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Are spiritually advanced people always kind?

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

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Are spiritually advanced people always kind?

Not all of them, and actually they should not be, as explained below.

Souls need both good and evil to experiment on this planet

First of all to maintain a balance of duality on this planet, a soul needs access to a dualistic system so it has a stage to experiment life and thus to learn life lessons. Therefore, to ensure such a dynamic environment there are about as many “good” embodied higher souls as there are “evil” embodied higher souls. Due to ignorance, majority of spirituals think that as long as you progress in awareness one also automatically makes progress in kindness and goodwill, which is not true.

If it weren’t like this then black wizards, black magic, and other occult practices in general wouldn’t exist, and let me tell you that some of the highest elite of this planet do use this kind of practices from very ancient times to hold on to power.

However high no soul is without mistake

Secondly, I observed enough higher souls in the 6-7D levels (Buddha, Christ level) who reached full enlightenment and even higher and still do some mistakes, human mistakes even, since they remained around and interacted heavily with the rest of the ordinary souls of 3D vibration. It’s very hard to stay close to a permanent source of lower energy and not get “dirty” even if enlightened… If you want to stay clean spiritually you have to take some distance from large human agglomerations like the big 3D cities. This is why in ancient times a good number of gurus would meditate in isolated caves for years even.

On the other hand, if you are a higher soul and your intentions are not that kind, large crowded 3D cities are exactly what you need, since having higher powers you will easily subdue ordinary souls to abide your wish.

This dynamic play between the good and evil forces with advanced spiritual levels happens behind the scenes concerning the general public, who actually never even hears about this.

Moreover, they were taught from childhood not to believe such “nonsense” so even if they hear or see things about this they automatically won’t believe them, and so the occult remains hidden.

In conclusion, expect on any spiritual level, no matter how high it is, to meet souls of any kind, whether kind or less so.


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