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Compatibility for lovers

This service aims to give the client a refined evaluation about his compatibility with another person, in this case his loved one, or a potential partner he hopes to be with.

Although at the general public level of perception this subject belongs to astrology, we discovered according to my analysis and other seasoned spirituals interested by the subject, that in the last about 15 years the compatibility analysis of relationships (synastry charts in astrology terms) have lost much of their validity, as they were in previous times when time and events moved much more slowly. The reason is that the new energies pouring over Earth in the last decades triggered major changes of the energy structures of soul and body for all humans.

All these, and also considering that each moment on Earth thousands of people are born at exactly the same date and minute and have supposedly identical or very close destinies as predicted by astrology but in real life they vary wildly, triggered the need for a more accurate tool to predict compatibility for a couple.

The need for a more refined tool arose for me in this respect many years ago when I started to compare astrological compatibility charts of different couples and how they aligned with their real life experiences.


In this service we will assess your compatibility by considering the items below:

  • Chakras compatibility. Chakras state is very personal to someone, and show at a fine level of detail, including his subconscious, who this person is. We will look into each of your chakras how open they are as percentage, and will do the same for your loved one.


The more open a chakra is the more that person has positive / higher emotions and feelings corresponding to that chakra, while the smaller the degree of openness the more lower emotions and feelings that person harbors corresponding to that chakra.


Moreover, we will evaluate and give you also another important factor which is chakra affinity which shows if two persons, even if they have the same degree of openness for that chakra, do resonate on that level.


The lower chakras compatibility shows for instance how two persons relate physically to one another, if there is a chance for a physical chemistry there, if there is compatibility on how they approach reality around etc. The higher chakras compatibility shows if the two persons' destiny are aligned and by what percentage, if they have common compatible life-lessons to be carried together or not, and other features as well.


  • Soul and body vibration (chakras scale). The average vibration (awareness level actually) for this humanity is 3.6 for soul and 3.5 for body (using the chakra' scale). If one partner has an average soul and body while the other has a relevantly higher soul, like a 4.2 with a body of 3.9 vibration, then it’s obvious the second one has a much higher understanding of reality and life in general in higher terms, and on long run issues will inherently arise.


  • Level of character in couple. Each of us has a certain character level, like how well we keep our word, how honest we are to others and to ourselves, how egoistic we are or not, how hypocrites we are or not, and other traits that anyone knows make someone’s character.


Surprisingly, many people have a public character, and have another different private character manifested inside a relation; I call it character in the couple. As such, he / she behaves differently outside the house than inside the house with his partner, and the two characters/ behaviors can be wildly different for the same person. We will look into yours and your partner’s character in couple and see if they match, and tell what you might expect in the couple.


  • Special issues, if any, that we identify and affecting you as couple. Generally, these are related to your life context that influences you as a couple, like level of health, being close or apart like living in distant cities, very different families cultural backgrounds, etc that need separate consideration.


At the end we will give you a general explanation of the findings above so you can leave with a clear picture of your compatibility with the other person/partner, and chances of stability on longer term.

For the analysis we need just recent photos of you and your partner, and in 3-4 working days I will send you the written report.


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3. After making the payment please send by e-mail attached a recent full body photo with you and another one with your partner, and also mentioning which service you selected.

4. We will confirm receiving your e-mail, and also give you an estimate when the service you purchased will be available for you.

Thank you for your trust !