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How do the ideas of good and bad for the soul and body shape our destiny

Updated: Jul 1

In the world of spirituality, there's a core belief that a soul inhabits a body to experience human life, gather experiences, learn lessons, and ultimately elevate its consciousness. This idea suggests that the soul and body are separate entities that come together for the purpose of living. Once this purpose is achieved, they part ways - the soul moves on to the next life, and the body is left behind through death, returning its elements to the Earth.

In this article, I'm going to explore the intriguing connection between the soul and the body, especially looking at how they see what's Good and Bad for both.

Knowing What's Good and Bad for Your Body

For years, I've been diving deep into spirituality and have developed the ability to assess levels of consciousness (vibration, awareness) using the chakra scale. This can be applied to various subjects like souls, human bodies, books, animals, trees, and more. The belief that everything in Creation is alive and has some degree of consciousness, no matter how small or large, underpins this approach.

For most people who identify mainly with their physical selves, figuring out what's good or bad is pretty straightforward. This idea cuts through all the affirmations and principles people often share about themselves.

Generally, for an average person, we can say:

  • Good is what feels good to the body

  • Bad is what feels bad to the body

In fact, all animals, including humans, approach life this way since we're mammals. So, we swing on our spiritual journey between:

  • Chasing pleasure

  • Avoiding displeasure.

Of course, some people have better self-control and don't just act on instinct. But often, our subconscious beliefs and bodily instincts heavily influence what we do.

So, what sparks our drive to chase pleasure and dodge discomfort? The main sources of these urges in our bodies are:

  • Our body's biochemistry

  • The environment around us

  • Our subconscious beliefs

We tend to assess everything based on how these internal and external elements show up in our bodily sensations, then decide in ways that boost pleasure and cut down on discomfort.

How the World Reflects in Our Body Chakras

Based on my research by looking into the energies, the body mainly resonates with the vibrations of the chakras 1-3 (root, emotions & sexual, will/ego chakras). When looking at someone’s chakra openness, the root chakra is typically about 4-5% open, while the other chakras range from 1%-10% open.

The feelings of pleasure or discomfort we experience due to chakra vibrations are influenced by the beliefs that mainly influence that chakra openness as follows:

  • Root chakra: Linked to survival instincts and fear for survival

  • Intense emotions chakra: Connected to intense emotions involving relations with intimate partners including sexual experiences, substance use (like drugs or certain plants), extreme sports etc.

  • Will/ego chakra: Related to ego aspects like how we approach life and concerning our goals in life like fame, recognition, self-esteem, or selfishness, etc.

A person’s subconscious beliefs play a big role in determining their chakra openness and how easily the kundalini energy in the root chakra can move up the energy channel along the spine (Sushumna channel). This movement is known as Kundalini rising. If done correctly and with proper preparation, this process can be very beneficial; however, without preparation, it can be intense and might lead to health issues.

Understanding What's Good and Bad for the Soul

For the soul, perspectives on good and bad change drastically. The soul enters life with a plan for major lessons to experience, having a viewpoint different from that of the mind/body complex. This difference stems from the fact that the mind plans only for the current life, as it is unaware of and doesn’t believe in anything beyond the body's existence.

In contrast, the soul has a higher vantage point, different goals, and is aware of the endless cycle of incarnations and lives. So, for the soul, good and bad are:

  • Good: Following the optimal life path, ensuring 100% alignment with the initial plan.

  • Bad: Anything that deviates from the optimal plan.

Our spiritual path is crucially affected by our soul's goals in life. It's important to remember that the soul uses the body as an instrument for gathering experiences. As long as the optimal path is followed, the soul is highly interested in keeping the body in good condition to progress on the life journey. When the mind and body's decisions cause deviations from this path, the soul becomes less invested in maintaining the body.

However, staying on the optimal life path doesn’t guarantee a life without challenges and obstacles. Many spiritual individuals mistakenly believe that being fully in tune with their soul's guidance will protect them from all troubles. But without challenges and difficulties, the soul wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn and grow. Still, by staying on the optimal path, the challenges and obstacles encountered are generally milder and easier to overcome with reasonable effort, leaving little to no scars.

When deviations occur, the soul sends signals to the body, hoping for a return to the optimal path. These signals show up through events, illnesses, dreams, visions, and messages from others. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of these signals and often ignore them. Some aware individuals understand these cues and can choose to return to the path, but many do not.

If the soul and body's paths diverge too greatly and for an extended period, a separation is triggered between the soul and the body, presenting several possible outcomes. As a result, a soul may leave the body when:

  • The body is too worn out and can no longer be used (e.g., advanced age).

  • The deviation is too significant, and hope of returning to the optimal path is lost (early death).

If the optimal path is well-followed and life lessons are learned earlier than expected, the following can occur:

  • Exit (early death to move on to the next life without wasting time).

  • Addition of new, higher-vibration lessons along the way (life extensions).

The Clash Between Body Impulses and the Soul's Plan

It's possible for a body's pleasure-seeking actions to conflict with one's beliefs. These conflicts are often reflected in the first three chakras. Our subconscious beliefs can have higher or lower vibrations. These beliefs can be:

  • Positive Beliefs: Delaying or sacrificing instant pleasures or gratification for higher principles or beliefs.

  • Limiting/Negative Beliefs: Giving in to the temptation of instant pleasures (identifying with the body) – for example, young children, criminals, or people with generally weak character.

Someone with higher beliefs or principles is generally considered to have a strong character, as they can show the ability to detach from bodily urges in favor of higher values


To live a longer, healthier, and happier life, we should:

  • Successfully navigate the lessons on our life path and stay close to our optimal path.

  • Pay attention to signals from our soul about possible deviations and take corrective actions when needed.

  • Raise our soul and body's vibration (awareness) and, in turn, elevate our destiny to a higher level!

  • Help others, both physically and energetically.

There are additional aspects related to this subject, but the information provided here offers an overview of the differing perspectives between the mind and body, on one hand, and the soul, on the other. Essentially, the conflicts between these two viewpoints – the goals of the soul and the body – shape an individual's entire life.


You can learn more by reading other posts here on this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a spiritual service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed there and get a full spiritual diagnostic, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery so to raise your body and soul awareness and reach into higher dimensions of vibration, improve your health, your life path, your understanding of your role in this world, and understand the real causes of what is happening around you.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 21, 2022

The fact that you approach spirituality from a scientific angle is a blessing in many ways, especially for those who feel confused about their spiritual growth due to the enormous amount of fluffy, sugar-coated nonsense out there. Thank you Mr. Claude!


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