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Some flawed principles of religions and spiritual schools

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

At the base of religions and many spiritual schools, especially the ancient ones, I found that in many cases there is a series of flawed principles, which result in a multitude of procedures and techniques that in many cases lead to even more Separation instead of Unity, as they officially proclaim.

Below I share with you some of these flawed principles, leaving you to recognize others by your own in those religions and schools.

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Principles of religions and spiritual schools

Separation due to dependency on some external entity

Especially religions, both the universal ones such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, but also the minor ones such as Judaism, Jainism, etc. each promote a central figure, a prophet, whom the faithful are urged to worship, to get used to asking his help for every aspect of their lives, to consider him the best incarnation of God on earth. The result is that by the long-term exercise of this voluntarily assumed dependence on that prophet, the believer ends up giving up his free will, becomes used to the idea that he is small and powerless in front of life and the universe, and that an outside blind and unseen power directs his destiny. He begins to feel fearful and helpless in the face of life and the universe, and that the only lifeline that keeps him alive is the priest who translates him the will of that prophet.

More technically, the believer sinks into a feeling of Separation from reality, the universe, and especially from those who are not of the same faith with him, and no longer assumes his life as it is.

Nevertheless, religion represents the 1st class of spirituality, by which we all have to go in previous lives, and which offers a minimum of social principles and structures of peaceful coexistence to a population. This is actually the reason for its intimate alliance with any government in any historical time.

Very different consciousness levels, and unsuitable ancient spiritual techniques

The majority of main spiritual schools, such as Yoga for instance, focus much on elevating the soul and less on raising the body vibration, which in time can lead to conflicts between a higher vibrational soul (level of consciousness) and a lower vibrational body. As such, all kinds of deep and limiting beliefs hidden until then in the subconscious of the respective spiritual / guru are automatically brought to the surface, which risk getting into conflict with the higher soul tendencies, and can result in real life in all kinds of scandals including public ones, some involving money laundry and sex, as history has shown for a number of well-known gurus.

This soul-body conflict permeates the history of the evolution of any spiritual anywhere in the world, especially due to the widespread of yoga disciplines by the vehicle of the English language. This was imposed 200 years back in the British colony of India, which currently is the main source of Western spirituality.

Consciousness levels, spiritual procedures, techniques
Consciousness levels, spiritual ancient techniques

Chinese Tao & Qi-gong ancient spiritual techniques and time

The Chinese Tao and Qi-gong schools place more emphasis on elevating the vibration of the body and secondarily of the soul, and do a good job in this regard. The problem here is that the evolution cycles are very long and adapted to a very ancient level of consciousness when time revolved very slowly and a spiritual was assumed to plan his spiritual evolution over several lives in a row.

As history shows, hundreds and even thousands of years ago when their techniques were developed, in that ancient times there were only nobles and peasants and no middle class, no communication, knowledge about physics of the surrounding reality was non-existent, they applied blindly the procedures of their masters without understanding how energy moves, etc.… All of these resulted in a very slow spiritual progress both as soul and body, practicing at least 10 hours a day, and there was any time left for anything else, ie work, family, meetings with friends, sports, culture, etc., so in strong contrast with the life of a modern human.

The current spiritual propensity for a mess

Modern spiritual currents are many times a mess with countless versions of the same school (eg, reiki), and we meet many spirituals who are all the prouder to have diplomas from as many spiritual schools as possible, copying actually the real-life trend of a professional who stuffs his CV with as many professional diplomas as possible, whether they are MSCs, PHDs, workshop, seminaries, etc. They very wrongly think that what applies in current daily life applies also in spirituality ….

They end up making a jumble out of them, and are convinced that this mess makes them much more "holy" than if they attended a single school and had a single diploma. More than that, as a result, many are convinced that they are the second Savior, but most of the time they are just ordinary souls, only being deeply confused by hundreds of spirituality posts and books they read. They also have the conviction that not so much their effort or meditations elevate them spiritually, but the courses taken from as many sources as possible are sufficient…

Actually, it is ok if someone goes through several schools or courses in succession to look for the school that best suits him and stays with it, and subsequently abandons altogether the previous ones. The problem is with the “diploma collectors” of all sorts of courses, who then in turn offer on request on the net courses for ten different schools, 20 initiations belonging to 20 different religious and spiritual traditions, and which "mix and match" to any request as long as the business is there …

Nostalgia for past childhood and fairy tales projected in spirituality

Starting the spiritual search not from something concrete, physical, such as one's own body, but weirdly from all sorts of unseen, unknown entities, about whom they were told by who knows who, or read somewhere or heard on youtube, whether they are ET or "saints" who appeared to him in a dream.

Not that there are not higher frequency entities at all (but also much lower!), but they rarely show themselves to anyone, and moreover, that doesn’t mean that they are always really what they say they are about themselves.

My advice is to always start from something you know.

Tao, Qi-gong, ancient spiritual techniques
Chinese Tao & Qi-gong ancient spiritual techniques

Naivety in face of disembodied souls

The astonishing naivety of some people, who in daily life have normal instincts of reserve or suspicion towards strangers who make all kinds of promises without cover, have no provable professional past, do not show some skills, and so on. Well, when it comes to the spiritual world I noticed that the same people show unbelievable credulity when it comes to connecting with all sorts of disembodied entities.

I discovered in years of connection with all kinds of entities, so the hard way so to speak, that the “world beyond” has a lot of liars like the world here, the physical one. They say that they are what they read in you that you expect them to be, that is why there are so many "mediums" who proclaim they are channeling Christ, the Holy Virgin, Buddha, etc. When I check the entities they are channeling after I get suspicious due to the things they channel publicly, I eventually find that instead of channeling some high souls and entities they are just channeling usual 3D wandering souls, or a 4D entity at the most, so very far from the 6 or 7D vibration souls they think they channel. What they lack is “spiritual discernment”, an ability that needs many years to be honed.

My advice is not to take for granted and believe everything all sorts of entities tell you that you can connect with, and try to confirm their identity and intentions with other people with high souls that you trust.


I advise you as an exercise to further identify by yourself other flawed principles and habits often encountered in the spiritual world, and which are accepted as something self-evident.

If you follow them, they will take you away from your right path through life instead of bringing you closer to your optimal spiritual path, as it was originally designed by your soul and guides when you came to embody on this planet.

I wish you a lot of spiritual discernment!


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed there and get a spiritual diagnostic, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery so to raise your body and soul awareness, and reach into higher dimensions.


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