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Is it feasible to sell one's soul for fame, wealth, and power?

Updated: Apr 17

Throughout history, the concept of "selling one's soul to the devil" for wealth, power, and fame has sparked considerable debate. This intriguing topic has been explored in religious and mythological narratives, as well as in various forms of artistic expression, including novels, plays, poetry, and music.

Drawing on my extensive research in the realms of energy, consciousness, and soul awareness, I offer the following examination of this compelling phenomenon.

is trading your soul real?

Exploring the concept of "selling your soul" for fame and money is quite fascinating, and I found it's often misunderstood. The soul isn't something that can be transferred or stolen; it's essentially our consciousness, a unique level of awareness that defines our very being. So, the idea that one can literally sell their soul, or that another can take it, doesn't quite hold up. If such a transaction were possible, what would happen to a body left without its soul? It's similar to imagining a car suddenly without a driver. Yet, we see that people who are rumored to have "lost their souls" continue to live their lives. This raises interesting questions about the nature of existence and what it truly means to live.

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Can you sell your soul?

Technically speaking, what happens is the following... There is no devil or Satan just to clear things up, but there are souls on all levels of vibration, among whom some are not so well intended. As there are souls that embody here on Earth to gather experiences which are the normal souls, there are also wandering souls who lost the body they had due to death. After dying, these souls didn’t raise to God despite religious rituals and subsequently be able to reincarnate again. Therefore, they stay here roaming around, whereas many cultures call them ghosts, phantoms, specters, etc.


Spirit Possession and wandering souls

Some such wandering souls are primarily focused on seeking revenge against those they despised in life, resulting in them haunting these individuals. Others remain attached to their cherished possessions, places, or people from their lifetime. There are also souls that seek to inhabit a living body to experience life's sensations once more. Many of these wandering souls operate at a lower vibrational frequency, akin to the lower echelons of the third dimension. Under specific circumstances, they can possess a person by overpowering its original soul, though, thankfully, such occurrences are rare. 

There are also entities on the 5D vibrational level, such as the souls of former shamans and wizards, who are adept at energy manipulation. These souls often seek suitable bodies to inhabit but prefer to negotiate with the original soul to avoid potential repercussions if they take a body forcefully. They possess extensive knowledge of creation mechanisms, which informs their actions.

Can you sell your soul for fame?

How to sell your soul for money and fame is an ancient-old question that many ambitious people lusting for money, power, and fame had in their minds. Things are not that easy, or else just about every ambitious soul would have already access to this source of power; there are some strict requirements to gain access to such souls.

The concept of exchanging one's soul for material gain, such as wealth and fame, is a topic steeped in myth and folklore. This idea suggests that individuals with extraordinary ambition might seek supernatural means to achieve their goals. However, it is important to note that such pursuits are risky, and they entered the public lore as more allegorical than practical, serving as cautionary tales about the cost of greed and ambition.

On the other hand, what I learned by spiritually studying such cases I've discovered instances where transactions between souls have indeed occurred. The original soul willingly engages with other disembodied souls, many times even wandering souls, through precise methods to negotiate a deal aimed at acquiring power, wealth, and fame. The agreement allows the original soul to share their physical form with a wandering soul for designated periods. This arrangement lets the wandering soul experience corporeal sensations once more, in exchange for providing the original soul with valuable gains such as financial success and fame.

The soul that lends his body could ask for instance for miracles in magic shows on the stage, beyond impossible artistic shows, power over the masses by influencing their will when voting for instance, etc. The Faust drama by Goethe describes such a case, of course, disguised dramatically.

For example, many renowned magicians who perform onstage have entered into such agreements. A keen observer can distinguish between illusionism and genuine magic.

In addition to top-tier magicians, various elite groups in high finance and politics also engage with these entities, exchanging access to their physical forms for enhanced power.

Moreover, many of the higher souls that take over the bodies of famed artists like singers and magicians in the entertainment business, politicians, or businessmen, have their own hidden agenda like using the artist's bodies in influencing the masses through their shows in their own benefit, but also in the benefit of their “employer” so to say. These are some very occult elite groups, who in their turn might be also controlled by other powerful souls with their own agenda.

It's a sad but true fact that when a singer, a performer with wide audiences, reaches a certain level of fame on his or her own merits, they are approached by powerful people from elite groups and invited to join some occult fraternities and sororities. Once inside, as a member, they have to perform some occult rituals that connect them energetically and spiritually (in a negative way) forever with the leaders. And generally, without realizing it, they accept to give access to their bodies to the above entities to use it at their will. From that point on, things start to go downhill in their personal lives, but they're still doing great with the fame and money!


It's so important to remember that we're all here for a reason. We're here to learn, grow, and evolve. And sometimes, we make mistakes along the way. But that's okay! We're all human.

I've seen so many people get into soul contracts with these kinds of souls, thinking they'll get fame and money. But history shows us that they often end up on the losing side of the contract.

So, my advice is to focus on your spiritual growth and soul evolution. Do your best to align with your optimal path in life, as your soul intended when you came down here for embodiment. Life hacks like the ones described in this post can easily lead you into dire straits. So, remember to stay true to yourself and your soul's purpose.



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