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How to release limiting beliefs

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

In life, we gather over time many beliefs coming from many different sources like family, school, society, religion, mass-media, friends, etc. These beliefs shape our reality no matter what IQ we have, they actually determine our real destiny and throw us off the initial destiny as intended by our soul when coming down here for embodiment.

Limiting beliefs, meditation, kundalini awakening
Limiting beliefs meditation

What are limiting beliefs

Our human goal in life is to know ourselves, as the ancient masters said “Know thyself!”, i.e. know who we are, what are the major life lessons we came in this life to study and experience, and what limiting beliefs we hold in our subconscious that drive us through life and we ignored until then.

These limiting beliefs come all from the feeling of Separation from the rest of Creation. Since the beliefs are 3D as vibration level (e.g. fear of future, belief in scarcity, low self-esteem, regrets for the past, belief in separation, fear of calamities) they attract by the laws of this universe life-scenarios that enforce that belief. Meditation helps in a limited range to identify and release these limiting beliefs we have. Generally, in meditation we aim to connect with our soul to much higher vibrations than our body has, and hence we tackle rather little the issue of limiting beliefs, which actually belong to our body subconscious.

Meditation is the best-known tool among spirituals for practicing self-awareness, getting relaxed, reaching some peace inside, going into your heart, and not only. As souls, we are sent down here on Earth to experiment with life and learn and hence increase our awareness and not to meditate all day long, just because this is how this universe was built, where Practice matters much more than Theory.

On the other hand, working directly on releasing limiting beliefs is by far the no 1 tool to increase both soul vibration and body vibration. All the other tools like meditation, chanting, mantras, etc are much lower as efficiency just because they are indirect tools for this.

From my long practical experience in dealing with them and working with my students I individualized several hundreds of them. These limiting beliefs are laid on several layers, and some derive from others; the best is to look at them as arranged in a stack. The easiest approach is to tackle first the easiest to release which are on top of the stack and progress downwards the stack towards the more difficult at the bottom. As a fundamental rule, one can’t reach the bottom layer unless it releases everything on the upper layers of the stack.

For instance, fear of spiders would be on top, while fear of death is fundamental and is at the bottom and can’t be tackled successfully from the beginning.

Another dimension of the issue of releasing limiting beliefs is given by the fact that a person has also some personal limiting beliefs that other people do not have, and other factors also are involved. So it’s a personalized approach, it’s not a “one size fits all”

Steps to release limiting beliefs

To assist in releasing the limiting beliefs in the people I guide on this subject, based on my extensive practical experience of this subject, I designed a spiritual service called Limiting beliefs releasing that is structured in 3 steps as follows:

- Step1: Identifying limiting beliefs

- Step 2: Releasing limiting beliefs

- Step 3: Follow up the progress of releasing the beliefs

Let me describe these steps below.


Releasing limiting beliefs is a Process in steps.

Step 1 is done offline where, based on a recent photo the client sends me by e-mail, I will first evaluate his soul vibration (awareness level), and his body vibration using the chakra scale. This will show him his current progress as soul and body awareness Creation (eg, soul of 3.8 vibration, and body of 3.7 vibration using the chakra scale). The average for humanity is 3.6 for soul vibration, and 3.5 for body vibration.

I will then look into his soul and body energies and identify what limiting beliefs he holds, like low self-esteem, judging other people, fear of the future, fear of change, jealousy, I am powerless, fear of losing control, fear of never finding a love partner, life is a struggle, fear of being rejected, lack of optimism, feeling as a victim, addiction to some attachments, and so on; there are hundreds of them. These issues are the limiting beliefs that block one’s progress in life.​ Some of these beliefs are related to the person’s life-lessons in this life, lessons that his soul has as its main mission in this life to experiment and work them out.

As a conclusion I will issue a report with each limiting belief I found in his subconscious by scanning him, and each with its current progress (e.g., low self-esteem 12%, fear of change 8%). For instance, a 12% progress for the low self-esteem belief means that there is still 88% still to go to completely release this belief. To give you an idea, statistically on average for this 3D vibration humanity, I found that an average limiting belief reaches in the average person about 5-10% progress, but with many limiting beliefs in the range of just 1-5%. At the other end of the range, I found that very high souls who truly reached enlightenment so their souls reached the vibration of the 7th chakra level or 7D, had all their beliefs progress reached at least the 70% progress threshold.

Further, I will confirm these beliefs with the person’s soul, spiritual guides, and his parent-soul.

If needed I will go back into some of his lives to search for the origin of a specific life lesson he can't seem to pass.

I will then send the limiting beliefs list to the person so he checks which ones he resonates most with.

From all these I select a list of main beliefs belonging to his list of limiting beliefs, that I recommend him to work on, the ones that cause him the most suffering in his life now and are “quick wins”, meaning it will bring him the quickest progress for the effort and time invested in working on releasing them.


Step 2 of the process of releasing limiting beliefs is that I have a live online 1-hour one-to-one session with that person, where we explore and prioritize the major limiting beliefs that block his path in life. To do this we will use the list of limiting beliefs resulting from Step 1.

Releasing these major beliefs will bring the most progress in the shortest time in his life.

I will also teach him a specific procedure on how to release these limiting beliefs, and also how to practice this procedure efficiently after the session.

The person has also the opportunity to ask questions about other issues concerning how these limiting beliefs manifest in his life and alternatives to avoid them.

After the student starts to practice the beliefs releasing procedure, I noticed that in many cases also a kundalini awakening process is triggered.

releasing limiting beliefs, kundalini awakening, soul awakening
Group meditation


Step 3 is an offline service, and is intended to assist the person in regularly evaluating his progress in releasing his limiting beliefs. Therefore, based on a recent photo I get from him by email, I return him an evaluation of the percentage of his progress in releasing the beliefs he works regularly on.

If a spiritual works regularly on a set of beliefs and also asks me regularly for follow-up, like monthly or every 2-3 months for instance, he will certainly achieve the release of limiting beliefs including fear of death, provided he understands that each needs some time and effort invested.


The souls that reached enlightenment did exactly this: they released their limiting beliefs and became free from this world's mental and emotional limitations. They didn’t practice meditation or other procedures just to feel relaxed and at peace, they had a clear goal and this was liberation from mind limitations.


You can learn more by reading other posts on this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed here and get a spiritual diagnostic, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery to raise your body and soul awareness, and reach into higher dimensions.



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