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The power of consciousness: How does our Consciousness shape our Reality

Updated: Jun 30

Many folks are curious about how our consciousness shapes the reality we experience every day. The way we engage with the world around us is super important because it steers the course of our lives. Our family, friends, society, other people, and even nature all impact our choices, and we, in turn, impact them.

I'd love to share my spiritual journey and insights on this topic, based on observing how subtle energies move through our souls, bodies, and the world around us.

What do Consciousness, Awareness, and Vibration Dimensions mean?

As souls, we're purely Consciousness with different levels of awareness, and we don't have any energy. Consciousness and Awareness aren't the same thing. Consciousness is about the range of dimensions of vibrations we can reach in this universe, while Awareness is the level of consciousness we've achieved at a certain time.

For example, in our universe, Consciousness spans 12 major vibration dimensions, from 1 to 12. Each dimension of vibration is a specific range, like the 3rd dimension which goes from 3.0 to 3.9. Every dimension can host a whole world, like our 3D world.

Creation includes all the universes made by the initial Consciousness. The universe we know through science is just one of countless universes out there.

Spirituality, consciousness, awareness, destiny
Consciousness and reality

The universe we live in is made up of energy and serves as a stage where we play different roles through various lives, using our bodies to gain experiences and grow our awareness.

There are many more universes within Creation, each with different levels of consciousness. Some are like ours, but many have much higher levels of consciousness, reaching thousands or more.

The universe we can perceive with our five senses falls within the 1-3D range (D stands for dimension of vibration, equivalent to the chakra scale). The other dimensions from 4 to 12 can't be directly sensed by our five senses or even by science, as science is just an extension of our senses. However, we can still feel the immediate higher dimensions, like 4 to 6 or even 7, through our "higher senses" like intuition, sensitivity to energies, insight, and revelation.

To grow its awareness, a soul needs an energy-based tool, like a human body to go through life experiences.

As souls, we go through the process of getting a body, which can be quite different on other planets. We are born into a family that we choose before coming here for embodiment.

Our Consciousness has several layers, with the two major ones being 1) consciousness and 2) subconsciousness. In our consciousness, we hold the thoughts and ideas we are aware of, while our subconscious holds all sorts of beliefs we've built over time. Consciousness influences up to 10% of our actions, while the subconscious influences the remaining 90%! Essentially, what we are is defined by our average vibration, which is determined by the beliefs in our subconscious.

The average level of a person's beliefs gives the vibration (level of awareness) of their body. This is crucial because we experience daily events at the level of vibration of our body, not our soul.

subconscious beliefs, limiting beliefs, shaping our reality
Subconscious beliefs shape our reality

How Our Beliefs Shape Our Reality

Just like any other energy structure in the universe, our body acts like an antenna, sending and receiving energy from everything around us—other people, nature, the earth, planets, the sun, stars, and the cosmos. We emit energy at frequencies that align with our current state of beliefs.

The energy structures of the reality around us picks up on these frequencies and respond by delivering life scenarios that match the energy we're putting out. It's pretty straightforward. For example, if I've been smoking for years, it's because I hold a belief that smoking benefits me in some way, and I emit that belief. In turn, the universe sends back situations that make smoking easy for me.

Even if I suddenly decide to quit smoking, the universe will still send me "smoking scenarios" for quite some time, which is why breaking a habit or belief is so tough. You have to overcome a lot of energy that you built up when you started smoking!

This mechanism works for everything—from religious faith and feelings of superiority to greed, envy, and even positive beliefs like altruism and love.

So, we shape our reality by forming beliefs in our subconscious, whether we let others influence us or we consciously choose them.

How to shift our reality

To elevate our reality to higher vibrations, we first need to let go of the limiting beliefs buried in our subconscious.

All spiritual practices like kundalini awakening, spiritual healing, meditation, grounding techniques, and so on are tools designed to help us release these limiting beliefs and, in turn, raise our soul and body vibrations. Our main aim should be to foster soul growth and increase body vibration.

That's why any genuine spiritual practice or school should focus on helping students identify and release their limiting beliefs. Without this focus, tools like meditation, chanting, chakra healing, chakra balancing, tarot reading, etc., won't be very effective.

Releasing limiting beliefs, letting go, is a process not some one-off special procedure, one needs to follow an advanced spiritual school that gives him feedback on his progress. This is the only way to really raise one's soul and body vibration.

Ultimately, shaping our reality is a choice we make with our free will, whether we're aware of it or not.


Our awareness influences our reality constantly, even though we might not notice it in this lower-vibration world we're in. To elevate our reality and destiny, we first need to improve ourselves by letting go of negative beliefs in our subconscious through certain spiritual practices. Only then will the reality around us begin to change to match our new vibration.

This requires some energy and effort, and from my own experience, there are no shortcuts or hacks that can replace putting in the work ourselves.


You can learn more by reading other posts here on this spiritual site that is coming from a very different and fresh angle than the spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed there and get a full spiritual diagnostic, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery to raise your body and soul awareness and reach into higher dimensions of vibration, improve your health, your life path, your understanding of your role in this world, and understand the real causes of what is happening around you.



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