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Alignment with one's optimal Path in Life

Alignment with the optimal Path in Life

Get your Alignment to your Optimal Path

Alignment with one's optimal Path in Life

How closely someone aligns with their soul's intended path in life is a crucial indicator of how well they follow their soul's initial plan for this life! The closer they are, the more divine help they receive; the further they are, the less assistance they get, and the more obstacles they encounter in life.

The average alignment for humanity is approximately 10% (0% means no alignment and 100% total alignment), meaning most people are about 90% off their optimal path in life! This explains why we need to return life after life until we learn our lessons and finally align with our optimal path.

If you want to know how aligned you are with your optimal path in life, contact us!

Fee: 30 USD

  • Optimal Path Alignment 30 USD

1. To book a service please

- duly fill in the Service Request Form in Contact below, or

- send an email to the email address in Contact,

Please specify also which country & city you are from so we know your timezone.

2. Pay by Wise (former TransferWise) or by PayPal the cost of the chosen service (unless it's free) by using the e-mail address:  

3. After making the payment please send by e-mail a recent full body photo, and also mentioning which service you selected.

4. We will confirm receiving your e-mail, and also give you an estimate when the service you purchased will be available for you.

For any issues please e-mail.

Thank you for your trust !
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