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How does our consciousness create our reality

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

As souls, we are just pure consciousness with different levels of awareness, and have no energy at all. Consciousness and Awareness are different concepts, where Consciousness is the range of dimensional levels of vibrations we can reach in this universe, while Awareness is the level of consciousness we reached at a point in time.

What are Consciousness, Awareness, and Dimensions of vibrations

For instance, in this universe Consciousness has a range of 12 major dimensions of vibrations, from 1 to 12. A dimension of vibration is a specific range of vibration, for instance the 3rd dimension extends from 3.0 to 3.9 vibration. In every dimension of vibration, an entire world can reside. For instance, our world is a 3D world as vibration.

Creation and multiverse

Creation includes all universes created by the initial consciousness. Our universe as known by science is just one of the infinite number of universes that exist.

Spirituality, consciousness, awareness, destiny
Consciousness and reality

The Creation that includes this universe of ours is made out of energy and is intended as the stage that we use by playing roles in different lives using our bodies to go through life experiences and grow our awareness.

In Creation as a whole there are many more universes with very different ranges of consciousness levels, some like ours, but many more with much higher ranges of consciousness that reach thousands and even more levels.

The known universe that we can identify by our 5 senses is in the range 1-3D (D-dimension of vibration, or chalra scale). The other 9 levels of dimension from 4 to 12 we can’t feel directly by our 5 senses or by science for this matter, since science is just an extension of our 5 senses. Nevertheless, we still can feel the immediate higher dimensions like 4 to about 6 or even 7 by our so-called “higher senses” like intuition, sensitivity to energies, insight, revelation, etc.

For a soul to increase its awareness it needs to use an energy-based tool, like a human body, in order to go through life experiences in order to raise awareness.

Therefore, as souls, we go through the process of getting a body but can be quite different on other planets, by being born into a family that we choose before coming down here for embodiment.

Our self-consciousness has actually several layers, the two major ones being the 1) consciousness, and 2) subconsciousness. In our consciousness, we have the thoughts and ideas we are aware of, while in our subconscious we hold all sorts of beliefs we built over time. The consciousness influences up to 10% of our actions, while the subconscious influences the rest of 90% of our actions! Basically, what we are is defined by our average vibration given by the beliefs in our subconscious.

The average level of beliefs of a person gives the vibration (level of awareness) of that person’s body. This is very important since we live daily events at the level of vibration of our body and not of our soul.

subconscious beliefs, limiting beliefs, beliefs shaping our reality
Subconscious beliefs build our reality

How beliefs build our reality

Like any other energy structure in Creation, our body is an antenna, i.e. it emits and receives energy to/from everything around, like other people, nature, earth, planets, the sun, other stars, the cosmos, etc. We basically emit around in a range of frequencies that corresponds to what we are in a specific moment.

Creation around us receives our emission and the automatic mechanisms built in the Creation’s fabric consider our emission as a call for a specific reality level we require for. Therefore, it sends us back life scenarios that correspond to the frequency we emitted, it’s that simple. For instance, if I smoke for a number of years it means I developed in me a belief that smoking brings me some benefit, and I automatically emit this belief wavelenght around; in turn, Creation sends me back life scenarios where smoking is facilitated for me.

Even if I abruptly decide to quit smoking, for quite a long time Creation will still send me back such “smoking scenarios”, and this is why it’s that hard to quit a habit/belief. One has to fight against a huge amount of energy that he actually created over time when he first decided to start smoking.

This mechanism applies to everything, from religious faith to believe in being superior to other people, to greed, being envious, but also to positive beliefs like being altruistic, loving, etc.

So we create our reality by building our beliefs in our subconscious, whether we blindly let others put them in us, or we consciously accept them in us.

How to shift our reality

To shift our reality to higher vibrations we need essentially to release the limiting beliefs in our subconscious first and foremost.

All spiritual practices like kundalini awakening, raising our awareness, spiritual healing, mediation, soul growth, grounding procedures etc. are all tools and practices for the purpose of releasing limiting beliefs, and hence raising our soul and body vibration. Our ultimate goal should be soul growth and body vibration increase.

This is why any true spiritual practice or school should have as the ultimate goal to identify and release the limiting beliefs of its students, or else any tools like meditation, chants, chakra healing, chakra balancing, tarot reading, etc will lead nowhere, or have very limited results.

How we shape our own reality is ultimately just a choice, that we exercise by our free will, whether by ignorance or not.


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