What is an enlightened person and how does he deal with daily life?

Updated: Feb 23

Many spirituals ask themselves what is truly an enlightened soul and how does he deal in daily life with the average souls who are very different from him/her. I will try to answer you below based on my observations of such souls over the years, after I identified them beyond any doubt they were truly enlightened souls.

Definition of enlightenment

The first thing is to give a technical definition of an enlightened soul: it’s a soul that reached the vibration of the 7th chakra vibration, period. For instance, this vibration reached the souls of Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, etc. in ancient times, but a few also in modern times.

Now, true Enlightenment rests on two pillars:

  • A cosmic Understanding (specific for a soul that reached 7th chakra vibration) of Reality, including humanity, emotions, nature, animals, Earth, and so on.

  • The capacity to live life according to this much higher understanding, not just to talk about it. The enlightened soul will thus have access to much higher amounts of energy, both as quantity and vibration than an average soul. By doing this also several siddhis will activate in the enlightened person like higher intuition, forecasting the future, moving energies, reading people’s souls, healing, etc.

While the soul can reach enlightenment the body does not, but can still reach a high enough vibration, much higher than the usual 3.5 (on chakra scale) of the average Joe.

How does an enlightened being is interacting with common people

Nevertheless, as long as the enlightened one is still around embodied, he needs to deal generally on daily basis with other people who in the majority are un-enlightened. Therefore, to be able to conduct daily life he needs many times to “come down” for necessary transactions to their level, he “fakes” it if you want, so normal people feel at ease with him. Certainly that in proper circumstances he will manifest what he is for the right audience. If he lives alone in some secluded spot in the Himalayas, and/or is surrounded by a handful of people like him, of course he doesn't need to fake.

Anyway, from my observations the average 3.5 soul won't be able to detect an enlightened soul because the vibration gap to 7.0 vibration (awareness level) is too big. He will maybe feel he talks with some really evolved soul, but having no reference he can’t tell if that person is enlightened or not. An average soul will need an “intermediate” higher soul of vibration like 4.5-5.5 to mediate for him, explain to him what the enlightened soul tries to convey to them. This was actually the case of the apostles of Christ and disciples of Buddha, who acted as an in-between the respective enlightened souls and the laymen.

Because an enlightened soul still has a body he will necessarily feel emotions, whether his or of other people. The difference will be that he is able to raise quickly above lower emotions due to his understanding about impermanence, while average souls can’t since they are attached to their bodies. Some people might even mistake him with a sociopath, who actually doesn’t feel any emotions actually.

The image of an enlightened soul that stays all the time in bliss while people around are suffering is just naive and just proves a total lack of understanding of the subject. By definition, from a physics point of view on how energy travels and is shared, if an enlightened soul has a human body down here he will need to take part in the human planetary play, and share with the average souls their tribulations, suffering, hopes, and joy. Just that since he is not identified with his body like the others are, he is mostly an Observer and knows how to rise above common people's emotions.


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