What is the best way to access Akashic records

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

What is the best way to access Akashic records

What are the Akashic records

The first thing I would like to point out is that the term “akashic records” is not technically speaking correct. Nothing is fixed in this universe, everything is changing all the time. Above all time is subjective and flows faster in spiral down here in lower dimensions, while in higher dimensions it flows extremely slow compared to ours, and in the soul realms it doesn’t exists at all actually. Therefore, there is no place or energetic structure that can hold information like the akashic records, like in a library somewhere. There is nothing stagnant in Creation, everything is in permanent Change, this is the 4th law of Creation.

What happens is that all events in all worlds and dimensions happen in parallel, and there are some gifted souls that can connect to the flow of events in the “past” or “future”, but technically the events actually happen in parallel with us … It is more difficult to understand as a concept but it’s very true actually. This is why human mind called these past events as being some records since is easier to be accepted by an average mind.

What does the Akasha access imply

Second thing, I would like to point out that accessing the akasha is not like a stroll through the park. This endeavor has to be worth it since it assumes effort, lots of energy, and a true higher soul to do it efficiently. I saw many times that spirituals claiming getting access to akasha had actually just a walk through their imagination fed by all sorts of fantasy stories.

Moreover, Creation gave us all tools and support to solve just about everything in this life and no need for going back in other lives. I know, it’s fashionable these days to say you had a look in the akasha but, many times its just imagination.

Only one who has solved at least 90% of life-lessons from this life is allowed to break the barriers between dimensions and look into past lives to see what lessons remained unsolved and could not be solved in present life.

But first they worked a lot with themselves and solved everything that was in their power in this life.

I’ve been there, through the corridors of time and energy and looked into the akasha for myself but also for others in their past lives, to pull from there some life lessons details to help them solve completely what they couldn’t solve here. Before that I went through calibration and confirmations from other higher souls so to be sure I don’t go delusional and actually connect to my subconscious and beliefs, instead of higher dimensions so to get access.

There is no secret procedure that one can apply from his armchair and access these records. One has to reach first a high enough soul and body vibration, have activated certain spiritual abilities, and lots of practice and calibration before attempting this with any degree of success.

Another point is that you need to be very balanced and well versed in the great lesson of Acceptance, or else one can get really shocked if even when accessing successfully the akasha discovers that 3 lifetimes before he was a serial killer and tortured women and children, while in this life he is an accountant and benefactor for instance.

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