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Energy balance with the universE

Energy balance with the universe

Get your Energy Balance with the Univers

Energy balance with the UniversE

As souls, we get a human body to go through life and raise our consciousness by experiencing various life events. In each of these experiences, we either give more to other people, nature, Earth, or the Universe in general, or we take more than we give. I found that at any point in time, we have a Balance of Energy Exchange with the Universe. This balance can be on the minus side, when we take more from life than we give, or on the plus side, when we give more than we receive from the Universe.

During childhood, we take more than we give through the love and nurture of our parents and family at large, and then from society in school, and so on. At one point, after graduating from school, we reach adulthood and are expected to give back to family and humanity our time, energy, and efforts to help raise consciousness for both ourselves and the rest of humanity.

I measure this Energy Balance with the Universe on a scale of -100% to +100%, where a "-" means a person owes to the Universe, while a "+" score means they have given back more than they received. I found the grand average score for humanity to be -30%, meaning the average soul on Earth takes about 1/3 more energy from the Universe than it gives back. I found that the more someone is on the minus side, the more they will meet obstacles in life, while being on the plus side means they will be assisted by the divine.

For instance, I found that enlightened souls have a score of +70% because they gave much more than they received from the Universe, and therefore they were helped in their mission.

No matter how spiritual someone thinks they are, if this score is low, their progress will be strongly hindered. This applies to spiritual growth, finding their mission in life, and all aspects of life in general.

If you want to learn your score concerning Energy Balance with the Universe and how to raise it, then contact us!

Fee: 30 USD

  • Energy Balance with the Universe 30 USD

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