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Coronavirus as Earth’s antibody

Updated: Apr 11

I'm excited to share some additional insights from my recent research into the movement of spiritual energy within humanity, Earth, and nature concerning the planetary impact of the pandemic. This follows up on my earlier piece about the spiritual implications of the coronavirus pandemic.

Learn the future trends of Earth's evolution in relation to humanity.

Earth, nature and human exploitation

Since the Agricultural Revolution around 10,000 to 12,000 years ago, humanity has increasingly dominated the planet, often exploiting Earth's resources without restraint. This has led to widespread deforestation, altering river courses without regard for the impact on local wildlife, and unregulated hunting of animals. Essentially, it's been a relentless surge of exploitation over the millennia.

As a result of increased flooding, once fertile fields turned into deserts, famines ensued, and fires claimed lives, and ancient humans often interpreted these calamities as divine retribution for their sins. They attributed their misfortunes to perceived failures in religious duties, such as insufficient sacrifices or prayers, believing that these oversights necessitated special acts of repentance.

Despite the environmental destruction, ancient societies generally felt no remorse for exploiting nature. This attitude was reinforced by prevailing religious teachings of the time, which suggested that humans had the divine right to utilize the Earth's resources as they saw fit. This belief facilitated unchecked exploitation, contributing to the accumulation of substantial wealth by some individuals through the direct extraction of natural resources. It is only in the past few decades that significant fortunes have begun to emerge from more sophisticated sectors, such as information technology, marking a shift from traditional resource-based industries.

Efforts to protect the environment, wildlife, and natural habitats have gained more prominence in the past 30 to 40 years. Despite these movements, challenges remain in preventing individuals and corporations from encroaching on protected areas, leading to deforestation and the destruction of biodiversity.

Furthermore, the exploitation of wildlife for commercial gain and exotic cuisine continues to be a concern, particularly in regions like Asia and South America. This not only threatens species survival but also disrupts ecological balance.

Coronavirus, antibody, kundalini awakening, chakras, immune system, limiting beliefs
Coronavirus as Earth’s antibody

Our spiritual relationship with Nature

Over the last few years, life has gotten faster, and we're seeing more frequent and intense epidemics, some originating from animals and others potentially developed in labs as bio-weapons. When looking into the energies, and considering Earth as a living entity, it might seem like humanity has acted like a harmful virus, disrupting Earth's ecosystems. From this viewpoint, Earth's natural responses, similar to an immune system fighting off an infection, might be seen in the emergence of diseases like COVID-19. These outbreaks could be interpreted as Earth's way of restoring balance, reacting to the pressures placed upon it.


Modern medicine has advanced significantly, yet it faces big challenges in managing epidemics, as observed in technologically advanced regions across Europe, America, and Asia during this pandemic. The profound impact of these epidemics often correlates with a decline in the average person's immune system, influenced by low vibrational subconscious beliefs characterized by fear, worry, greed, aggression, etc.

In such circumstances, the immune system tends to close down and redirect energies to hands and feet for defense leaving the path open to viruses. Additionally, these limiting beliefs can cause individuals to feel isolated and threatened by their surroundings, leading to defensive and sometimes preemptive aggressive behaviors.

Furthermore, Earth operates on cycles that span thousands to millions of years, depending on the specific events. Typically, there is a considerable delay before Earth reacts to various impacts. However, current increases in cosmic energy tend to accelerate these natural processes, leading to quicker cycles of action and reaction on a planetary scale.

Future Trends in Earth's Evolution

Looking ahead into future timelines, it seems likely that we'll face pandemics more frequently, along with drastic climate changes that impact our food, water, and natural environments. Humanity will be in a constant race to develop vaccines and treatments to combat these diseases. However, the underlying issue of weakened immune systems across global populations isn't something we can simply fix with vitamins alone. The added threat of some "elite" groups launching bio-weapons like viruses, and even disguised as vaccines to take over global power, will complicate things further.

It's important to remember that while Earth can thrive without humans, but we face significant challenges in trying to sustain our existence without the resources it provides.

From what I can see into the energies, Earth's energies and vibrations are on the rise, already hitting the lower levels of 4D vibration and continuing to climb. It's still providing support to the lower 3D dimension where we exist, but that support is gradually decreasing. Right now, humanity is in a race to see who can elevate their vibrations and sync up with Earth's 4D energy, and who will lag behind in the 3D vibe and eventually be left out.

The shift of billions from a 3D to a 4D level of vibration in such a short time can be incredibly tough, often resulting in tremendous shocks.

It feels like maybe time and Earth are running out of patience with us.


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