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The relationship between Earth Energies, gravity, Kundalini, and the soul

Updated: Jun 4

Ever thought about how Earth's electromagnetic field, gravity, and spirituality might be connected? This relationship is actually part of a fundamental link we have with the major forces that impact us every moment – Earth’s electromagnetic fields and gravity.

These powerful forces play a big role in our lives, affecting our health, well-being, relationships, society, and even nature. It's a well-known fact that changes in weather and pressure can influence not just our moods but also the behavior of animals, insects, and plants around us.

Kundalini of the Earth, gravity, and the soul

Interestingly, gravity isn't the same everywhere on the planet. It varies from place to place and even changes over time in the same spot. Research shows that these variations can impact everything in that area.

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Earth, gravity, and kundalini force

Let's chat about Kundalini energy, which is like the Earth's life force within us, keeping us alive through various channels. Our bodies contain all the chemical elements found on Earth, and our personal kundalini is a very small piece of the Earth's larger kundalini. We're basically a small extension of the planet, a micro-version of Her, and Her kundalini.

The Earth's electromagnetic field and gravity impact everything on the planet, including our bodies. Essentially, if something affects the ocean, it affects every drop in it because they're interconnected. Similarly, if something significantly influences us, it also impacts the smallest part of us. Our bodies are part of Earth's body, and kundalini represents Earth's energy.

Shifts in Earth's fields influence our perceptions and awareness

So, any changes in the global electromagnetic field or gravity fluctuations can affect human awareness on a global scale. These changes influence our body's intricate electromagnetic fields, altering our perceptions, and even touching the soul, since the soul relies on the body to experience and learn from life. This link between body and soul is how our soul learns through life experiences life after life. Therefore, any changes in the body's energies due to environmental factors like gravity and Earth's electromagnetic fields can directly affect the soul's experience in life.

The energy flow in our bodies is heavily influenced by Earth's gravitational fields and energy. Being in a place with high vibrations and stable gravity can really boost your spiritual growth. If not, you'll have to tackle both your personal soul evolution challenges and the negative effects of the local energy fields and gravity changes.


Fluctuations in Earth's gravity and electromagnetic fields are similar to energy movements (kundalini energy) in our bodies. The difference is that these fields are the energy movements of Earth's body, impacting everything living on her surface, just like our energy movements affect us.

Did you know that during a full moon, police in many countries notice a spike in crime? It seems that the moon's energy affects everything on Earth, including our own delicate energy fields. This can amplify people's thoughts, leading them to act on impulses that they might normally consider too risky or inappropriate.


To wrap things up, Earth, our bodies, and our souls are deeply intertwined. The Earth's kundalini reflects in every human body and supports our lives. It's crucial to grasp how Earth's electromagnetic fields and gravity affect us and use this understanding to boost our spiritual growth and well-being.


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