You will learn how to connect to higher dimensions by raising your awareness level for both your body and soul. You will learn to live consciously and not be pushed by your bodily instincts. You will have a higher understanding of life by connecting to higher dimensions.

I will teach you the causes of illnesses and events in your life and how energy is everything. I will teach you how to heal by working both on the causes which are deep in your subconscious, and heal the disrupted energy fields in your body.  

You will learn to govern this energy and not be governed by it.

You will have more energy, feel younger, your body will be healthier so you can fulfill your destiny in this life.

Ultimately, this is the Ascension of a person’s soul and body, heading towards Enlightenment in this life.

Claude Bulaceanu

One of my biggest obstacles at the beginning of my spiritual path was the application of certain concepts.  Did I actually progress or was just deluding myself? I couldn’t find any means of evaluating my soul’s vibration objectively on the chakra scale. It took me many years to learn, check, calibrate and verify with a handful of other very high souls on just how to read a soul’s vibration, which actually shows its level of awareness.

Later I also learned how to read a body vibration on the chakras scale. In doing this, I made many discoveries on subconscious beliefs, impact of diet on our bodies, connection with Mother Earth and Father Sun, about Kundalini and its true nature, about spiritual causes of body issues, energies around us, and so on.

In the last 15 years, I’ve conducted thousands of readings of soul & body vibrations, of body energy issues, of illnesses’ causes, of low / limiting  beliefs release, of soul & body possessions, of Kundalini awakening, and many other and gathered lots of experience concerning these.

Therefore, if you look into the Services -> Readings section of this site I can help you with reading your soul and body vibration at different levels of detail so you can see where you are on your spiritual path, causes of life issues that you don’t know about, causes for illnesses and so on. I even offer a free short reading in this section.

In the Healing - limiting beliefs release I can assist you in identifying limiting beliefs that cause you suffering and divert you from your optimal path in life, and I can also evaluate your progress in releasing them in time.

In the Services -> Courses section you can follow my School of Body & Souls Ascension Mastery which I designed on 13 levels of knowledge and vibration levels. Here you will progress step by step in raising your soul vibration and your body vibration, I will open your chakras so you will progress spiritually much faster.

You will become free and liberated from the worlds psychological constraints, limiting beliefs, and reach what the yogis called "samadhi" or bliss state whenever you choose. 

More importantly, I will teach you what is required to reach true Enlightenment of your soul and Wisdom of your body.