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The most important tool you need in your spiritual growth - spiritual discernment

Updated: Apr 25

There are tons of entries in spiritual texts, both ancient and modern, about what you need to focus on for quick spiritual progress. Suggestions range from tenacity and dedication, to having a great spiritual master, to joining a highly advanced spiritual group, and more.

All this advice is true, but after over 20 years of spiritual research and checking out many souls' awareness and body vibrations, I've drawn some conclusions from my own spiritual practice, conclusions that add to all of these.

Spiritual discernment as a compass for spiritual growth

The most important thing to focus on as you walk your spiritual path, and really grow your soul, is to develop your Spiritual Discernment.

Without spiritual discernment, it's like wandering without a compass on your spiritual journey. You might end up spending your energy on all sorts of spiritual activities that feel good temporarily, but years down the line you might realize you were just self-deluding yourself. Sure, from a higher dimension perspective, every experience has its value, so you could end up taking loads of lifetimes—like tens or even hundreds—to really make true spiritual progress, which is all about raising your awareness. But why waste time if you've already decided to dedicate effort to your spiritual growth?

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Spiritual discernment and spiritual growth

For all this to work right, you need spiritual discernment to learn from your life experiences, recognize messages and signs from your soul or spiritual guides, and know when you've strayed from your optimal life path. When you've got this skill down, you can set your own pace for spiritual progress, dodge pitfalls, and stay connected with the world around you.

Intuition and spiritual discernment

Intuition and Spiritual discernment are key skills for navigating life. Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without any need for conscious reasoning or an explanation. The use of intuition is sometimes referred to as responding to a "gut feeling" or "trusting your gut." Now, Spiritual Discernment is a special kind of intuition.

I categorize Intuition in two big categories:

  • Horizontal Intuition: Most people lean on skills they've picked up from their family, education, background, and friends, and sometimes, they add a dash of intuition. This intuition could be the result of life experiences, like a seasoned business pro drawing on past encounters to tackle new challenges.

  • Spiritual intuition: It comes in the form of a nudge from your soul, spiritual guides, or even God. Of course, to tap into this second type of intuition, you need to be tuned into higher energies, have mental clarity, be awakened, and have some practice in using it. This deeper level of insight is what you can call spiritual discernment.

Spiritual discernment's main attribute is that it accurately discerns among the energies, entities/souls, and messages coming from all sorts of sources, whether from the material reality around or from higher vibrations, and chooses the right ones for what you need. For instance, if your Spiritual discernment is correctly calibrated, you will know if you or some other person went through a kundalini awakening or just a kundalini surge that just comes and goes. You will know if you go through some dark night of the soul phase, or if what happens around is just the consequence of your beliefs.

The Spiritual discernment gift is rare even among spirituals and requires a strong connection of that soul to his spiritual guides and God.

Find ways to evaluate your real spiritual progress

Everything you've heard about feeling tons of love, compassion, gratitude, and acceptance, or following certain practices and gurus that promise enlightenment, won't mean much if you can't check in on your real progress. It's super important to make sure you're still on the right track and not fooling yourself. Emotions and feelings are fleeting, so they're not the most reliable way to gauge your spiritual growth. True enlightenment is deeply tied to the level of awareness your soul has, which means you've got to keep evaluating where you're at regularly.

For example, say you've been going to some yoga class regularly, meditating, doing asanas, and just feeling awesome overall. Sometimes, you even experience all sorts of energy flows and thrills. That's pretty cool, but does it mean you've progressed in terms of soul and body awareness, or are you just feeling good? If your main goal is to feel good and find some peace, then great, your yoga course is totally serving its purpose. However, if you were aiming to really boost your soul awareness and body vibration and move towards soul growth or even enlightenment, then that's a whole different ball game. 

I’ve seen many spirituals go astray, even suffering from all sorts of obvious mental and energy-related illnesses, but thinking they reached Buddhahood. Our compass on the self-discovery spiritual path is tremendously helped by keeping a feeling of Humbleness and Balance in us so keep some doubt about our achievements.

Besides spiritual discernment, you also need a good dose of tenacity, a wise guru to guide you, and the ability to embrace acceptance, compassion, love, and gratitude, no matter what life tosses your way. It also helps to detach from all things material, including your own body, and see yourself more as a User of things rather than an Owner. If you lose something you're attached to, feeling like an Owner can really make you feel robbed, leading to a crisis and a lot of suffering. But if you see yourself as just a temporary User, the blow isn't as hard when things change. In short, try to be the Observer of your own life!


Developing spiritual discernment needs time, effort, patience, permanent feedback from your spiritual master or spiritual guide, and a keen sense of observation of yourself.

Even after you've gotten pretty good at this, I recommend staying connected with a few trusted higher souls to regularly fine-tune this sense, which is like your soul compass for spiritual growth on your journey.

If you keep this up, you're on a solid path to reaching true enlightenment, just like Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Lao Tzu, and other enlightened souls.


You can learn more by reading other posts on this spiritual site coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, not from books.

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