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Can you sell your soul for fame, wealth, and power?

Updated: 5 days ago

There was always an argument since ancient times about what really happens if someone "sells his soul to the devil" to gain money, power, and fame. One finds this subject both in religion and myths, but also reflected in artistic productions like novels, theatrical dramas, poems, songs, and so on.

Below you will find an explanation of this coming from my long research on energies, consciousness, and soul awareness.

is selling your soul real?

Actually, this concept of selling one’s soul is wrongly understood in general. The soul has no energy is just consciousness with a certain level of awareness, so nobody can take it away. If someone could really sell his soul, or somebody else steal his soul, what happens with the body left without a soul, like a car where the driver just disappeared from the wheel? It appears that the person who “lost his soul” still lives on, then how it’s possible to live without a soul?

About selling your soul, devil, wandering souls, soul contract
Can you sell your soul?

Technically speaking, what happens is the following... There is no devil or Satan just to clear things up, but there are souls not so well intended on different levels. As there are souls that embody here on Earth to gather experiences which are the normal souls, there are also wandering souls who lost the body they had due to death. After dying, these souls didn’t raise to Light/God despite religious rituals and subsequently been able to reincarnate again, and hence roaming around; many cultures call them ghosts, phantoms, specters, etc.

Spirit Possession and wandering souls

For some of these types of souls, their main goal is to take revenge on some other embodied souls they hated during life and start to haunt them, others stay close to the object of their attachment during life, like properties, places, people, etc, while others search to find a body to take over and re-live the sensations they had when alive. Many of these wandering souls are very low as vibration like in the lower levels of 3D (3rd dimension as vibration), and in certain circumstances they can take over and possess a body by overpowering the original owner-soul of the body, but this happens quite seldom, fortunately.

There are also disembodied souls of mid-level entities as vibration, like in the 5D (dimension or chakra scale) level, who are very skilled in controlling energy and who are generally souls of former high shamans, wizards, and the like. They also look for good bodies to possess but are willing to strike a deal with the original soul of the body in order to avoid later retribution if they are forcing the body take over, since they have lots of higher knowledge and do know Creation mechanisms.

Can you sell your soul for fame?

The original soul in this case is also generally a higher-than-average soul that voluntarily contacts these souls to strike a deal in order to gain power, wealth, and fame. The deal is that the original soul will lend the body for certain periods of time to the wandering soul so that the latter relives old body sensations, provided this will serve the original soul with gaining something valuable to him like money and fame. The soul that lends his body could ask for instance for miracles in magic shows on the stage, beyond impossible artistic shows, power over the masses by influencing their will when voting for instance, etc. The Faust drama by Goethe describes such a case, of course disguised dramatically.

For instance, a good number of world-famous magicians that perform on the scene have closed such deals. If one is a careful observer he can make the difference between illusionism and true magic.

Besides the top-level magicians, also a few other prominent elite groups, like in top financial and political circles, use the services of such entities by striking such deals of lending their bodies and gaining power in return.

Moreover, many of the higher souls that take over the bodies of famed artists like singers and magicians in the entertainment business, politicians, or businessmen, have their own hidden agenda like using the artists bodies in influencing the masses through their shows in their own benefit, but also in the benefit of their “employer” so to say. These are some very occult elite groups, who in their turn might be also controlled by other powerful souls with their own agenda.

When a singer, a performer with wide audiences reaches a certain level of fame on his own merits, he is approached by powerful people from the industry and invited to enter some occult fraternities and sororities. Once inside, as a member, they have to perform some occult rituals that connect them energetically and spiritually (in a negative way) forever with the leaders, and generally without realizing they accept to give access to their bodies to the above entities to use it at their will. From this point on things go downhill in their personal lives, but great as fame and money.

Whoever gets into agreements with these kinds of souls to lend his body for fame and money generally finds out in time they are on the losing side of the contract as history shows.


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