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What is the science behind awakening Kundalini in 2023?

Updated: Mar 14

The ancient Vedic texts mentioned the Kundalini energy as a powerful energy taking the shape of a snake and coiled in the root chakra (Muladhara). This energy is associated with the divine feminine energy Shakti seen as primordial energy, the Creation energy out of which all things arise.

All these are ancient concepts and terms about Creation in the context of the absence of Science as a knowledge-seeking and proofing tool. This was normal for the stage of human evolution more than a thousand of years ago or even more. I will detail to you in the following what actually Kundalini energy is and how it feeds our body and sustain life in us.

I will give you below the results of my spiritual research using my higher vision and also following the energy movements inside human bodies and also outside them, thus understanding the laws of Creation concerning this. I checked these results over many years with many clients and students I guide, and also with some very high souls who also watch this subject.

What I noticed during my research is that the science of kundalini is rigorous and is truly a science, just that it belongs to higher dimensions of vibration, that require researchers who also reached a minimum level of soul and body awareness. From this point of view, it confirms what quantum mechanics long stated that the "observer influences the experiment result".

Spiritual awakening, Kundalini awakening, and kundalini rising

Spiritual awakening is the general term for spiritual evolution that includes kundalini awakening. Along with spiritual awakening, once it goes beyond the beginning stages, the kundalini energy awakens and then starts to rise into the Sushumna channel.

Our bodies are made of 4 main elements (oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen) which amount to over 95% of a human body, plus small amounts of Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, sulfur, etc. All these elements of our body are borrowed by a soul from the planet in order to get an instrument (a body) to experiment with life around us and gather experiences.

When the body is worn out after 70-80 years of life the soul discards the body (death) and leaves for another life, and carries on the experiences/lessons gathered to the next life.

In order to maintain the body for so long one needs lots of energy to sustain life, an energy that comes partially through eating and drinking, but also more important directly from the planet through the energy she emits to all that lives on Her body including humans.

About kundalini science, kundalini awakening, kundalini rising.
What is the science behind awakening Kundalini

The channel for this type of life-sustaining energy is through our feet soles and upwards through the feet where they join in the root chakra and feed the reservoir of energy there. This energy lifeline between the planet and human bodies has to work permanently and without fail or death occurs quickly. This root energy is what Hinduism and yoga call kundalini, which in fact is the life energy from Mother Earth that keeps all our bodies alive. Our kundalini in the root chakra is actually a very small part of Earth’s life energy that mirrors Mother Earth in our bodies, a projection of Her in our bodies.

In an ideal case the kundalini energy rises up the Sushumna channel along the spine through all chakras (increasing its vibration along the way) without obstacles and feeding the body organs around, and upon reaching the crown chakra unites with cosmos energy that comes from above.

Of course that this doesn’t happen in the ordinary 3D human bodies where chakras are clogged and kundalini can’t rise. Things are actually a bit more complicated since there are two different energy circuits in parallel, first the kundalini circuit that goes up the spine, and there is a second circuit of energy that comes from the sun and cosmic energy through the crown chakra and goes downwards to the root chakra through a parallel circuit than through the chakras. I will nevertheless focus this discussion on the kundalini energy that rises through chakras.

Concerning kundalini awakening, as a result, Mother Earth’s energy (kundalini energy) rises up the spine and eventually merges with the cosmic energy in the crown chakra, hence our body becomes ideally a physical conduit for Earth’s energy that merges with the higher cosmic energies throughout our body. Concerning this kundalini ascension, in order to happen one has to become “enlightened”, that is maintain his chakras open and clean of any 3D energies that clog the chakras like fears, worries, anxiety, agitation, envy, etc; only then one can be united with the rest of Creation.

In the ancient past, there was no kundalini science per se, there was no science at all actually, people were led by empirical findings and divine inspiration they got by revelation. Even the spiritual masters including the enlightened ones didn't have an understanding of the universal mechanisms behind the kundalini/prana/chi movement through Creation as I am giving you here. Therefore, the ancient Hindu religious term for Earth’s energy was “kundalini Shakti”, and told in sacred texts that it’s destined to rise through the Sushumna channel until it unites with the god Shiva in the 6th chakra (representing actually the cosmic energy). If you pay attention, this is exactly what I explained to you above but in modern terms.

A true spiritual will work all his life to unclog his chakras and make kundalini find its way up.


You can learn more by reading other posts on this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

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