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The relationship between Earth, gravity, Kundalini, and the soul

Updated: Jan 8

Many spirituals asked themselves if there is a relationship between Earth's electromagnetic field, gravity force, and kundalini in our bodies. This relation actually belongs to the fundamental relation a human (by his kundalini) has with the major forces under whose influence he finds himself every second (Earth’s EM fields and gravity). These forces influence fundamentally his life including health, well-being, other humans around him which represent the society he belongs to, nature around him, etc.

Think that when the weather changes, we all feel a change in us, and our mood changes; the animals, insects, and plants also are influenced by weather and pressure fluctuations, it’s a well-known scientific fact.

Gravity is not even across the planet, it varies from one area to the other, it fluctuates even in the same area over time, and studies show that it influences everything in that area.

Earth, gravity, kundalini of the earth, kundalini force, earth's vibration
Earth, gravity, and kundalini force

Kundalini of the Earth and gravity

I explained in another post of mine the relation between Earth and kundalini, and that kundalini represents actually the Earth’s life force in us, which maintains every moment the life in us through a multitude of channels.

Let me give you below an explanation after studying this relationship for many years …

Your body is earth, as simple as that. All chemical elements in your body like oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and a handful of some other rare metals and chemicals are coming from Earth. Our body is replenished daily with food and water, and can you guess where they come from? Not to forget the air that keeps us alive and without which we die in a matter of minutes, where does it come from?

Our bodies are just a manifestation of the planet, a micro-extension of Her if you want. The “kundalini” is just Earth's energy that manifests as lifeforce in our bodies and maintains it, nothing else. The same goes for all plants and animals actually …. You could say that our personal kundalini is part of the larger kundalini of the Earth!

Now, Earth’s EM field and gravity behavior are well known by science, and they affect everything on Earth. Obviously, they affect every small part of Earth’s body, human bodies included. In other words, if something affects the ocean it affects also every drop in it because they are One, it’s simple. Looking from another angle, if something affects us significantly, doesn't it affect also even the smallest part of us?

This is why global EM field changes, or very small gravity changes, influence global human awareness … In the first step, they influence the body's intricate EM fields and hence change our perceptions, and further the soul depends on the body to feel around and go through life experiences and learn.

Our kundalini awakening, the kundalini rising process, healing, spiritual growth, and actually all energy manifestation in a person's body including his soul and body evolution are strongly influenced by the Earth's fields and gravity. If one is in an area of higher vibration and with a well-balanced gravity field there then his spiritual growth is well sustained. If not, then that spiritual will have to overcome not only himself in his soul evolution, but also the antagonistic forces of that area's energy fields, and gravity fluctuations that influence him negatively.

Fluctuations in both gravity and Earth’s EM fields I see them as the equivalent of energy movements in our bodies, just that gravity and the EM fields are energy movements of Earth’s body that influences everything living on her skin as humans do.


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