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If a person grows spiritually in a couple does it also help the other person grow?

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Spirituality, unlike religion, is many times a lonely path along which we collaborate with other spirituals along the way, but ultimately we are still alone on it.

Nevertheless, the question is: what happens if we are in a love relationship, in a marriage, and our soulmate is not involved in spirituality, and clearly stated she/he is not interested in it? I explore below the alternatives for this vital subject in a couple.

What does soul growth mean?

If a person starts to grow spiritually, so grow as a soul awareness, it means it reached spiritual awakening, her third eye starts to open, spiritual discernment also starts to improve, maybe goes through a kundalini awakening, and so on.

Generally, if you really reached an advanced spiritual level it means you progressed significantly as soul vibration (awareness), and maybe also as body awareness. A higher soul & body vibration means, using a metaphor, that you passed from 1st grade spiritually to 2nd or even to 3rd grade. Well, as everyone knows, a 3rd grader studies a quite different curriculum than a 1st grader.

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Growing as soul does it also help the other person grow spiritually?

How is destiny influenced by soul growth?

From my findings by observing many spirituals that went from beginners to medium or even advanced spiritual levels, the same thing occurs concerning destiny. If one upgrades to higher vibrations then his destiny is also impacted, which actually means the list of major life lessons a soul came down here to study in life will also adapt to the new awareness level. Obviously, this happens only if the initial life lessons have been graduated correctly.

What do all these mean concerning other souls around? It means that each soul is on his own life path and we are “attracted” to each other due to our complementary needs to experience specific life lessons. I can't experience any life lesson if I am alone in a desert, or secluded in a cave in the mountains, can I? In such a case I can meditate on past experiences it's true, but I don't have access to new ones, I need people around for this.

How do we influence each other if we advance spiritually?

So, when one progresses spiritually enough his destiny will be automatically adjusted, and quite possibly the souls around with whom he played his former life lessons will not be up to his new more advanced lessons. As result, in most cases, they will break up. There is a law in Creation that says that “like attracts like”, but the reciprocal is also true like “what’s too different as vibration will repel one another”. It means that the more advanced soul needs now other players around for his new “upgraded“ life lessons …

Does this breakup influence the former souls that helped us pass our initial life lessons? It’s up to them ultimately, it’s their lesson … Even if a couple is married they are still separate as souls and have specific life-lesson. Sure that some life lessons are the same, and ultimately this is why they are together in life for so long, but there are certainly other life lessons that are specific to each of them.

The breakup is inevitable in time if the vibration/awareness gap between the two persons gets too big, since their destinies which were aligned until then start to diverge too much. This is why I noticed from my spiritual practice that for a couple the best and most balanced spiritual progress over the long run is to progress as a couple together and not play the “lone wolf” if possible.

If such a breakup occurs as I mentioned above because of your progress as soul growth, you just are expected to treat the break-up with compassion, love, and integrity. Nevertheless, beyond a certain point, it’s not your lesson anymore but belongs just to your partner who has to make some decisions. It’s a difficult period to go through for sure, but unavoidable many times.

In conclusion, if you are not alone on the spiritual path and found yourself a life partner ready to evolve along with you, then consider yourself happy beyond any description!


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