school of body & soul ascension mastery

        The School of Body & Soul Ascension Mastery is designed on 13 levels of spiritual knowledge and practice, that aims to raise your soul and body vibration, to balance the masculine and feminine aspects in you, to clean your body of impurities and your soul of Separation tendencies, to give you an overall understanding of this universe and Creation that leads you to Enlightenment, to practice and exercise with the tools you are provided with for this goal.

Who is the audience

  • The ones that start to feel there’s something else beyond what the 5 senses show us

  • The ones unhappy with religions

  • The ones who crave to understand why they came into existence, why now, why on this planet.

  • The ones that wish to understand the relation between soul and body, how they work together, what really lies behind all sort of sacred ancient terms like “Kundalini”, etc.

  • The ones who wish to know what is destiny, what’s their relation with it, how they can find their best version of it

  • Persons that search for tools which allow them to carve knowingly their ascension path through this life, but without leaving their jobs and businesses

  • Those who are tired of terms in ancient exotic languages like Sanskrit who belong to very foreign cultures, and especially to very different consciousness levels from ancient times than the present one.

  • Those who are tired of mysticism, of New Age vague concepts with very few concrete things to apply and get results.

Level 1 Course - Summary

  1. Introduction

  2. The journey of Humanity in Creation

  3. Religions and spiritual schools, issues

  4. What is Creation, its structure

  5. Who’s God

  6. Universal laws

  7. Consciousness and Awareness

  8. Breathing techniques, exercise

  9. The soul and his vibration

  10. How does a soul learn

  11. The body and his vibration 

  12. Chakras - role, functions

  13. Beliefs and subconscious

  14. What’s Destiny

  15. Chakras opening, initiation

  16. Wishes and Attachments

  17. Love, Acceptance and Gratitude

  18. Meditation for reconnecting with Mother Earth and Sun.

  19. Other spiritual procedures and exercising together
  20. Q&A session

Course Duration Level 1: 6 hours - 2 sessions x 3 hours each, on Saturday, and Sunday.

Level 2 Course - Summary

1.           Quick recap of main concepts of Level 1

2.           Defining the notions of Good and Evil for soul & body

3.           Transcendence of duality

4.           Energy initiation to raise the soul & body vibration – 1

5.           Procedure for Energy self-transfer

6.           Individual subconscious, beliefs and how they work

7.           How does the Collective Subconscious work

8.           Energy initiation to raise the soul & body vibration – 2

9.           How is Destiny influenced by the subconscious

10.        The mechanism of energy movement through the body and chakras

11.        The Parent Soul and how we connect with it

12.        Special technique for using chakra 6

13.        Procedure for Energy self-transfer and to other persons

14.        How to get of the Reincarnation Wheel

15.        Pushing lower energies to the surface

16.        How is Soul’s Inner Calling influenced by Attachments

17.        The causal chain leading to Diseases

18.        Q&A session

Course Duration Level 2: 6 hours - 2 sessions x 3 hours each, on Saturday, and Sunday.

Level 3 Course - Summary

  1. Introduction

  2. The connection between soul awareness, body awareness, and destiny

  3. Unity between Love and Knowledge

  4. Passive and active spiritual procedures

  5. Compassion and how to reach it

  6. Meditation with the parent-soul

  7. Cosmic and telluric energies

  8. Initiation for distance energy transfers

  9. The parameter “Energy balance with Creation”

  10. How does the energy flow throughout the body

  11. Relation with the surrounding Reality

  12. Procedures for distance energy transfers

  13. Wandering Souls

  14. Spiritual procedures protocol

  15. Q&A session

Course Duration Level 3: 6 hours - 2 sessions x 3 hours each, on Saturday and Sunday.

Timezone: Courses are planned as time for a specific area due to Timezone restrictions (eg, America, Australia, Europe, Asia), see School / Courses Schedule menu option.

Means of interaction: online by Zoom or Skype Application.


For course registration please send an email to email in Contact, mentioning 1) how many people wish to participate, 2) name/s, and 3) country & city (so we know your timezone).

We will confirm your registration and give you other details.

Payment: By PayPal using the e-mail 


We recommend that you do not consume alcohol or other strong stimulants during the course, except for medication prescribed by your doctor.