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The most important tool you need in your spiritual growth - spiritual discernment

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

There are many entries in the spiritual texts both ancient and modern about the most important thing one needs to undertake for quick spiritual progress. Some suggestions talk about tenacity and dedication, some about having a great spiritual master as a guide, others about being part of a highly advanced spiritual group, and so on.

All this advice is great, but after more than 20 years of spiritual research and by looking into many souls' awareness and body vibration I came to some conclusions I draw from my spiritual practice.

Spiritual discernment as a compass for spiritual growth

The most important thing to achieve and use as a fundamental skill on your path of spiritual ascension, of soul growth, is first and foremost to develop your spiritual discernment.

Without spiritual discernment you have no compass on the spiritual path, and risk wasting yourself on all sorts of nonsense spiritual activities that might make you feel good for a while, only to find after years of efforts you just self-deluded yourself. Sure, looking from a higher dimension perspective, any experience is precious and therefore you can delay a lot like in tenths and hundreds of lives your true spiritual progress i.e. raising your awareness by trying indiscriminately around just about anything, but why would one waste his time in life if he already decided to put the effort in his spiritual growth?

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Spiritual discernment and sipirtual growth

For all these to work correctly, you need spiritual discernment so as to be able to learn from your life experiences, pinpoint when you get messages and beacons from your soul or spiritual guides, know when you went astray from your optimal path in life as intended by your soul, etc. When one is in control of this skill he can decide the pace he is willing to use in his spiritual progress, avoid all sorts of pitfalls, and keep at the same time a balanced connection with the reality around him.

Intuition and spiritual discernment

Spiritual discernment is a fundamental skill in finding your way in life. Average people rely on their learned 3D vibration skills coming from family, education, background, friends circle, and so on, to which they might add Intuition. Intuition may come from their life experience, like a seasoned professional in some business who when facing some new challenge calls upon his long experience to find some similar answer there, or it may come as a suggestion from your soul, spiritual guides, or even God. Certainly, to use the 2nd alternative you need to already have sensitivity to higher energies, mental clarity, be awakened, and already have experience in calibrating it; this alternative you can call Spiritual discernment.

Its main attribute is that it accurately discerns among the energies, entities/souls, and messages coming from all sorts of sources, whether from the material reality around or from higher vibrations and chooses the right ones for what you need. For instance, if your Spiritual discernment is correctly calibrated, you will know if you or some other person went through a kundalini awakening or just a kundalini surge that just comes and go. You will know if you go through some dark night of the soul phase, or if what happens around is just the consequence of your beliefs.

The Spiritual discernment gift is rare even among spirituals and requires a strong connection of that soul to his spiritual guides and God.

Find ways to evaluate your real spiritual progress

Everything you heard or read that if you feel lots of love, compassion, gratitude, acceptance, and apply this or that procedures and meditations, and/or follow that guru that for sure will make you enlightened, are useless if you can’t evaluate your real progress, to check if the path you follow is still the right one and not gone astray, and ultimately not self-delude yourself. The main problem is that emotions and feelings come and go, and by themselves are not the best reference to gauge your spiritual progress. The soul ascension meaning leading to soul enlightenment is intimately connected with the soul awareness level which needs regular evaluation.

For instance, you might be going to a yoga class for a long time and meditating, doing asanas, feeling good in general, and even feeling from time to time all sorts of energy flows, thrills, and so on. That’s all well and good, but does that mean you progressed as soul and body awareness, or just feel good? If your aim is to feel good and find some peace then the yoga course does serve you. On the other hand, if your goal was to really raise your soul awareness and progress you towards soul growth and even enlightenment, then it’s a completely other matter.

I’ve seen many spirituals go astray, even suffering from all sorts of obvious mental and energy-related illnesses, but thinking they reached Buddhahood. Our compass on the self-discovery spiritual Path is tremendously helped by keeping a feeling of humbleness and balance in us.

Certainly, besides spiritual discernment you still need tenacity, a competent guru to use as a guide, and the ability to feel acceptance, compassion, love, and gratitude for what life throws your way whether you like it or not. Moreover, it helps to feel detached from everything material around including your body, and feel like a User of everything around you and not the Owner of them. If they are taken from you, then if you feel like an Owner you will certainly feel robbed and fall into a crisis and suffer. If on the other hand, you consider yourself just a temporary User of all material things, then obviously the impact is much less. In other words, be the Observer of your own life!

Developing spiritual discernment needs time, effort, patience, permanent feedback from your spiritual master or spiritual guide, and a keen sense of observation of yourself.

Even after reaching a certain degree of this skill, I advise you to still remain in touch with a minimum of 1-2 higher souls you trust, so as to calibrate regularly this sense, which is your soul compass for spiritual and soul growth on your spiritual journey.

If you do the above you have all the chances to reach true enlightenment like Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Lao Tzu, and other such souls.


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

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