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You will learn to connect to higher dimensions by raising the vibration of your body and soul. You learn to live consciously rather than being propelled by your body's urges. Connecting to a higher vibration can give you a better understanding of life.


I will teach you the Causes of illnesses and events in your life since energy is everything. I will teach you how to Heal by addressing the root causes of your deep subconscious beliefs, and also healing the disrupted energy fields within you. You will learn to control this energy instead of letting it control you.

You'll have more energy, you'll feel younger, and your body will be healthier so you can achieve your goals in this life. Ultimately, it is the ascension of one's soul and body to a higher level of consciousness and a deeper level of spirituality in this life.

Claude Bulaceanu

One of my biggest hurdles at the beginning of my spiritual path was how to estimate my progress in specific spiritual practices.  Did I actually progress in my soul ascension or was I just deluding myself? I couldn’t find any means of evaluating my soul’s vibration progress objectively on the chakra scale. It took me many years to learn, check, and calibrate with a handful of other very high souls on just how to read a soul’s vibration, which actually shows its level of awareness.


Later I also learned how to read a body vibration on the chakra's scale. In doing this I made many discoveries about subconscious beliefs, the impact of diet on our bodies, connection with Mother Earth and Father Sun, Kundalini energy and its true nature, spiritual causes of health issues, and so on.


In the last 15 years, I’ve conducted thousands of readings of soul and body awareness levels, body energy issues, identifying illnesses’ causes, and healing. I also conducted soul possessions (exorcism) cleaning sessions and gathered lots of experience concerning these.


You can take a look into the list of spiritual services section of this site, where you find them briefly explained to you.

For instance, if you look into the Services -> Readings section of this site I can help you with reading your soul and body awareness so you can check where you are on your spiritual path, the energy issues in your body, and so on as you can read in the description there. I even offer a free short reading in this section.


In the Healing - limiting beliefs release section I can assist you in identifying limiting beliefs that cause you suffering and divert you from your optimal path in life, and I can also evaluate your progress in releasing them in time.


In the Compatibility for Lovers section, I give a client a refined evaluation of his compatibility with another person, with his loved one, or with a potential partner he hopes to be with. The need for a more refined tool arose for me in this respect many years ago when I started to compare astrological compatibility charts of different couples and how they aligned with their real-life experiences. I found revealing differences that needed an explanation and what I found as research I synthesized in this service of compatibility for lovers.


In the Spiritual coaching service section, I deliver a service that includes the spiritual context in the traditional life coaching relationship. I will guide you to find inner happiness, peace, and harmony while supporting you on your soul journey to finding your own sense of wholeness on your optimal life path as intended by your soul initially in this life.

While a typical life coach will address horizontal factors that influence you like your background, temper, beliefs, life, and job circumstances, opportunities, etc., I will include the spiritual factors like your Optimal Path in Life as intended by your soul, releasing judgments and negative self-talk, healing past wounds, releasing limiting beliefs, healing your energy body issues, etc.

The Exorcism service aims to deliver a person from negative entities that got stuck to his energy fields; in ancient times this process was called Exorcism. If feeling strange health and mental symptoms in the longer term, and you went through medical scans and no cause was found, then you might want to investigate the presence of a negative entity close to you. Some statistics and my personal experience with victims of such possessions show that approx. 10% of the adult population has such possessions at one point in their life.

​​In the spiritual school section, you can follow my School of Body & Souls Ascension Mastery which I designed on 13 levels of knowledge and vibration levels. Here you will progress step by step in raising your soul vibration and your body vibration, I will open your chakras so you will progress spiritually much faster.


You will become free and liberated from the world's psychological constraints and limiting beliefs, and reach what the yogis called "samadhi" or bliss state whenever you choose. 


More importantly, I will teach you what is required to reach true Enlightenment of your soul and Wisdom of your body.

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