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What is reality shifting meaning and methods?

Updated: May 4, 2023

Throughout history, many people unhappy with their current life tried all sorts of ways to change the course of their life for the better. Aside from using the typical physical means, like learning a new trade, taking risks like trying to discover new territories, or invent something new and reaching wealth and fame, or separating from their partners if unhappy in the couple and so on, also spiritual ways were tried.

This subject of spiritual ways to improve one’s life was researched and tested in all cultures by all means possible including witchcraft, meditation, seeking help from disembodied souls, prayers, sacred music, incantations, and many others. If help was sought from disembodied souls, people asked it both from divine higher souls but also from so-called devils, Satan, and all sorts of souls thought to be evil, but if they produced good results the seeker wouldn’t worry too much about this. Over time different reality shifting methods evolved, actually quite a number of them.

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Reality shifting meaning and methods

What is reality shifting meaning and motivation?

A reality shifting definition is moving your consciousness from one reality to another reality. It is assumed that by achieving this, and if you (your consciousness/awareness) stay long enough in that new reality, your body will follow.

Reality shifting is fundamentally based on the assumption there is a multitude of parallel universes, in which things unfold differently and which we are not usually able to perceive or see due to our limited cosmic vision.

“Shifting”, short for “reality shifting”, involves separating one’s consciousness from the body and entering an alternate reality, or even an alternate universe.

Shifting is an inherently metaphysical, spiritual practice, as it deals with being, your identity, and space-time.

People are looking for an escape to find a “better” place with fewer of the things they find frustrating and more of the things they enjoy. They see shifting as a way to escape this world and spend time in another world of their own making, where they can have what they want.

Contributing to the popularity of shifting is people’s frustration with their current lives, and recent political issues of globalism, and the spread of COVID-19 have only made them feel more frustrated and desperate.

The problem is that escapism is not the answer, and shifting doesn’t work in an organic way, a natural way for leaving this reality from any point of view. In the large majority of cases, the shifter's experience is not an alternate reality or another place in the multiverse, they actually are creating a fiction inside their own minds. They are courting confusion, and are making themselves susceptible to spiritual forces they know nothing of. This forcing your way out of current reality, if underserved, will certainly attract sooner or later a payback response from the universe.

This shifting souls method as is sometimes called doesn't shift anyone's soul for the better, is just a hack trying to avoid an organic spiritual progress that would truly achieve a soul shifting.

Is reality shifting even real? shifting reality explained

It’s understandable that people seek to exchange their life for something better. But rejecting one’s reality comes at a cost. Truth is that which conforms to reality, so to discard reality is to discard truth.

Reality shifting is a lot like the Law of Attraction, which is based on visualization, except that proponents believe you can actually shift into an alternate reality where what you wish has already been obtained. The major difference is that with reality shifting, its practitioners think you can accomplish this much faster, by actually entering a new reality. This all goes back to multiverse theory, which is essential to understand before truly understanding how to shift realities. The shifting reality meaning is controversial anyway, so framing it in a specific shape is difficult.

It’s based on the false assumption you don’t need to do something to deserve that reality, just to force your way into it by some astute procedure.

Ultimately, is the shifting even possible? Well, in certain circumstances it can be achieved, provided a series of conditions are observed as discussed further.

Quantum physics basically confirms what people have been saying forever i.e. everything happens for a reason. All observable matter is made up of subatomic particles, which are governed by the laws of quantum physics.

Reality shifting taps into what quantum physics and multiverse theory have been trying to tell us for a long time, it’s all about reality perception. Reality is nothing more than the perception of everything around us. By shifting your perception, you can actually shift into one of an infinite number of realities. Since it's everything about perception, the reality shifting manifestation can differ rather strongly from person to person even if they try to enter the same reality.

Problem is that desires and the physics of Creation don’t always agree.

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Reality shifting and the dreams method

Reality Shifting methods commonly used

There are multiple reality-shifting methods, but basically, they include the following steps:

  • Visualization

  • Intention Setting

  • Affirmation

  • Meditation, prayer

  • Leap into the reality

  • Living the new reality

There are many reality-shifting methods around since over time a plethora of methods for reality shifting was developed. Some of the more known ones are lucid dreaming, astral projection, the Julia method, the raven method, the “I am” method, the animal method, cinn's method shifting, the piano method, and others.

One category of methods for shifting is by entering a “dream sleep” state, where the body rests but the mind stays awake. In this state, you can think about anything you want, and come back to realize that it has manifested into your physical reality. Going into a dream state it’s about lowering your mind’s frequency at Theta or even Delta waves and so be able to influence better the quantum fields around you that make your reality.

Another category is using astral projection or an out-of-body experience (OBE). Using an OBE method called the “Wake Back To Bed” method or WBTB for short, one can return from their OBE directly into the dream they just left. This means that while in your dream sleep, you can visualize what you wish to create in your life, and by returning to your dream you can find out if it has manifested.

By entering into a “dream state” right after waking up from one, you can effectively shift in and out of reality. This is what reality shifting is all about – utilizing the infinite number of parallel universes that make us feel like we’re stuck on this single plane of existence when really there are an infinite amount of others.

For sure you don’t physically “disappear” from the current reality, the basis of reality shifting is that you are moving your consciousness into a version of yourself that exists in another reality. So, what happens to your body in this reality? There are different theories of what physically happens, but the most common is that you actually leave behind a clone of yourself in this reality and move your consciousness into another.

By entering a fictional world, you are doing exactly what fans of that fiction do – becoming an active participant within it. If you’ve ever really immersed yourself in a fictional work like Harry Potter, then you know how easy it is to put yourself right there in the story with those characters for hours on end (so much so that every other thought goes out of your mind).

One of the most common reasons people want to experience reality shifting is to become so engrossed in a fictional world that they completely forget about their own physical life. Many people do it every day. For instance, when you imagine your future life and become lost in these thoughts, you are often living out that fictional identity. These are actually reality-shifting symptoms experienced by the seeker.

There are all sorts of reality shifting symptoms when one tries to practice one method or the other.

Shifting realities explained - The basic obstacle in reality shifting

The basic key to unlocking reality shifting is the correct understanding of how our reality is built.

Our reality is the result of what we truly are as persons, meaning the collection of our subconscious beliefs. Each of us is an antenna and we emit around the wavelengths of each subconscious belief. Some beliefs are limiting beliefs (e.g. fears, worries, hate, greed), while others are positive beliefs (e.g. altruism, love, kindness, integrity. Ultimately, we emit around a range of wavelengths of all these beliefs. The automatic mechanisms in Creation receive our "package" of wavelengths and use it to shape our reality.

As result, we can’t be stable in another reality than the one that 100% corresponds to what we emit around! Shifting means, spiritually wise, making a destiny leap that involves the highest degree of our awareness, so shifting from current reality to a desired one. In spirituality, this thing happens in years of spiritual practice, and it happens organically, while here we talk about a "hack" in the reality structure.

Therefore, even if I force my way into some other reality by some clever procedure I can’t stay there long since I emit there the same wavelengths I used to emit in my former reality. Eventually, I will automatically return to my previous reality.

So, the true obstacle in shifting reality is not really finding the best procedure to do this, but the real challenge is what we are and how we see and approach life, an aspect proved by our subconscious beliefs, especially by the limiting ones. Only by releasing these limiting beliefs we can truly shift our reality and stay in the new and better one. As a result, the reality shifting meaning varies a lot from person to person according to how he sees himself against reality around him. As you see, the shifting reality methods have their limits and they must be well understood before investing effort in any of them.

The Process Of Reality Shifting

A successful reality shifting is a process very different than people think, and that takes time and effort to master. In general, there are five basic steps to reality shifting:

1. Determine first Who you truly are

You first need to determine where you are in your life right now and this means what are your values and beliefs. Without determining Who you truly are, then if you try a too-big leap into another desired reality you will always fail. In other words, it all boils down to determining the most important thing: Where you are right now on your destiny path, and by how much you can branch off safely?

For this, I advise you to search for a competent spiritual guide who can look into your soul and subconscious and identify the main subconscious limiting beliefs in you.

2. Determine What Your next desired reality be

Now you need to figure out your desired reality. This is really tricky since as said before you need to be very honest about where you are, and cast yourself the image of your desired reality where you can remain stable. So you want a leap that brings you benefits but does not make you fall back quickly!

You need to determine clearly what your goal for this particular shift will be, to any outcome that you to experience within your life like good health, wealth, love, and happiness.

You also need to figure out the details of your future reality, or else you risk landing in some other version of it than you intended.

3. Be determined and make The Decision

Before you start, you need to be absolutely sure about making the leap. Reality shifting is not something to be taken lightly. It’s a decision that will impact your life in ways you may never have imagined.

Making this decision is the first step in making a shift. It’s not something to be done on impulse. Take your time thinking about what you want and why you want it so that when making this decision, there will be no turning back.

4. Create Your Identity

Once you’re sure about your decision start shaping your new You, your new identity. The process is quite similar to creating a character in a story or movie or theater play. You must make yourself believe that this is real and that you are who you want to be.

Most methods for reality shifting include some kind of meditation that you will meet at this step. Therefore, the shifting meditation meaning is actually putting time and energy in the practice that actually shifts the reality for you.

5. Embody the new reality

Once it’s all done, it’s time to start being that now. This is the most important part – you have to live your life as if this is really happening and you are the person you’ve created.

Start with small things, like changing your posture or how you speak. Try to keep a positive attitude even when things don’t go your way.

Reality shifting is a hard process and has various methods. What’s very important is that you follow through and be the thing you created. By doing this you start to emit different wavelengths around than the ones before and Creation will shift you at one point in time to the new reality that corresponds to what you became.

Wish you all the luck in doing this!


If you are a dedicated spiritual and worked diligently to release your limiting beliefs, you don’t need any clever procedure for reality shifting. It just happens organically by itself along with your spiritual progress both as soul and body awareness.

The considerations above are more for people who want to force their way out of their current reality and toward a better one, and have no patience for a more organic progress toward it.


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

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