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Online session

ONE-to-one session

Personal session / workshop

- 1 hour - ONLINE

195 USD
One-to-one spiritual session

In this live 1h session you can ask me anything about your soul and body issues in this open 1h one-to-one session. I can give your soul & body vibration (awareness level) using the chakra scale (e.g. soul of 4.1 and body of 3.7 vibration) which can tell you a lot of things about yourself. I can tell you the main factors that energetically impact your life.

Or we can talk about the spiritual causes of your issues in your life like problems in relationship with your spouse, friends, children, loved ones, job, co-workers, and so on.

Another area are health issue or events in life that you don't know what's causing them, and therefore we can explore the spiritual causes of these when I look into your soul and body energies.


1. To book a service please

- duly fill in the Service Request Form in Contact below, or

- send an email to the email address in Contact,

Please specify also which country & city you are from so we know your timezone.

2. Pay by PayPal or by Wise (former TransferWise) the cost of the chosen service (unless it's free) by using the e-mail address:  

3. After making the payment please send by e-mail a recent full body photo, and also mentioning which service you selected.

4. We will confirm receiving your e-mail, and also give you an estimate when the service you purchased will be available for you.

For any issues please e-mail.

Thank you for your trust !
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