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Some questionable ideas in religions and spiritual teachings

Updated: May 30

I've noticed that at the core of many religions and spiritual teachings, especially the ancient ones, we can meet some flawed ideas and even principles. These can lead to various practices and techniques that sometimes cause more division rather than bringing people together.

Here are a few of these flawed ideas and approaches that I've come across in my spiritual practice. Feel free to share any other principles you’ve noticed in different religions and spiritual schools.

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Principles of religions and spiritual schools

Feeling of Separation due to dependence on an external entity

It's clear that religions have a big impact on the lives of their followers. Major faiths like Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism, as well as less-known ones like Judaism and Jainism, all focus on a key figure or prophet. Followers are encouraged to look to these figures for guidance in every part of life, seeing them as the ultimate divine presence on earth.

What I noticed is that over time, relying on a higher power might make believers feel like they're losing their free will, feeling small and powerless when faced with life's challenges and the vast universe. Depending on an unseen force to shape one's destiny can create a sense of helplessness, with religious leaders acting as the main link to understanding the prophet's intentions.

Sometimes, being deeply committed to a belief can make someone feel isolated, cutting them off from reality, the world, and especially from people who don't share their views. This can make it tough for them to fully take charge of their own lives.

Plus, religions are made up of people, not saints, and history shows that religious leaders have sometimes used dogma and intolerance, focused more on rituals than the essence, and misused their power and influence.

Still, it's important to recognize how crucial religion can be in many people's spiritual journeys. It often acts as a stepping stone to basic spirituality, offering social principles and structures that help communities live peacefully together. This significant role is why governments have often worked closely with religious institutions throughout history.

By understanding the complex relationship between religion and personal growth, we can better navigate our own spiritual paths.

Very different consciousness levels

Most major spiritual practices, like Yoga, tend to focus more on uplifting the soul rather than raising the body's vibration. Over time, this can create a conflict between a higher-vibrating soul (or level of consciousness) and a lower-vibrating body. This often brings deep, limiting beliefs from the subconscious to the surface, which can clash with the soul's higher tendencies. Consequently, we sometimes see spiritual leaders involved in various scandals, including those related to money laundering and sex, as history has shown with several well-known gurus.

This soul-body conflict is a recurring theme in the evolution of spirituality worldwide, especially with the spread of yoga through the English language. English was introduced more than 200 years ago during British colonial rule in India, which is now a major source of Western spirituality.

Consciousness levels, spiritual procedures, techniques
Consciousness levels, spiritual ancient techniques

Chinese Tao & Qi-gong ancient spiritual techniques and time

The Chinese Tao and Qi-gong spiritual schools focus more on raising the body's vibration and, to a lesser extent, the soul's. They do a great job at this, but the issue is that their evolution cycles are really long. These methods were designed for a very ancient level of consciousness when time moved slowly, and people planned their spiritual growth over multiple lifetimes.

Back then, hundreds or even thousands of years ago, there were only nobles and peasants, no middle class, no communication, and no understanding of the physics of reality. So, students followed their masters' techniques blindly without really understanding how energy works. This led to very slow spiritual progress for both the soul and body, requiring many hours of practice a day, leaving no time for work, family, friends, sports, culture, or anything else—very different from modern life.

The current spiritual propensity for a hodgepodge of spiritual traditions

Modern spiritual movements can often be chaotic, with countless variations of the same practice (like Reiki). It's common to meet individuals who proudly collect diplomas from as many spiritual schools as possible, mimicking the trend in professional life where people fill their CVs with numerous qualifications, whether they're MScs, PhDs, workshops, seminars, etc. They mistakenly believe that what works in everyday life also applies to spirituality.

These folks often end up creating a jumble of practices and think this makes them more "enlightened" than if they had focused on just one spiritual path. Some even start to believe they're the next Savior. When I look into their souls and energy, I often find they're just regular souls, deeply confused by the hundreds of spiritual posts and books they've consumed. They believe that taking courses from various sources is enough to elevate them spiritually, rather than putting in personal effort and meditation.

It's actually fine if someone explores several spiritual schools or courses to find the one that fits them best and then sticks with it, letting go of the others. The issue arises with "diploma collectors" who take all sorts of courses and then offer a mix of teachings from different traditions online, catering to any request as long as there's a business opportunity.

fairy tales projected into spirituality

Starting a spiritual journey requires a solid foundation based on real experiences, not just abstract ideas or mysterious beings. It's important to first understand your own physical existence, as this helps you connect more deeply with yourself. Listening to rumors, unreliable sources, or unverified stories about aliens or dream visions can confuse your spiritual path. Instead, focus on building a strong, grounded practice that will guide you as you explore the universe's mysteries.

It's not that there are no higher frequency entities (there are also much lower ones!), but they rarely show themselves to anyone. Plus, they might not always be what they claim to be. My advice? Always begin with something you know!

Tao, Qi-gong, ancient spiritual techniques
Chinese Tao & Qi-gong ancient spiritual techniques

Spiritual schools often overlook the significance of emotional healing and mental well-being, prioritizing Enlightenment and transcendent experiences over building a strong foundation for their followers' souls and bodies.

Naivety in front of disembodied souls

It's always baffling to me how some spiritual folks, who are usually pretty skeptical in everyday life, can be so easily fooled when it comes to connecting with spirits. Normally, they wouldn't trust someone making big promises without any proof or skills. But in the spiritual world, they seem to believe anything.

I've learned the hard way that the spirit world has its share of tricksters, just like our physical world. Spirits can pretend to be whatever they think you want them to be. That's why so many "mediums" claim to channel big names like Christ, the Holy Virgin, or Buddha. When I get suspicious and check these entities, I often find they're just regular wandering souls or, at best, low-level spirits—not the high-vibration beings the mediums think they're connecting with. What these mediums lack is spiritual discernment which takes years to develop.

So, don't just take any spiritual message at face value. Always verify the source and their intentions by consulting with trusted and reputable people in your network.


As a fun exercise, see if you can identify more common misconceptions and habits in the spiritual community that people often overlook. Following these could actually steer you away from your true life path instead of bringing you closer to the spiritual journey meant for you.

I wish you a lot of spiritual discernment!


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed here and get a spiritual diagnostic, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery so to raise your body and soul awareness, and reach into higher dimensions.

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31 may 2023

I appreciate the information you give out on your site. But wouldnt our guides etc warn us of those who are fake?

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