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450 USD / month
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One-to-one spiritual coaching

Spiritual coaching is a way to include the spiritual context of your life in the traditional coaching relationship. A spiritual coach will guide their clients to find inner happiness, peace, and harmony while supporting them on their soul journey to finding their own sense of wholeness.


While a typical life coach will address horizontal factors that influence you like your background, temper, beliefs, life and job circumstances, opportunities, etc., a true spiritual coach will include the spiritual factors like your optimal path in life as intended by your soul, releasing judgments and negative self-talk, healing past wounds, detecting your energy body issues, etc.

Remember that we attract what we are, it’s useless to force attracting all sorts of desired outcomes like good people, things, and events if we unconsciously repel them energetically! The results can be devastating…

As a spiritual coach, I will look at how you learn, how you process, and what your soul plan is for you in this life, and work with you to expand your understanding of self and the world around you. I will provide you with a toolbox so after our working together you are able to utilize the teachings and adapt them to your life challenges. This way you are constantly growing and adding richness, happiness, and abundance to your life.

Some of the primary areas in which I will work with you include:

  • Shifting to a positive mindset

  • Discovering your own spirituality

  • Raise your soul and body awareness (vibration)

  • Developing a sense of empowerment

  • Understanding your true purpose

  • Learn how the laws of the Universe impact you

  • Uncovering your internal blocks (limiting beliefs) to happiness

  • Understanding who you truly are as a soul

  • Releasing judgments and negative self-talk

  • Learning to listen to your intuition

  • Healing past wounds

  • Finding appreciation and joy 

  • Navigating difficult life challenges

Along the way I will support you as follows:

  • Do a soul, chakras, and limiting beliefs scan every week and send you the results so you can check your progress

  • Regular follow-up with you, having a live session 1to1 every 2 weeks to assess progress

  • I will do high-energy transfers remotely so to assist you in your spiritual journey

  • Teach you some special procedures and techniques I developed for this purpose

  • I will guide you and make corrections when needed

If you have questions about the process feel free to address them to me using the email in Contact.

All procedures and interactions will be done from distance, live online, over email, and zoom platform.


1. First select the service you like. If you have questions please ask us by e-mail (see in Contact, or use the contact Form there).

2. Pay by PayPal the cost of the selected service (unless it's free) by using the e-mail address claudiu.bnu@hotmail.com

3. After making the payment please send by the same e-mail attached a recent full body photo, and also mentioning which service you selected.

4. We will confirm receiving your e-mail, and also give you an estimate when the service you purchased will be available for you.

Thank you for your trust !