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Are science and spirituality compatible?

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Science and spirituality: are they truly incompatible? We aim to dissect the intricate relationship between the two, demonstrating how they are not adversaries, but rather two entities that beautifully complement one another. Furthermore, we shall distinguish between mysticism and authentic spirituality.

When did the Science era start

Until the Scientific Revolution for many thousands of years, every piece of knowledge was considered to come from God whether through religion and its priests, or through some divinely inspired people who produced some useful inventions. The point was that since they were considered just conduits for divine intention, the inventors didn’t really get recognition in their lifetime.

science, spirituality, spiritual awakening, kundalini awakening
Ancient telescopes

Starting with the 16th century, some great events started to occur like discovering America, the discoveries and works of Copernicus, Galileo, etc. These were later considered by history the start of the Scientific Revolution where the source of knowledge shifted from God to humans. From back then until now, science increased multifold its dominance and from the tiny authority it had at the start, now took the place of God for many people. Currently, if something is not acknowledged and proven by science is considered negligible, or insignificant. The scientific method of proofing new concepts certainly helped technological progress by rejecting nonsense proposals and projects.

On the other hand, in time science also made many mistakes by rejecting sound inventions and ideas, promoting wrong solutions seen for instance in medicine that caused more harm than good, and so on. It also became a weapon for the elite who enriched themselves on the back of the population. Science is by definition materialistic and believes mainly only in what can be acknowledged by the human five senses, or the ones enhanced by scientific instruments like microscopes, telescopes, advanced electronic equipment, and so on. Even Nobel prize discoveries are at this level.

Human emotions, mental issues, and the like couldn’t be completely ignored, but conveniently exiled to the psychology domain, which is considered a pseudo-science ultimately.

Consciousness, higher awareness, spiritual awakening

Everything that belongs to consciousness like higher awareness, higher energy, connection with other souls, telepathy, kundalini, reincarnation, etc. is considered nonsense by definition by science. Ultimately, science and spirituality are like water and fire, they are in very different frequency/vibration ranges of consciousness and awareness, a thing which is not understood by many people.

A well-known principle in quantum mechanics says that the experimenter influences the experiment. Therefore, when working with light and higher energies, called prana or chi, the consciousness awareness level of the spiritual will decide the success of his endeavor. Since an experiment or scientific discovery is confirmed only by following the scientific method which asks that the same procedure applied by independent scientists in different labs yield the same results, is obviously applicable only in the material world where all researchers have the same soul awareness level, i.e., 3D souls’ vibration.

meditation, spirituality, spiritual awakening, kundalini awakening
Group of meditators

If a spiritual applies a procedure that allows him instance telepathy, move objects at a distance, or any other paranormal ability, it can’t be reproduced by some average researcher since the procedure and results are intimately connected to that spiritual soul. To achieve a higher awareness a spiritual need to undergo a spiritual awakening which is a process that takes time and lots of effort.

For instance, the methods used by Jesus to rain bread and fish over people even if known can’t be replicated from Alaska to Patagonia just by anyone, I think you all would agree with this.

The chances that a bunch of other mainstream science researchers have also higher souls and can reproduce the same results are next to zero in this 3D world.

Universe energy and consciousness structure

This universe rests on 12 dimensions of vibration, whereas humanity rests in the 3D (dimension of vibration, or chakra scale) range. Mainstream science explored and made all its discoveries and innovation in the range of 1D – 3D vibration, the range where we live and where our 5 senses can be used.

Now, what happens in the vibration range of 4D – 12D can’t be measured directly by a 3D vibration science because of the frequency gap, but it can be detected by skilled individuals whether born like this or trained in expanding their senses whether the 5 basic ones or some additional. The individuals that train for this are generally called spiritual masters, guides, druids, shamans, or the like.

If a spiritual by his spiritual practice achieves to release many of his limiting beliefs he will be able to raise his vibration both as soul and body. After raising his vibration above a certain level several spiritual abilities or siddhis (Sanskrit) will activate and he will be able to perform feats inaccessible to the average soul.

Future and the Merging of Spirituality and Science

When humanity will raise in the future as a whole as consciousness at the 4D level, then new inventions using higher energy vibration will be accessible, and this time they will be replicated all over the world and be acknowledged by the 4D science in the future times. This will happen because the large majority of people including scientists will have reached an awareness level of 4D or maybe even higher.

As history unfolded until now, and how things look worldwide currently, I would say there is still a long way to go until then.


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