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How to open your third eye for spiritual awakening

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Ever wondered how could the great souls in ancient times influence the reality around them like other people, animals, nature, weather, and so on? Ancient spiritual traditions say to look no farther than between your eyes.

The third eye is considered one of the 7 chakras a human body has. The chakras are believed to be wheel-like energy centers distributed throughout your body that facilitate the input/output of higher energy (prana) in your body and affect your well-being and perception. The energy called prana in Sanskrit is described as a lifeforce energy that sustains life. This energy is actually Earth’s energy that sustains all life on Earth, a thing that ancient spirituals and gurus were not aware of.

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Open your third eye for spiritual awakening

Prana is a general term that encompasses energy of many frequencies, where Hinduism and yoga recognize 5 of them, but I assure you there are many other vibrations of prana than only five.

The third eye chakra, also known as Ajna in Sanskrit, is the sixth chakra in the body.

The function of the third eye

The function of the third eye is mainly to access clarity, intuition, and foresight. It gives one the ability to see beyond what is physically present in the moment, and more importantly it allows one to understand the Causes of the events unraveling in front of his eyes. You become better connected to your intuition and subconscious, which you can then rely upon for guidance. Seers and psychics typically have highly developed third-eye chakras.

Another function of any chakra is to feed the sustenance energy to all body organs around it that she governs. Without permanent energy sustenance, the body organs will fail in time. Actually, this is the main reason for any disease, since when a chakra gets blocked it won't feed with energy the body organs it governs.

Therefore, the third eye chakra governs the following organs and functions:

• The Pituitary gland

• Root bulb, the small brain

• Controls distribution of UE in all body

• Prana transmission by telepathy

If one has a well developed third eye chakra he will reach true spiritual awakening, he will be able to control his kundalini awakening and kundalini rising. He will be able to send energy on purpose on different targets associated with an intention so that specific results are achieved.

For instance, one of the most used function is to use the third chakra in telepathy by sending specific messages by your 3rd eye at distance to someone else, and if that persons also has energy sensitivity he or she will receive the transmission. Depending of the receiver ability, he might decode correctly the sent message, partially, or not at all.

Another use is to send energy to help other people on their spiritual path since the average soul now embodied on Earth is as vibration/awareness level just at 3.5 on chakra’s scale. By doing energy transfers using your third eye chakra, you can help other people raise their level of spiritual awareness, ignite in some a kundalini awakening, and bring them to spiritual awakening so they start to understand correctly the world around. This is actually the way spiritual masters help their disciples.

Another goal when projecting prana to other people is to help them heal from illnesses, since some of their chakras are blocked and by your energy transfer you can feed them with additional energy that helps them. Therefore, they will gain some time if they are aware enough to work on releasing their limiting beliefs so to heal the illnesses causes once and for all.

On the other hand, when the third eye is closed or blocked you may find it hard to access or trust your intuition, it’s like feeling a brain fog. This can make us feel like victims of life, as though everything is unexpected and it is happening to us, rather than as normal circumstances that push us through life. We are then slaves of some authority figures like family, school, religion, massmedia etc., that tell us what to believe, what is good or wrong for us; we never think on our feet.

Additionally, this brain fog where we struggle with concentration gives us difficulty in processing information and we become very indecisive.

Basically, the third chakra is used to shine light onto the reality around us, whether events, people, or nature, so that we perceive the causes of events we go through in life and be able to correctly learn the life lessons we come for in this life. Very few people achieve this with a high efficiency and close their life lessons one after the other in the same life; actually, this is the way to enlightenment. The large majority of people can’t achieve this goal and need to come life after life to repeat these lessons.

Our third eye, the 6th chakra, is mainly blocked by the limiting beliefs we hold in our subconscious. These beliefs come from all sort of sources in our life like family, school, society, religion, mass media, and so on. These beliefs hold us down as awareness level or vibration.

They make us look at reality through “dirty” lenses so we come life after life to learn clean them.

We need to heal our limiting beliefs and gain clarity in our perception of reality around us.

How to open the third chakra

There are two main approaches to open your third eye chakra.

First approach is the one involving practicing spirituality by working with yourself by

  • daily spiritual practice like meditation done correctly. This can include also alternative ways like chanting, spiritual sounds, crystals therapies and others, but be aware that these don’t apply to everyone.

  • reconnect with his heart. Without becoming able to shift our awareness from our mind into our hearts nothing really advanced can be reached, however effort and time we put into it.

  • releasing limiting subconscious beliefs. This is the main task we come for in a life.

  • going vegetarian. Since our souls uses a body as a tool to experience life around, if the tool becomes dull due to the junk food we eat then our perceptions will be accordingly and our awareness will decrease.

  • improving your actions in daily life, i.e. doing good deeds, living in the Now moment, and by what you received in meditation

  • reconnect with Mother Earth and Father Sun who keep our body alive every second. Our bodies are made of elements borrowed from Earth and maintained by Her, and also kept alive by the light coming form the star nearby we call Sun. Who forgets this will have to pay with his health and body decay much sooner than normally is.

Second approach is that a true higher soul (a high spiritual master) in the 7D+ vibration (who reached the 7th chakra vibration, so at least full enlightened) AND with a body vibration close to 5D to open your chakras by initiation by his sheer force of access to higher energy. It’s actually an immensely powerful flash of energy send from master’s third eye chakra your chakras that opens forcefully your chakras from their normal state of openness of 5-10% to 100%! Presently there are about 2-3 masters that can do this on the planet.

The problem is that after opening the students’ chakras they start instantly to shrink to their older much closed state so the students have to work diligently and constantly following the conditions above to keep them open. By this approach in practice a student won’t be able to keep his chakras 100% immediately even if working diligently, but after shrinking some the student can open them back close to 100% by working diligently and reap the hard. In this approach the student uses his masters’ powerful help and starts from a much higher baseline than in the first approach.


Whatever approach you use to heve your chalras open to reach spiritual awareness and progress towards kundalini awakening and enlightenment, be aware that the world around you is just at 3D vibration (spiritual awareness level) and you need to maintain your level by putting effort on regular basis daily.

It’s difficult to progress and very easy to fall back, because your are automatically pulled back by the huge lower energies from around.


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed there and get a spiritual diagnostic, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery so to raise your body and soul awareness, and reach into higher dimensions.

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