The concept of Good and Bad for the soul destiny, and for the body destiny

In spirituality it’s a fundamental assumption that a soul takes a body to experience a human life in order to gather experiences, learn life lessons, and thus grow its soul awareness.

It results from these that the soul and body are two different entities who get together for a purpose, and once the purpose is reached they split, i.e. the soul moves on to the next life while the body is discarded by death. By discarding the former body, its basic elements are returned to Earth where they came from anyway in the first place.

Many years I studied spirituality and got involved with evaluating the level of awareness (vibration) using the chakras scale of just about anything, whether a soul, a human body, a book, an animal, a tree etc, of anything else actually, since everything is alive in Creation and has some level of awareness however small or high it might be. In connection with this I also got interested in understanding the relationship soul-body, what destiny is and what factors influence it, and what laws and mechanisms in Creation govern all these making them work together.

Good and Bad, soul destiny, body destiny
Concept of Good and Bad for soul destiny and body destiny

I will comment below some findings concerning one interesting aspect about the soul-body relationship, more specific what humans understand the concepts of Good and Bad, and what they mean separately for the body and the soul.

I will use below simple chakra numbering and not the sanskrit ones to simplify things, therefore we have C1 (root chakra) to C7 (crown chakra).

What’s Good and Bad for the Body

For an average person, who identifies himself almost 100% with his body, what’s good or bad for him is quite straightforward, cutting through all nice words and principled images we like to project outside about us.

Therefore, for a person/body we have very simple:

• Good is what brings Pleasure

• Bad what brings Displeasure

Actually all animals have the same approach to life as people, we are mammals after all, so we swing in life between:

• Searching for Pleasure

• Avoiding Displeasure

The question is where do the impulses that lead us to Pleasure and avoid Displeasure sensations come from that push us taking decisions, theoretically by free-will, in this sense?

Well, the main factors that create the impulses in our body that influence our decisions come from :

• Body’s biochemistry

• Environment

• Subconscious Beliefs

A person evaluates everything according to how internal or external factors reflect in his body sensations and takes the appropriate decisions to amplify pleasure and decrease displeasure.

How does the world reflect in body chakras

From my research the body is mainly reflected in his C1-C3 chakras vibration. When looking into someone’s chakras’ level of openness I found the C1 chakra (root chakra) is about 5% open, while the other chakras are around 10% open on average.

The sensations of Pleasure & Displeasure a human perceives do belong using the chakras as folows:

C1 chakra: Survival – fears for survival.

C2 chakra: Sensations due to intense emotions like sex, substances (drugs, some plants, etc), extrem sports (adrenaline) …

C3 chakra: Ego aspects: fame, recognition, self-esteem, selfishness, etc.

The beliefs in a person’s subconscious will determine ultimately how open one’s chakras will be, and hence how easily the kundalini energy in C1 (root chakra) will have the opportunity to ascend the energy channel along the spine (sushumna channel), or not. Actually, this upwards ascension of the kundalini energy is what is called kundalini awakening. If well prepared, this process can be a blessing, while if it’s “wild” with no proper preparation it can be dramatic, and even lead to health issues.

Sushumna channel, kundalini ascension awakening
Sushumna channel, ida and pingala

What’s Good and Bad for the Soul

For the Soul things change drastically. The soul came with an initial Life Plan of major Life Lessons to experience here and has a completely other point of view than the mind/body complex. The difference is mainly given by the fact that while the mind/body plans only for the current life since it doesn’t know and believe of something beyond the body’s life, the soul has a much higher vantage point about life, and knows about the perspective of an endless successions of incarnations and lives.

Therefore, for a Soul the Good and the Bad is:

• It’s Good what keeps him on the Optimal Life Path so to 100% experience his initial Plan

• It’s Bad everything that removes him from the Optimal Plan.

We should rememebre that the Souls uses the Body as an Instrument for gathering Experiences. Therefore, as long as on the Optimal Path the Soul is very interested in keeping the body in good conditions so to progress on the life path. When due to the Body’s decisions the path deviates, the Soul is much less interested in maintaining the Body to walk that path. Nonetheless, even staying on the optimal life path doesn’t mean there will be no challenges and hurdles. Many spirituals imagine that once we listen 100% to our soul hints we will be protected from any troubles. This is not so by far. Without some challenges and troubles our soul wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn anything, without then we would be in a kind of “vegetative state” state over life. It’s just that staying on the optimal path, the challenges and hurdles will be in general milder, easier to overcome with a decent effort, and leave no scars.

When a Deviation occurs, the Soul beacons the body hoping for a comeback. The Beaconing manifests by events, diseases, dreams, visions, messages from people etc. Unfortunately, majority of people are un-aware and ignore beacons. Some persons who are Aware do understand the beacon and can choose to get back on the Path, but from what I saw many do not.

If the Soul and Body paths start to diverge too much and for too long a Divorce is triggered between the Soul and the Body.

As a consequence, a soul leaves the body when:

• The body is too worn out and can’t be used anymore (eg advanced age)

• Deviation is too wide and hope of a comeback is lost (early death)

If Optimal Path was well followed, and life-lessons solved earlier than expected:

• Exit (early death, so to move on to next life earlier and not waste time)

• Adding along the way new lessons, of higher vibration even.

Colision between Body impulses and the Soul plan

It might happen that a body pleasure collides with some belief that we have. These conflicts reflect again the first 3 chakras we have C1 to C3.

The beliefs in our subconscious can be both of higher vibration, or some limiting ones. The attributes of any belief are:

• Attribute of Positive Beliefs – postpone or cancel / sacrifice instant Pleasures / Gratification in the name of higher beliefs (principles are called many times).

• Attribute of Limiting/Negative Beliefs – can’t resist the temptation of instant Pleasures (identification with own body) – e.g. small kids, criminals, people of low character in general

A person with higher beliefs/principles is known in general as a person of character, of having a higher Character. This means that one can prove in facts that he can detach from body urges on behalf of higher values.

If we want to live longer, healthy and happier, then we should:

  1. Correctly pass the lessons on our life-path and stay on our optimal life path.

  2. Pay attention to beacons from our soul for possible deviations, and take corrective actions when needed.

  3. Raise our soul and body vibration, and thus change our destiny for a higher level.

  4. Help other people, whether physically and / or energetically

There are also other aspects concerning this subject, but I gave you above some outline of the quite different points of view our mind&body have on one hand, and our soul has on the other. Basically, the conflicts between the two points of view govern a person’s entire life.


You can learn more by reading other posts here in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a spoirtual service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed there and get a full spiritual diagnostic, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery so to raise your body and soul awareness and reach into higher dimensions of vibration, improve your health, your life path, your understanding of your role in this world, and understand the real causes of what is happening around you.

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