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Are spiritually advanced people always kind?

Updated: Apr 25

I've noticed that a lot of people, whether they're religious or just spiritual, tend to think that advanced souls, especially the enlightened ones, are always kind, compassionate, and helpful. In my personal experience, this is not the case in quite many instances, and I would like to share with you my findings about this topic.

To tackle whether spiritually advanced souls are always kind, let's dive into what spirituality, kindness, and human nature are all about. Spirituality is a big umbrella term, and everyone might have their own take on it. Generally, it's about connecting to something bigger than ourselves, searching for life's meaning, becoming more self-aware, and growing personally.

Spiritual growth, in most cases, is a journey of personal development that often leads to increased empathy, understanding, and compassion for others. Many spiritual practices, including meditation, prayer, and mindfulness, promote self-awareness and encourage individuals to cultivate positive qualities. These practices can help people develop a deeper sense of connection to others and foster a sense of unity, which often results in kind and compassionate behavior.

Souls need both good and evil to experiment on a planet

That being said, it is crucial to acknowledge that human beings are complex and multifaceted. Like any other individual, a spiritually advanced person may experience a range of emotions and reactions, depending on their unique life experiences, personal values, and the situation at hand. While spiritual development often leads to increased kindness, it does not guarantee that a spiritually advanced person will always act kindly!

Additionally, spiritual growth is a process, and individuals may be at different stages in their journey. Someone who is spiritually advanced may have moments of weakness or struggle with their emotions, just like any other person. It is essential to recognize that spiritual growth is not a linear progression but rather an ongoing, dynamic process that requires constant self-reflection and adaptation.

Spirituality really isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing; it shows up in so many different ways depending on the culture, belief system, and personal views. What’s seen as spiritually advanced or kind in one context might not mean the same in another. For instance, being kind in one belief system could mean sticking strictly to a set of moral rules, while in another, it’s all about showing unconditional love and forgiveness.

What I’ve noticed in my spiritual research, checking out lots of advanced souls and their behaviors over time, is that first off, to keep a balance of duality on this planet, a soul needs access to a dualistic environment. This gives them a stage to experiment with life and learn life lessons. Therefore, to ensure such a dynamic environment there are about as many “good” embodied higher souls as there are “evil” embodied higher souls. Due to ignorance, the majority of spirituals think that as long as you progress in awareness one also automatically makes progress in kindness and goodwill, which is not true as I found from my own experience.

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Are spiritually advanced people always kind?

If it weren't like this, then black wizards, black magic, and other occult practices wouldn't be around. And let me tell you, that some of the highest elite of this planet do use this kind of practice from ancient times to hold on to power.

However high no soul is without mistake

Secondly, I observed many higher souls in the 6-7D levels (Buddha, Christ level) who reached full enlightenment and even higher and still made some mistakes, human mistakes even, since they remained around and interacted closely with the rest of the average souls of 3D vibration. It’s very hard to stay close to a permanent source of lower energy and not get “dirty” even if enlightened.

It's tough to stay near a constant source of lower vibration and not get "tainted," even if you're enlightened. If you're aiming to keep your spiritual level high, it's a good idea to distance yourself from big human gatherings, like those bustling 3D cities. This is why back in the day, lots of gurus would chill in secluded caves for years to meditate.

On the other hand, if you're a higher soul with not-so-kind intentions, big crowded 3D cities are your wish. With your higher powers, you'll find it rather easy to get ordinary souls to go along with your wishes.

This dynamic play between the good and evil forces concerning advanced spirituals occurrs behind the scenes concerning the general public, who actually never even hears about this.

Moreover, the general public was taught from childhood not to believe such “nonsense” so even if they hear or see things about this they automatically won’t believe them, and so the occult remains hidden.


In conclusion, expect on any spiritual level, no matter how high it is, to meet souls of any kind, whether well intended or less so.

While spiritual growth often goes hand in hand with becoming kinder, it's not a set rule for everyone. Spiritually advanced folks are just as complex as anyone else, each with their own traits and experiences. Even though getting more spiritual can help nurture positive qualities like kindness and compassion, it's important to remember that being spiritual doesn't automatically mean someone is kind.

It is crucial to appreciate and accept the complexity and diversity of human nature, as well as the ever-evolving journey of spiritual development.


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