Coronavirus as Earth’s antibody

Updated: May 28, 2020

Coronavirus as Earth’s antibody

This is a continuation of my previous article about the spiritual significance of the coronavirus pandemics. I would like to share with you some other findings I got after researching the energy movement lately in humanity and its subconscious, on Earth and in the animal realm.

Let’s remember that once humanity got the upper hand on the planet and started to dominate it since about the Agricultural Revolution so about 10.000 years ago, it conclusioned it can exploit the Earth’s resources at will. It cut down forests, it derived the course of any river with disregard to the damage for the fish, plants or animals that lived along its shore, it hunt down any animal it wished and so on. It was a never ending frenzy of exploitation of Earth and its resources in the last 10.000 years…

When as result of such devastations floods became more often, fields once rich became desert and famine installed, fires erupted and killed people, the ancient humans concluded it was some god punishment for their sins in this not they exploited nature too much. Their beliefs related the cause of their misfortunes to some sin they had like not enough sacrifices to a god, not enough prayers to the god, and they needed some special repentance, and so on.

Anyway, they felt no guilt for destroying nature, especially since even in the antiques great religions that still exist today it was told to them they could use Earth at their will since it was given to them by God for this purpose … and they sure didn’t hesitate on this clearance. The largest fortunes on Earth were until recently always made from direct Earth resources exploitation; only in the last 40-50 years maybe some very large fortunes were made from more sophisticated goods and services.

Some movement of protecting planet and nature including animals started to have a stronger voice only about 30-40 years ago, and not even now it cannot block really aggressive enterprises to confiscate some vast forest areas even from reservations to do some deforestation and kill everything there.

Along the way humanity started to aggressively kill and process wild animals both by confiscating their habitat for some business ventures, but also just for some exotic and fancy cuisine like for instance in Asia and South America and not only.

By higher design every species has a group-soul, and also a matrix of specific energies that governs energetically and sustains the members of that species. As such there are energy boundaries between species that ensure that things specific to a species can’t pass the boundaries to another species … That is unless two species do not become too intimate on longer term, as the case occurred between humans and chickens, pigs and lately bats, pangolins etc. Since everything is more and more accelerated as energy movement on Earth in the last 50 years or so, now we see in the last 20 years more often epidemics having as source the animal realm, and who are becoming more aggressive at every surge.

Actually if one turns the tables and looks at things from Earth’s perspective, humanity behaved as an aggressive virus that attacked Earth living organism. Therefore, this thing eventually triggered the automate response of Earth's immune system, and hence antibodies were launched against the aggressor to destroy him, an antibody being this COVID-19 virus or coronavirus, but the SARS epidemics and other before were also such antibodies.

The human medicine can put up to so much to such epidemics, and then it just gives up as we have witnessed even in civilized countries (civilized just from techie point of view) in Europe, America and Asia. Actually, behind the epidemics catastrophic effects, is the dropping of the immune system of average person due to the low 3D vibration subconscious beliefs full of fears and worries, of greed, aggression, disdain for the weaker, and so on. All this limiting beliefs affect the subconscious of a person that sinks in the Separation feeling. Such a person feels threatened by about everything around and by instinct starts fighting at the slightest hint of adversity, and even hits first just as prevention.

Now, planet Earth moves in thousands and even millions of years cycles depending of the event involved, so from Her being hit until it reacts quite long periods can pass … that is unless it’s even Earth under higher energy bombardment and hence its processes are accelerated many times as is the case now, and hence the cycles action-reaction close much faster.

Therefore, I see in the next years such pandemics coming more often, with humanity in a desperate catch-up race with the pandemic to find some vaccine or medicine to curb down the disease. The fundamental issue of average immune system dropping can’t be fixed, for sure not by taking vitamins for instance, and cannot be anyway for billions of people.

Our problem is that Mother Earth can live very well without us, but we as humanity have a big problem trying to live without her.

Looking into Earth's energies and vibrations She already reached as average vibration into the first levels of 4D (4th dimension vibration) and still increasing its vibe. It still gives support to the inferior dimensions like 3D where we are, but less and less … The humanity is now, unknowingly, in a catchup race of which part of humanity will raise as vibe and align with Earth in 4D vibe, and which part will remain behind in 3D vibe and will be purged eventually.

Transitions of billions of people from a 3D to 4D level in a short span of time is very painful, and will have inherently lots of casualties.

I think that time has no patience with us anymore …

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