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How to Quit Smoking to Create a Healthier You

Updated: May 25, 2023

Maintaining your body's health is a key part of working towards transcendence. As discussed in a study on well-being, both spirituality and lifestyle-related health behaviors positively relate to psychological well-being, manifesting into growth that can help us lead a moral and energetic life. Through a holistic view of health, people can create a greater sense of connection with others and life, enhancing their vibration levels. However, as much as there are positive health behaviors, many people also engage in harmful habits that dampen bodily and spiritual progress. Smoking is a well-known destructive habit that worsens our overall well-being, impacting our body vibration and soul growth. Below, we discuss the connection between reality creation and smoking, and tips on creating a healthier reality.

relief from smoking, well-being
Relief from smoking (Image: Pexels)

Smoking and reality creation

Much like the food we eat, our habits can have lasting physical, mental, and spiritual effects on our bodies. In our previous post, we discussed how consciousness creates our reality. Everything boils down to you: for habits like smoking, smokers believe that it benefits them, leading to the formation of automatic mechanisms that Creation returns them to. This reinforcement creates a huge amount of energy over time, becoming a new reality that prevents smokers from changing habits or beliefs. Unfortunately, smoking is not a healthy habit. Often, many smokers turn to smoking as a means of escape. The substance nicotine triggers positive feelings, helping them turn a blind eye toward their existing environment and avoiding true ascension. Furthermore, cigarettes are toxic to human bodies— negatively affecting physical organs like the lungs and heart and limiting soul and body vibration. To overcome these negative actions, it's important that you first release your limiting beliefs within your subconscious. Smoking can really take a toll on your spiritual life. When you're dependent on nicotine, it can be hard to connect with your spiritual side. Nicotine addiction affects our ability to meditate and think deeply about who we are and where we want to go in life. By quitting smoking, we can reconnect with ourselves, enabling us to find peace of mind and clarity that allow us to take the steps toward our ultimate spiritual goals. Quitting smoking can also help with getting closer to higher vibrations and spiritual connections. As we battle our addiction and make peace with ourselves, we can better find ourselves as spiritual beings, taking in the energy of people around us, as well as from nature and our own inner selves. Having a healthy body free of nicotine makes it easier for us to take in these energies in a very real way. Quitting smoking will also help move along personal growth, allowing people to then put their attention onto bigger ideas and concepts that can truly inspire and uplift them on a personal level by connecting them with the world's curriculum of spiritual teachings. Like a bad diet, smoking will negatively alter your body vibration. A lower body vibration will attract automatically from reality around lower vibration life scenarios i.e. more dualistic, with more challenges and hardships corresponding to your new lower body vibration; few people would want to face this.

Working towards a healthier reality

If you're working towards a healthier reality, one effective start is to quit smoking. Although it can be difficult to shift your reality, moving forward and meeting your spiritual and body goals is still possible.

There are two sides to this smoke-quitting process one needs to deal with:

  1. Motivation to quit smoking

  2. Effective ways to do this

Motivation to quit smoking – Meditation, introspection, and seek support from loved ones

Even with physical tools, overcoming your limiting beliefs can still be challenging. Rather than hold on to these thoughts, it's essential to analyze the potential consequences of your limiting beliefs, especially regarding soul and body growth. Meditation practices are an excellent way to reconnect to your spiritual side by calming the mind and allowing for deeper reflection. It is easier for former smokers to settle into a deeper meditation session because there is no need for frequent smoke breaks, and the absence of nicotine or other toxins from cigarettes in one's system helps with better concentration. Moreover, being able to focus on breathwork disciplines encourages progress toward greater awareness of oneself and inner peace before decision-making. Your loved ones can support you through this difficult period, helping you reorient your original mechanisms toward better action and creating new habits. If your limiting belief tells you that you can't exercise because of weak lungs, change your thoughts to "I can exercise to strengthen my lungs." Your family or friends can accompany you on your journey, allowing you to stay more accountable and motivated in shifting your mindset. It can be challenging to overcome the beliefs that once built your reality. But you can drive yourself towards quitting smoking and establishing a healthier you through discipline and action.

Effective ways to do this - Use nicotine replacement therapy

Sometimes, you may need physical tools to help shift your mindset and strengthen your determination. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products like nicotine pouches and lozenges work by easing people out of reliance on nicotine, thus improving soul and body vibration. Nicotine pouches are odorless, smoke-free, and easy to use, suitable for people trying to quit tobacco. Furthermore, they come in a wide spectrum of flavors and strengths that appeal to various users and leave a refreshing sensation. If you're looking for something to put and forget, nicotine patches can be worn for 24 hours before needing replacement. By using NRT products, you can overcome attachments to smoking and work towards a healthier self.


Whatever ways and physical tools you use to cut a bad habit, including smoking, it all starts with clarifying your motivation for doing it, or else you risk abandoning the process. Overcoming bad habits can be done alone, but as experience shows, it's rather difficult. On the other hand, by getting the help of some loved ones, family, friends, and tools, things are much easier, and they can effectively assist you in releasing the initial limiting beliefs that made you start smoking.


You can learn more about spirituality and soul growth by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than the spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

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Unknown member
Feb 24, 2023

This is a great write-up. I am wondering, how does tobacco compare to cannabis?


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