Root chakra opening and kundalini awakening

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Many spirituals talk about opening their root chakra as being a fundamental thing for spiritual growth, kundalini awakening, spiritual ascension, achieving a higher understanding, beliefs cleaning, and so on. One can find beginners in spirituality and even advised by “gurus”, that start their journey in spirituality by starting to practice all sorts of procedures to open their root chakra, a thing considered like some cornerstone to enlightenment.

Meditation kundalini awakening root chakra

When starting in spirituality more than 20 years ago, I started reading a ton of spiritual famous books and tried applying what I found there. After concluding that many things there were not really practical, many of very low efficiency, tedious, and extremely time-consuming, I followed a practical spiritual school that helped me discern between all these things and gave me the fundamentals to continue my own experimenting. Since then, I continued experimenting directly with higher energies, meditations, energy procedures, and comparing all sorts of procedures from different spiritual traditions, and I arrived to some practical conclusions I would like to share with you.

Personally, I advise you not to touch the C1 (root chakra) unless you are really very advanced as a spiritual practitioner, that is unless you don’t care about the risk of serious health issues ... An advanced stage in spirituality one can reach only after a good number of years, like maybe 10 or more of regular daily practice, and also getting confirmations along the way from independent higher souls that you really reached the level you think you reached.

Fortunately, the root chakra is the most closed of all chakras for the average 3D (3rd dimension of vibration, or chakra level) vibration embodied souls, it’s open just around 5%, so to open up to 100% is very difficult. Actually, it cannot be open for such low body vibrations as the usual 3D person is. It is true that once in one billion cases maybe there are documented spontaneous “inner combustion” cases, when a non-spiritual person just bursts into flames and is consumed in minutes because of “accidental” kundalini surge upwards the spine. But the probability for such a misfortune increases a lot by many orders of magnitude if one plays the “wizards apprentice” and rasps the root chakra.