How do I discover my life purpose by using spirituality?

Updated: Oct 18

What is life's purpose?

An ancient quest for any human on this planet was to find his true purpose in life, his “calling” as the saying is. For instance, the majority of people don’t know when entering the labor market after they finish their studies what they are truly good at, which is the career that would best suit their needs both material and spiritual, and make them happy ultimately. In time, all sorts of vocational tests and procedures have been developed trying to pinpoint someone’s talent and abilities. If these instruments are applied purely from a mental angle they have limited results in showing us our optimal career in life.

Finding life purpose, destiny, soul growth
Finding life purpose

First thing first, we need to understand that our purpose in life is intimately connected with the list of major life lessons our soul came down here for embodiment in this life and plans to experience. This list of main life lessons actually makes the ideal destiny in our life as intended originally by our soul and spiritual guides, but very few people succeed in following it closely. Like 99.99…% of people drift away from it because they are unable to maintain good contact with their soul who obviously suggests to them all the time the right path to take.

To be able to approach the true purpose and ideal path in life we need to first build a good connection between our mind and soul, so as to receive proper guidance. This connection can be built by 1) maintaining this connection that we have been born with as small children and lost it afterward, or 2) starting to practice spirituality.

The cornerstone is that you need to trust that you have a soul by definition, that your soul experiences this life through the means of your body as an instrument. If you don’t truly believe this then any method you might use to find your purpose in life is fundamentally flawed and it transforms into some intellectual game and nothing more. One can’t put the effort into something and meet success without truly believing that something truly exists; this trust is not a small thing to have in this 3D world. You must embody this trust, have no doubt about it, or else any search is aimless.

If you solve the above basic requirement then you can move on to one of the two following methods to find your purpose, since others don’t exist.

First approach

Don’t bother with spirituality, just use the embedded life-purpose detector Creation built in you. It’s the one we all have been born with as small children when we had an amazing connection mind-soul, but after the age of 5-6 years old or so lost it because of the permanent 3D energy pressure from around, like from family, school, friends, society, mass media etc.

You don’t think that living according to the soul plan was left by God as something occult, as a reward only for super-meditators, isn’t it? There would be very unfair to 8 billion souls around who in the majority don’t care about spirituality. Basic common sense would tell you this. No, the detector I am telling you is just the soul giving indications periodically to the person (mind/body complex), and the person has free will to listen or not to these indications. These indications/signs are not super-mysterious, it’s just life itself unraveling in front of our eyes through events around us, people, dreams, visions, feelings, illnesses, etc.

In this alternative you are never actually bothered to know your calling, you just live Life as it comes, moment by moment, and never wonder what life plan God has for you. If you live always in the Now moment, why would you care about tomorrow?

Only at the end of his life and looking back one will be able to fully see the full scope of that life. There were very few people able to follow this path because it needs an inner cosmic intuition that makes the person feel united with all and everything, who lets himself navigate in the main flow of life and never oppose it whatever it brings.

Second approach

The second approach is by getting into spirituality, doing meditations, releasing low-level beliefs, keeping close to higher souls, etc. This alternative might allow you to learn eventually the true purpose of your life, but only if you get to higher levels of realization and that means a good number of years of daily practice. If you are up to this I wish you the best of luck! Beware, if you really do everything necessary on this path (and meditation is not enough by far) then your soul will change as vibration, i.e. will be higher, and the purpose itself will change along the way against the one you were born with.

Meditation, life purpose,  destiny, call in life
Kids in meditation


Each of these 2 ways correctly followed brings you all the information you need, if you listen to them then you will keep close to your optimal life path and align 90-100% with your soul intention.

To add more to the challenge, in different periods of our life different abilities are required and activated in us so as to follow the twists and turns of our destiny and to cover the planned life lessons. If we lose the connection with our soul and spiritual guides we are left to fend alone without our soul’s support, which can prove a daunting task many times.

Do you keep fears, worries, and regrets for long in you like the majority of persons now on Earth? Well, then you risk diverting from your Path and might miss in this life some of your main life lessons. No problem, you will repeat again the attempt in the next life, this is why we all come back time after time in a never-ending succession of incarnations on this planet or another.


You can learn more by reading other posts here in this spiritual site that is coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

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