These souls possess no energy; they are pure consciousness with a specific level of awareness determined by their vibration. The objective of each soul is to increase its awareness and vibration, accumulating experiences to contribute back to The Source.

Since a soul is merely consciousness, it requires an energy instrument called a "body" to experience life on a planet alongside other bodies inhabited by other souls. After a soul has gathered sufficient experiences through its body, it discards the body through death, retaining the acquired experiences to nourish The Source. The soul then proceeds to explore additional lives, utilizing new bodies for further experimentation.

In Creation, which encompasses numerous universes across various dimensions and vibrations, everything is fundamentally vibrational.

Focusing on our specific universe, it is structured upon 12 primary dimensions of vibration. A dimension of vibration (D) includes all that vibrates within that range. For example, nearly everything we perceive—objects, people, nature, the sun, Earth, and our bodies—resides within the 3D (3.0-3.99) vibration range on the chakra scale. Consequently, Earth and humanity exist as a 3D world in terms of vibration.

Our universe is holographic and self-replicating in nature, manifesting at different levels of complexity from the quantum realm to the multi-universe level.

The vibrations of the Soul and the Body are distinct from one another. While a soul is a singular entity, a body consists of over 50 trillion cells, each with its own vibration. These cells further divide into smaller components, each holding its unique vibration. By evaluating the spiritual body vibrations, one can determine the average vibration a person maintains throughout their life's journey—the higher, the better.

The Soul's vibration reflects its level of awareness (the extent of its knowledge about Creation, and its level of unity with Creation) on a chakra/dimensional scale, with higher levels being preferable.

In contrast, the Body's vibration demonstrates the efficiency of the body's energy exchange (prana/chi) with the surrounding Creation, including Earth. Energy blockages within the chakras and the body's energy fields obstruct this exchange. The body's vibration, or spiritual vibrations within the body, provides vital information about a person's life path, attitude, and interaction with their environment, including other people, nature, and animals.

Since a human body contains numerous cells with varying vibrations, the spiritual reading I give offers a weighted average vibration of these cells. A higher vibration is always more desirable.

On average, humanity's soul and body vibrations are both 3.5D (the midpoint of the 3rd dimension/chakra scale in terms of vibration). A 0.1D difference is particularly significant for the body, as increasing the body's vibration by 0.1D is at least ten times more challenging than raising the soul's vibration.

Fully enlightened souls, such as Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, and Krishna in ancient times, as well as a select few in modern times, begin at a 7D vibration, or 7th chakra vibration.

It is crucial to understand that we experience daily life events at our body's vibration, regardless of our soul's vibration. This knowledge clarifies why enlightened souls like Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, Lao Tzu, and others, who attained true enlightenment as 7D souls with an average 4D body vibration, encountered dualistic events, including violence, in their lives as history illustrates.

To gain a deeper understanding of the structure of Creation, as well as methods for personal growth in both the soul and body, consider attending the Body & Soul Ascension Mastery school. By participating in this program, you will learn how to open your chakras, acquire specific procedures and tools to enhance your life and destiny, and much more.

For more information on spiritual readings and other spiritual services offered, please refer to the Services section of this site. Embrace the opportunity to expand your awareness and elevate your vibrations, ultimately contributing to the collective growth and evolution of The Source."

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