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What is the spiritual lesson of the coronavirus

Updated: Mar 23

The global pandemic has impacted humanity like never before. This unprecedented event has activated various spiritual and higher energy mechanisms, accelerating certain processes of spiritual evolution. In these turbulent times, these insights are intended to offer you guidance so you find your path through these events ebbs and flows.

The main aspects triggered by the pandemic

Illnesses consume the body's vital energy, a well-known fact in mainstream medicine. Fear can significantly decrease the activity of the immune system, ultimately leading to its shutdown. The immune system consumes a significant amount of energy, especially when the body is sick. Therefore, high levels of fear can signal to the body that it is in a survival situation and needs to mobilize all available resources to escape. The body responds to stress by shutting down non-essential energy-consuming systems, such as the immune system, and redirecting that energy to the extremities for the 'fight or flight' response. This suppression of the immune system makes it easier for viruses to enter the body.

This is in line with the ancient proverb, 'What you fear most, you cannot escape.' In other words, sources of similar vibrations are attracted to each other. Individuals who fear the virus and the virus itself will inevitably come into contact eventually.

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What is the spiritual lesson of the coronavirus

The universal mechanisms that govern vibration levels are inexorable, and Earth has been experiencing a higher energy pressure for decades due to emissions from the galactic center. As a result, everything is accelerating. It is important to note that humanity's subconscious vibrates at a low level, around 3.5D on the chakra scale (middle of the 3rd dimension of vibration), which means that the spiritual pressure on each person is significant. The planet's average vibration now exceeds 4D, which puts additional pressure on the fears in our subconscious.

The result is a risk for an immune system crash that first causes the exit of the elderly who naturally have the lowest vitality reserve, but in time will also reach the younger people. This spiritual energy pressure also mutates faster viruses and bacteria making them more aggressive and “helping” as such the selection of who stays and who leaves. From this I see only two future timelines possible 1) in about 10-15 years we will have presumably more of a 4D humanity, or 2) an even lower vibration humanity than today, deep in 3D, where modern slavery is considered "normal".

Talking now on a lower level of vibration, these pandemics, besides the terrorist, war, social turmoils, and climate change threats, are a useful tool used by the elite to enforce control through fear into the masses. The collective subconscious was fed over the tenths of years with basic fears through mass media, and such fears are now well established in the collective subconscious; therefore, the mechanism of attracting what you fear most was activated at the human level. As such, the ordinary person when looking around sees only threats lurking at him on all levels.

The problem is that fears impact negatively spiritual awakening and soul growth, so only strong souls will emerge from these challenges.

Future trends for mankind

The population's civil rights, gained over the last 200 years, are being wiped out at the masses' request for more safety. Consequently, people vote to accept more control over themselves, relinquishing their rights in exchange for safety. Advanced technology based on AI and Big Data has made deep control achievable, which was not possible 20 years ago.

Life basically changes for everyone, being led by fear and hence deepens the Separation feeling. This will accelerate the crash of society as we know it now.

The average person may already be living in fear, but these additional fears risk to push the majority of the population more toward psychosis. Being in such a mental state is not a balanced state to be in in the long run, and obviously such a state will quickly push the individual into crises that could manifest quite disturbing. It is crucial to prioritize mental health and well-being during these challenging times. With the right resources and support, we can avoid a crisis and promote a healthy and resilient community.

During times of crisis, when large groups of people enter simultaneously the same mental status, tensions can rise and drama can ensue. This is particularly true in today's world where technology connects us and allows for the rapid sharing of ideas and emotions.

At the humanity level, transitioning from one state of vibration to another very different one (from 3D to 4D in this case) in a short span of time, forces automatically huge amounts of lower energies gathered over millennia in the collective 3D subconscious to be released. The release in just 10-20 years of this huge amount of lower energies gathered by the life of many billions of people over thousands of years, is something that I can’t describe in words as an impact on current humanity, so huge it is.

Therefore, get ready for an exciting and unpredictable journey in the years to come.


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