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What is an enlightened person and how does he deal with daily life?

Updated: Jun 26

Many people on a spiritual journey often wonder what it means to be an enlightened soul, how someone reaches that state, and how they interact with others who haven't had the same experience. After years of spiritual exploration along with my understanding and insight into soul vibrations and recognizing truly enlightened people, I'll share my insights with you here.

what is an enlightened person?

There are a lot of different definitions of enlightenment depending on various religious traditions. Based on my spiritual research and experiences with enlightened individuals, I think it's important to provide a clear, technical definition to avoid confusion. So, let's say enlightenment means reaching the vibration of the 7th chakra. Historical figures like Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, and Lao Tzu achieved this, and some people still do today.


True enlightenment is built on two main ideas:

1. A cosmic understanding of Reality (for those who have reached the 7th chakra vibration), which includes everything from humanity and emotions to nature and animals.

2. The ability to live according to this higher understanding, not just talk about it. An enlightened person will have access to much higher energy levels, both in quantity and vibration, compared to the average person. This can also activate several special abilities (siddhis) like enhanced intuition, future forecasting, energy control, soul reading, and healing.


While the soul can achieve enlightenment, the body can't, but it can still reach a much higher vibration than the usual 3.5 (on the chakra scale) of the average person on Earth.

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Enlightened souls

How does an enlightened being deal with People?

When an enlightened person is still living in a physical body, they often have to interact with others who aren't enlightened. To manage daily life, they sometimes need to "come down" to the level of those around them, kind of "faking it" so that others feel comfortable. In the right situations, though, they'll show their true enlightened nature. If they're living in isolation, like in the Himalayas, surrounded by similar people, there's no need to fake anything.


From what I've seen, average people with a 3.5 vibration level won't be able to recognize an enlightened person with a 7.0 vibration level because the gap is too big. They might sense that the person is very evolved, but they won't know if they're truly enlightened. Average folks usually need someone with an intermediate vibration level, like 4.5-5.5, to mediate and explain what the enlightened person is trying to communicate. This was the role of Christ's apostles and Buddha's disciples, who acted as go-betweens for enlightened souls and ordinary people.


Even though an enlightened person still has a body and feels emotions, they can quickly rise above lower emotions because they understand impermanence. Average people can't do this as easily because they're attached to their bodies. This detachment is a key sign of enlightenment. Some might even mistake an enlightened person for a sociopath because of their emotional detachment, but that's not the case. Sociopaths lack empathy while a true enlightened soul has lots of it!


The idea that an enlightened person is always in bliss while others suffer is naive and shows a lack of understanding. From a physics perspective on how energy moves in relationships, an enlightened person with a human body will share in the feelings, suffering, hopes, and joy of ordinary people. However, since they're not identified with their body like others are, they mostly remain an Observer and can rise above ordinary emotions.

To maintain spiritual enlightenment one needs to nurture it regularly. Without this, the everyday low vibes from those around you can make it fade away, I saw many cases like this. It's important to consistently practice certain spiritual procedures that uplift both your soul and body vibration.


 Achieving spiritual enlightenment isn't about hiding away in a cave and meditating all day. That would make someone feel cut off from the rest of humanity. Real growth in consciousness and awareness happens among people, not in isolation. Sure, taking some time alone can help process life experiences, but staying secluded forever isn't the answer.

True spiritual enlightenment means balancing cosmic understanding with living as a higher-dimensional 7D soul among 3D souls, without judgment, and accepting and loving them just as they are.


You can learn more by reading other posts on this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

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