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Does our soul leave the body while dreaming?

Updated: Oct 4

Unlocking the power of Kundalini energy can have profound effects on our dreaming and night-time consciousness. From astral projection to soul messages, this exploration of how our soul connects with our body during sleep will bring newfound insights into understanding dreams.

The soul and dreaming meaning

From my research, it’s not technically correct to say that a “soul leaves the body while dreaming”. A soul has no energy, it’s just pure awareness and needs an energy-based instrument like a human body to experiment in a world where everything is also energy.

A soul has energy links to every cell of a body it uses in a world to experiment with it. As such, a soul doesn’t reside inside a body, the soul actually owns a human body, but one could say that a soul might be more “focused” on that part of the body the person has been using for a long time, like in years. Some gifted clairvoyants can “see” in ordinary people the soul as a sphere inside or beside the person’s head because the mind is 99% used by the average person during life on Earth. The focus of our soul is actually telling where that person's awareness is located, and this is mostly in our minds. This is why our soul is a 3D (D - -dimension of vibration, or chakra's scale) world as vibration.

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Does our soul leave the body while dreaming?

Are dreams real? Well, more than 95% of the time during sleep the mind replays the events connected with fears and worries experienced over the day because that left an impression on that person's feelings. Less than 5% of dreams are real transmissions from a soul to the person's mind.

Another point is that during sleep since the body is inert and runs on the automatic bio-programs without brain control generally, and hence the soul needs much less “attention” invested into the body's connection than during the daytime, and keeps just a loose link to the body.

Therefore, during sleep, the soul tends to leave partially the body and connect more with all sorts of energies and even souls around. The result of his strolls around during sleep is reflected in one's dreams, along with other dream sources.

Astral projection, dreams, soul messages

In some cases, like for advanced meditators, persons that practice astral projection, lucid dreaming, etc., the soul can even leave the physical body layer and might use the higher vibration energy bodies like the astral body or etheric body (4–5D dimensions levels) to “take a look around” in the astral plane generally. It can also visit the future or the past, or connect with higher dimensions and have a “chat” with higher entities, or with lower ones if the case is.

Besides the re-play by the mind and body during sleep of stronger emotions gathered over the daily activity which makes the large majority of usual dreams, all this nocturne activity of the soul produces “data transmissions” from the soul to the mind, which in turn “translates” the data received in terms of its basic beliefs belonging to the person’s culture, background, social, religion, discernment, life experience, etc.

This translation, whether from daily emotions or from the soul nocturne activity, is actually what is known as a dream that might be remembered upon waking up (or not) when the soul re-integrates 100% the body, or anyway much more than during sleep.

Obviously, the average person doesn't practice meditation and clean his subconscious of limiting beliefs, and hence the dreams are difficult to interpret correctly. As a result, the data received from the soul is quite distorted by the average mind. Therefore, to understand the real message from a dream one needs help from advanced spirituals like competent tarot readers for instance to translate the dreams.

Are dream signs real? In general, true dream signs come from our soul, like soul messages, and come as suggestions addressed to the dreamer to correct some behavior, suggest some choices when making decisions, etc., but do not violate the person's free will.


Interpreting dreams was always considered a spiritual and occult activity, a source of insight and inner power. There are many methods used to interpret dreams like tarot cards, crystal ball reading, symbols, nature elements, and so on.

Very much depends on that person herself in interpreting the dreams. There are more advanced souls who have the level of intuition to interpret their own dreams and the large majority who need help.

From my own experience and other spirituals I watched, if one has a steady spiritual practice he wont need external help and will be able to interpret alone his soul messages whether they come by the channel of dreaming, messages, intuition, in meditation, etc.


You can learn more by reading other posts on this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books. You might also consider a service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed here and get a spiritual diagnosis, Healing limiting beliefs, or Compatibility for lovers, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery so to raise your body and soul awareness and reach into higher dimensions.


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