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I am Claude Bulaceanu and I have been researching and practicing spirituality for over 20 years. In parallel, I also played my role in the world as I have a PhD in engineering, I was a management consultant for more than 25 years, a business director and entrepreneur. 

In this time I have discovered and tested many things in my spiritual endeavors that I would like to share with you.

Make no mistake, these concepts are valid and tangible.


I don't follow a religion.

What I will explain and teach you is not from a book but have been passed on to me by my former spiritual master firstly and secondly by my higher soul and my guides.


20 years ago I followed a high level spiritual school.  The master completely opened my chakras and taught me how to connect to my higher soul and even higher dimensions. 

One of his most important teachings was to urge his students to test everything he taught and to practice, research and check what we were taught and discover by our own initiative, so as to not to go astray and delude ourselves.


Spiritual discernment and humbleness are the keys to staying on your spiritual Path.


I learned the hard way not to blindly use some ancient spiritual concepts and procedures, or “just for the sake of it” admire some terms in ancient languages like Sanskrit or old Chinese. The ancient spiritual teachings, coming from hundreds and thousands of years ago, were designed for a humanity with a very different consciousness level to ours, so in practice many of them are now only partially relevant for present humanity.


With the recent pandemic sweeping the world, these teachings are even more relevant to the global population.

Individual consciousness is starting to shift and it may be hard for some to comprehend what is happening internally.


My teachings will help you to understand and guide you towards true awareness.

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Christine DeBenna, US

I have worked with Claude for several years now and have found him to be completely reliable, trustworthy and wise.


Claude helped with me so many issues that it is impossible to list them all here.  I can tell you that I went to him as a last resort after feeling strange symptoms after a spiritual awakening.  


His body and soul vibration readings are accurate and specific.  After one reading with him I was able to heal what I had been suffering with for several years and worked with several healers on with no results.


What I like best about working with Claude is that he always leads me back to myself.  He doesn’t require lengthy sessions, guru devotion or the like.  Just straight to the point, razor sharp information.  

Andrew Muller, US

Claude's teachings are insightful, invigorating, and thought-provoking. 


I have explored as many spiritual teachers as I can find, and his words ring true with intentions of raising the quality of consciousness within you. 


His approach is unique, as his wisdom is profound, both to one starting on a spiritual awakening, and for the well-travelled spiritual seeker.

Tat Georgieva, AU

I have been following Claude’s spiritual guidance for several years now and can say with confidence - my journey to my inner peace has never felt better.


Claude has extensive knowledge on body and soul vibration and how to progress it to improve our quality of life and wellbeing. Ascension process is not an easy one, but he will guide you gently but steadily until results are speaking for themselves.


His wholehearted devotion to help his students and this Planet is simply amazing!

Dora Nakabuye, US

I fumbled around for years, chasing different teachers/teachings and spending lots of money on spiritual programs and books, getting my yearning whetted but not finding the light I was looking for.


All I can say is that Claude is a Torch. He is candid and generous with his teachings and guidance, and his scans help me to stay on track.


If you are truly seeking to awaken and understand that it takes effort (like anything worthwhile in life), and you want someone to guide you instead of you fumbling in the dark wasting time, energy and resources, Claude can be your Torch. Let’s not waste this lifetime. Love and blessings to you, fellow seeker.