Collective subconscious and the pandemic fears - spiritual growth and ancient spirituality

Updated: Apr 10

Collective subconscious and the pandemic fears - spiritual growth and ancient spirituality
Collective subconscious and the pandemic fears - spiritual growth and ancient spirituality

I read a few days ago a very interesting article about the recent history of a pandemic that occurred about 50 years ago that spread worldwide, and which shows us how much the human collective subconscious has changed in such a short time.

Unknown flu pandemic in 1969

A French epidemiologist has been studying pandemics history in the 20th century,

beginning with the oldest and largest known namely the “Spanish flu” in 1918, which alone killed more than 50 million people, actually much more than the First World War. While researching, he came to discover some "forgotten" pandemics and unknown until now even by many experts.

Thus, he discovered that in in China in the autumn of 1969 a pandemic suddenly broke out caused by an unknown virus, possibly also coming from animals, and which arrived very shortly in Europe and America.

In just 2 months the virus caused more than 1 million deaths worldwide! Think that COVID19 caused about 300,000 deaths in 6 months (Dec 2019 - May 2020).

In France, deaths had increased unexpectedly due to the new virus, hospitals were full of gravely ill people, there was no question of shortly-developed vaccines or advanced medical technology (we are only in 1969, no computers and medical specialties such as genetics or biotechnology existed), so the people got sick incessantly by the new virus and died even with medical help in hospital because that was the situation, it couldn’t be helped.

Well, in this pandemic with high mortality of at least 20% (COVID19 has 3.5%) the newspapers in France, and in fact anywhere else in the "civilized" world, wrote NOTHING about the epidemic; it was as if it didn't exist. Only on the day when a small decrease in the number of daily deaths was registered after a maximum of many thousands of deaths daily, the most important French newspapers nationwide, namely Le Figaro and Le Monde (there was no internet at the time, only newspapers on paper) they wrote that "it looks like a flu that was spreading around for some time has started to regress"… that's all! Subsequently they never wrote anything more about the subject, or about the many tens of thousands of deaths in the country until then.

How much collective subconscious changed in just 50 years

The conclusion of the epidemiologist, but also of other commentators today, was that at that time the general attitude towards such epidemics was completely different, more fatalistic and indifferent, such as «if it’s your fate you can’t get away! ». Of course, there was some fear in the population but not as big as now by far, and at the level of governments it was seen as just a nuisance, no need to block an entire planet in lockdown at home for 2 months for billions of people! If some medical expert would have proposed them such a measure I am sure they would thought him as being insane.

The point here is that this history fact shows us how much the collective subconscious can change in just 2 generations! It is also another argument to what I am telling my students, namely that there is no point in trying to blindly apply whatever ancient energetic and spiritual procedures as most other current spiritual schools try, because many of them are inefficient now.

Those ancient procedures were "customized" for a completely different collective subconscious, for other spiritual structures related to the collective subconscious of humanity hundreds and thousands of years ago, who is very different from today. If in 50 years the collective subconscious has changed so much on a fundamental subject such as the fear of death in this case brought by an epidemic, think how different was the collective subconscious 1000 years ago, 2000 or 3000 years ago from the current one.

Ancient spiritual procedures becoming obsolete due to change in the collective awareness

Have you noticed that those who propose all sorts of spiritual procedures are very proud to promote them as having as top quality factor the fact they are as ancient as possible, like coming from before Noah or the prophet Abraham, or before the Yellow Emperor in China, of from Vedas times in India, or the like??

This only proves the lack of deeper understanding of most spiritual teachers and gurus about spiritual and energetic reality, since they blindly anchor themselves in the past and ignore the obvious present, which affects the students’ spiritual growth …

See here for instance the explanation I give in modern terms of what kundalini really is, while yoga and Hinduism still think, because of their ancient inheritance, it’s some sort of mysterious life force while others think is a goddess they call Shakti.


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

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