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The Collective subconscious, the pandemic, and spiritual growth

Updated: Apr 29

I read a few days ago a very interesting article about the recent history of a pandemic that occurred about 50 years ago that spread worldwide, and which shows us how much the human collective subconscious has changed in such a short time.

It’s pretty strange to think about how events like a pandemic can really shift what we all hold in our collective subconscious. It’s like one moment the world is one way, and then everything shifts. And the fact that this happened 50 years ago makes it even more interesting—seeing how the echoes of those days are still influencing us now, especially in how we handle big global challenges and think about our spiritual growth. It’s like a ripple effect through time!

The unknown flu pandemic in 1969

A French epidemiologist has been diving into the history of pandemics throughout the 20th century, starting with the notorious "Spanish flu" in 1918. This pandemic was a real doozy, killing over 50 million people, which is way more than the casualties of the First World War. While digging through the archives, the epidemiologist stumbled upon some "forgotten" pandemics that were barely known, even to many experts.

One such discovery was a pandemic that erupted in China in the autumn of 1969, caused by an unknown virus that might have jumped from animals. This virus spread like wildfire, reaching Europe and America in no time. In just two months, it caused over 1 million deaths worldwide! Just to put that into perspective, COVID-19 caused about 300,000 deaths in its first six months from December 2019 to May 2020.

Collective subconscious, pandemic fears, spiritual growth, soul growth
Collective subconscious and the pandemic

In 1969, France was hit hard by a new virus that caused unexpected spikes in deaths. Hospitals were overwhelmed with seriously ill patients, and there were no quickly developed vaccines or advanced medical technologies like we have today. Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, many people continued to fall ill and die from the virus.

Despite the severity of the pandemic, which had a high mortality rate of at least 20% (compared to about 3% for COVID-19), the newspapers in France and other parts of the "civilized" world remained silent about the epidemic. It was as if it didn't exist. It wasn't until there was a slight decrease in the daily death toll, after reaching a peak of many thousands of deaths per day, that major French newspapers like Le Figaro and Le Monde finally reported on it. They merely mentioned that "it looks like a flu that was spreading around for some time has started to regress." After that, there was no further coverage on the topic or the tens of thousands of deaths that had occurred in the country by then.

How much collective subconscious changed in just 50 years

The conclusion from today's discussion with epidemiologists and other commentators was that back in the day, people had a pretty fatalistic view towards epidemics, kind of like, "If it's your fate, there's no escaping it!" Sure, people were scared, but nothing like the fear we see today. Back then, governments saw epidemics more as a nuisance than a crisis—no way would they have considered locking down the entire planet and keeping billions of people at home for months! If a medical expert had suggested such a thing, they'd probably have been labeled insane.

This just goes to show how much our collective subconscious can shift in just a couple of generations! It's also why I keep telling my students that there's no point in trying to blindly follow ancient energy and spiritual practices like many other spiritual schools do today, because a lot of those practices just aren't effective anymore.

Those ancient practices were tailored for a totally different level of the collective subconscious, for spiritual structures that related to the collective subconscious of humanity hundreds and thousands of years ago—which is super different from today. If our collective subconscious can change so much in just 50 years about something as fundamental as our fear of death during an epidemic, just imagine how different it was 1000, 2000, or even 3000 years ago from now.

Ancient spiritual procedures becoming obsolete

Have you noticed how people who push all kinds of spiritual practices are super proud to say they're ancient? Like, they go way back before Noah, or the prophet Abraham, or even the Yellow Emperor in China, or from the times of the Vedas in India. It kind of shows that a lot of spiritual teachers and gurus might not fully grasp the spiritual and energetic reality. They're so stuck in the past that they miss what's happening right now, which isn't great for anyone's spiritual growth.

For example, take a look at how I explain kundalini energy in modern terms. Meanwhile, in yoga and Hinduism, because of their ancient roots, they still think it's some mysterious life force or even a goddess they call Shakti. 

The thing is, nowadays, mass media really ramps up the pressure on everyone when it comes to this particular flu, stirring up a lot of fear. This fear drives people to do things they wouldn’t normally consider. If you take a peek at flu statistics up to 2019, you’ll see the death rates are pretty similar to those of COVID, but back then, it wasn’t splashed all over the news. It was just accepted that the flu could be tough on older people, especially if they had other health issues, and usually only medical experts dug into the stats.

If a spiritual fall into the trap of such collective fears induced by mass media, he will certainly decrease his spiritual growth a lot since such events are actually life lessons we have to go through. Only spiritual and emotional self-reliance, trust in his higher soul, and a good connection with his soul and spiritual guides will shine a light on his spiritual path in these troubled times of the end of the cycle for this humanity.


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