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Spiritual services and benefits explained

To solve targeted issues you might have in your life, I offer you the following services and processes designed so you progress spiritually, as follows:

1. Psychic Readings

These are intended as a tool to tell you where you stand as vibration (awareness level both as soul and as body using the chakra's scale). Therefore, you will be able to compare yourself with the average awareness level on the planet and see how you stand spiritually.

I also include details about:

  • ·how open each of your chakras is compared to the average for humanity, and therefore how well energy (prana) flows through them and your body.

  • the energy issues that influence your health, life, and ultimately your destiny.

  • how aligned you are with your Optimal life path as initially intended by your soul

  • your current energy balance exchange with Creation. Are you taking more than you give back to Creation, or give more back to Creation?

  • the balance of Masculine - Feminine aspects in you. Regardless you are a man or a woman, an Aspect means how you approach life. We should have a balance of both aspects in us.

  • how well you go into your heart. You will find how well you are able to shift your awareness from your mind to your heart.

  • how much does your body listen to your soul? Are your decisions influenced more by your mind and body impulses, or by your soul suggestions?

  • if you have parasites (low-vibration foreign entities) stuck with you. This thing is called also spiritual possession.

If needed, I also look into your past lives to find the causes of what happens to you now.

I designed the readings on several levels of detail so you can choose the one that best suits you.

I even offer a free version for those that are not interested in the details of their soul and body issues and are interested only in their soul and body vibration and an issue they have.

See more details in the Psychic Readings of the Services section.

I need from you just a recent photo to send me since I do the readings offline.

2. Vibration Readings

Many seasoned spirituals and also beginners in spirituality have no idea what their soul and body awareness levels (vibration) are so they know how they stand as soul & body awareness, so know where they are in their spiritual journey. Therefore, I decided to offer a service of body & soul awareness level reading in order to assist them to have a compass on this difficult journey.

Based on a recent photo you send me you get in writing a reading of your soul and body vibrations, which actually shows you the awareness level of your soul on one hand, and separately of your body using the chakra scale.

By using the chakra scale of the 1-7 major chakras you might get for instance a reading of having a soul of 3.8 vibration and a body of 3.6 vibration.

See more details in the Vibration Readings of the Services section.

3. Healing - Limiting Beliefs Release

This process of healing means releasing limiting beliefs in your subconscious. These limiting subconscious beliefs are the main hurdles in one's life path and shape his destiny in life. The process starts with a reading of the status quo of your soul and body in terms of vibrations, major issues, and the list of limiting beliefs to be released. This is done offline using a photo of yourself you send me.

The next step is a coaching session with me so to learn how to release these limiting beliefs. It’s a one-to-one live online session, where I teach you how to release beliefs and practice together so you start to trust the process and can apply it later by yourself to release further beliefs.

After starting to work on releasing these limiting beliefs, one needs an evaluation of his progress of releasing beliefs every few weeks or months, depending on how intensive he works with himself. For this purpose, I offer a service intended to assist you in evaluating your progress in releasing limiting beliefs.

There is a package of 1-5 or a 6-10 beliefs package that I give you feedback for, so you know your progress. Using these tools one can progressively free himself of low beliefs shackles, and rise both as soul and body to fulfill his true potential in this life.

See more details in the Healing - Limiting Beliefs Release of the Services section.

4. Online Spiritual Session

In this 1h online one-to-one live session, you can ask me anything about your soul and body issues. I can give your soul & body vibration (awareness level) using the chakra scale (e.g. soul of 4.1 and body of 3.7 vibration) which can tell you a lot of things about yourself. I can tell you the main factors that energetically impact your life. Or we can talk about the causes of the issues in your life like problems in your relationship with your spouse, friends, children, loved ones, job, co-workers, and so on.

Another area is health issues or events in life that you don't know what's causing them, and therefore we can explore the spiritual causes of these when I look into your soul and body energies.

See more details in the Online Spiritual Session of the Services section.


5. Exorcism - Clear a Spirit-Possessed Person

After the death of the body they used in life, many souls or “spirits” do not return to God / Light but chose to remain around the living persons due to the attachments they acquired in life. These attachments are to other people, properties, habits, and so on. In time, they lose the energy they still had after the body dies and some of them, the ones which are really low as vibration, start to look around for other sources of energy.

Be aware that we make a distinction between negative energies and negative/lower entities. While the first case certainly poses a problem but can be released with a correct approach, the second case poses much more difficult challenges for the persons that have such a parasite, as they are called, attached to them.


 Specifically, some of them look for suitable persons' energies they can attach to and parasite, and if they attach to your body energies then you will start to experience constant intrusive thoughts, powerful negative emotions, lack of energy, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, plus other negative symptoms. 


I found these parasites often attach to somebody when that person becomes drug addicted, drinks too much, harbors deep fears, developed a deep addiction to some ego-based feeling, and so on.


​ If feeling some of these in the longer term, and you already went through medical scans and no cause was found, then you might want to investigate having such an entity stuck to your body energies. 

This process of parasite attachment to people is called since ancient times “spiritual possession”, “demon possession”, “evil spirit possession” etc. There can be “partial possession” if the person retains some control over his body but shares it with his parasite/s, or “full possession” when he loses complete control over his body which is taken over by the parasite.

 Some statistics and my personal experience with victims of such possessions show that about 10% of the adult population experienced such partial possessions to different degrees at a point in life.

​​​The process of expelling the parasite/s is called in ancient times “exorcism” or “casting out evil spirits”. Nowadays is called more like “clear a spirit-possessed person”, or “cleansing spirit possessions”.

For the purpose of expelling these kinds of negative spirits that parasite you and assist you to regain your body control and health, I developed a 2 months plan.

As such I will put you through a step-by-step procedure already successfully experienced in such cases I had over time, a procedure that includes 3 main steps:

​​1) raise your soul and body vibe,

2) identify the possessing spirits, and the core lower beliefs that cause you this condition,

3) expel the negative entities and energies.


​All procedures and interactions will be done from distance over zoom or skype.


​More info you find in the Exorcism section of this site.

6. Compatibility For Lovers

This service aims to give you a refined evaluation of your compatibility with another person, in this case a loved one, or a potential partner you hope to be with.

Although at the general public level of perception this subject belongs to astrology, I discovered, according to my analysis and other advanced higher souls concerned with the subject, that in the last decades the compatibility analysis of relationships (synastry charts in astrology terms) using ancient tools like astrology, tarot cards etc, have lost much of their validity. This is happening since in ancient times the subjective time itself moved slower, events occurred less often than currently, the awareness level was much different from ours, and the energies among people flowed differently.

Another reason is that the new energies pouring over Earth in the last decades triggered major changes in the energy structures of the soul and body for all humans.

All these, and also considering that each moment on Earth thousands of people are born at exactly the same date and minute and have supposedly identical or very close destinies as predicted by astrology but in real life they vary wildly, triggered the need for a more accurate tool to predict compatibility for a couple.

In this service we will assess your compatibility by considering the major items below:


  • Chakras' openness. Chakra's state is very personal to someone, and shows at a fine level of detail who this person is. We will look into each of your chakras and how open they are as a percentage, and will do the same for your loved one.


The more open a chakra is the more that person has positive / higher emotions and feelings corresponding to that chakra, while the smaller the degree of openness the lower emotions and feelings that person harbors corresponding to that chakra.


  • Chakra's affinity. Moreover, we will evaluate and give you also another important factor which is chakra affinity which shows if two persons, even if they have the same degree of openness for that chakra, do resonate on that specific level.


The lower chakras compatibility shows for instance how two persons relate physically to one another, if there is a chance for physical chemistry there, if there is compatibility on how they approach reality around etc.

On the other hand, the higher chakras compatibility shows if the two persons' destinies are aligned and in what percentage, if they have common compatible life lessons to be carried out together or not, and other features as well.


  • Soul and body vibration (chakras scale). The average vibration (awareness level actually) for this humanity is 3.6 for the soul and 3.5 for the body (using the chakra scale). If one partner has an average soul and body while the other has a relevantly higher soul, like a 4.2 with a body of 3.9 vibration, then it’s obvious the second one has a much higher understanding of reality and life in general in higher terms, and in long run issues will inherently arise.


  • Level of character in couple. Each of us has a certain character level, like how well we keep our word, how honest we are to others and to ourselves, how egoistic we are or not, how hypocrites we are or not, and other traits that anyone knows make someone’s character.


More details you find in the dedicated section of this site Compatibility For Lovers.

For the analysis, we need just recent photos of you and your partner, and in 3-4 working days I will send you the written report.

7. One-to-one Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching is a way to involve the spiritual context of your life in the traditional coaching relationship. A spiritual coach will guide their clients to find inner happiness, peace, and harmony while supporting them on their soul journey to finding their own sense of wholeness.


While a typical life coach will address horizontal factors that influence you like your background, temper, beliefs, life and job circumstances, opportunities, etc., a true spiritual coach will include the spiritual factors like your optimal path in life as intended by your soul, releasing judgments and negative self-talk, healing past wounds, detecting your energy body issues, etc.

Remember that we attract what we are, it’s useless to force attracting all sorts of desired outcomes like good people, things, and events if we unconsciously repel them energetically! The results can be devastating…

As a spiritual coach, I will look at how you learn, how you process, what your soul plan is for you in this life, and work with you to expand your understanding of self and the world around you. I will provide you with a toolbox so after our working together you are able to utilize the teachings and adapt them to your life challenges. This way you are constantly growing and adding richness, happiness, and abundance to your life.

See more details in the Spiritual Coaching of the Services section.

8. Guiding Deceased Souls Back to God / Light

Deceased' souls many times still loiter and wander around us without rising to God / Light despite the religious rituals done at their funeral.

As such, the deceased souls of our loved ones risk staying for a very long time around, failing to return to God quickly, and following the normal evolution path of a soul.

Many souls remain here for a long time because of the attachments they had in life. Sometimes, if the living ones assist such a soul in releasing these attachments, the soul will also leave.

Due to my ability to contact souls, to send them the much-needed energy and to guide them, a thing I practiced for almost 20 years, I can help your dear one's soul to return back to God, thus avoiding the soul remaining caught in these lower planes.

To fulfill this service I need from you the most recent photo of the deceased one you want to be raised to Light.

See more details in the dedicated section at Guiding Deceased Souls Back to God / Light

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