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What is Shaktipat and do spiritual abilities activate like Siddhis?

Updated: May 22, 2023

In the spiritual lore, there is a strong belief that after a student or spiritual follower receives from his guru a shaktipat (transfer of higher spiritual energy from master to disciple) all sorts of higher abilities (called siddhis in Sanskrit) will automatically activate.

What is Shaktipat?

Shaktipat is an extraordinary and transformative spiritual practice, wherein a Guru or spiritual teacher awakens the dormant kundalini energy within a disciple through a direct transmission of energy. This profound exchange facilitates the disciple's spiritual growth, accelerating their journey towards self-realization and enlightenment.

The term "Shaktipat" derives from the Sanskrit words "Shakti," meaning divine energy or power, and "pat," which refers to the act of bestowing or transferring. Through this sacred process, the Guru's awakened consciousness activates the latent spiritual energy within the seeker, setting them on the path to spiritual awakening.

These transmissions of energy or initiations from guru to disciple are very different from case to case. In the following, we will talk about such energy transmissions done by competent gurus.

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Spiritual class in meditation

The transmission of Shaktipat can occur in various ways, such as through a gentle touch, a focused gaze, or even via the spoken word. In some cases, the transfer of energy may happen spontaneously and without physical contact, demonstrating the potency and transcendental nature of this spiritual practice.

I had my chakras opened in the past and also learned to do these kinds of energy transfers from my former spiritual master in order to open the students’ chakras. After doing these energy transfers to open my students' chakras for many years I learned a lot about their efficiency, and also by observing how other spiritual guides and spiritual healers are doing these kinds of energy transfers (shaktipat).

Factors that influence the effectiveness of Shaktipat

Recipients of Shaktipat often experience a range of sensations and phenomena during the initiation process. These may include feelings of intense heat or cold, involuntary bodily movements, visions, or heightened states of consciousness. As the kundalini energy rises and the chakras become aligned, the seeker begins to experience a deepening of self-awareness and an expanding sense of inner peace.

After lots of experiences in what concerns this subject and evaluating other spiritual masters who were doing this, in time I learned that the efficiency of the shaktipat transfer done by a spiritual guide (guru) or spiritual healer depends on:

  • the guru’s soul vibration (soul awareness)

  • the guru’s body vibration/awareness (it’s separate from the soul awareness)

  • if the guru sends himself energy, or asks some disembodied entities to do this in his place. In like 90+% of cases, and I studied many hundreds of such gurus and their shaktipat techniques, the gurus call on some exterior entities to do the transmission

  • the technique the guru uses if he transmits the energy.

  • the student’s soul and body awareness level

  • the point in his destiny this occurs for the student

  • the circumstances the student finds himself when this happens

There are many other aspects to discuss about what is shaktipat, but briefly the above are the major factors that determine the efficiency of such a feat. As you see things are not that simple and this is why for some people the Shaktipat can have lasting positive outcomes while for others not at all or even worse, and anything in-between.

Among the factors above, the student’s awareness level when he receives the transmission both of his soul and body is paramount.

Spiritual master, spiritual guide, shaktipat, soul growth
Spiritual master and disciples

Shaktipat and Siddhis activation

The shaktipat aims to open the disciple’s chakras to allow a stronger energy to flow through them, and facilitate the students' spiritual practice of various spiritual procedures.

Moreover, the shaktipat also allows in ideal circumstances the chakra healing and chakras balancing in the respective student, hence raising the vibration (awareness level) of both his soul and body. This gives the student a big boost on his spiritual journey provided he knows how to use it. The shaktipat can also be used in chakra healing and chakra balancing, provided they are used by a competent spiritual guide.

Siddhis are supernatural powers or abilities that can be developed through intensive spiritual practice in various traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Yoga. The term Siddhi comes from the Sanskrit language and translates to "perfection" or "attainment."

Siddhis are a natural byproduct of deep meditation, self-discipline, and the awakening of kundalini energy. Siddhis are considered to be a sign of spiritual progress and can be used for various purposes, including healing, telepathy, levitation, clairvoyance, and the ability to control the elements.

While Siddhis are often associated with mysticism and spirituality, they are not magical or supernatural in the sense that they violate the laws of nature. Instead, they are considered to be a manifestation of the latent potential of the human mind and body. Through intense practice, one can develop the ability to harness and channel this potential in specific ways.

A Siddhi might activate only after a successful transmission that observes all factors above, and not even then is guaranteed. Nevertheless, it still might activate later when a conjunction of destiny requirements is met.


An important conclusion is that a true spiritual should not have a Shaktipat with the intention of gaining such special spiritual abilities as Siddhis, this would be an ego-based desire that could even backfire. Rather, they should be considered a side effect of the deeper process of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. As such, they should be pursued with caution and humility, as they can easily become a distraction or even a hindrance to one's spiritual progress.

If the practitioner is humble and has no expectations, for sure these siddhis will activate when they would help his spiritual journey the most, and not before for some mundane purposes. The ultimate Shaktipat meaning is that the more gifts one gets the more humble he should be and use that gift for a higher goal and not for some selfish purposes.


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