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Is marriage a spiritual thing or a worldly thing?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Many people asked themselves over time what’s the relationship between marriage or a partnership on one hand, and their spiritual path on the other. Since religions were established, they quickly started to govern the principal aspects of human life including marriage under its numerous aspects like engagement, marriage events, children being born, baptism, and so on.

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marriage a spiritual thing or a worldly thing

What is marriage

Concerning this post's title, it assumes from the start that “spiritual” and “worldly” are two different things. Actually, they are just different vibrations of the same continuum, like for instance school. There are pupils in primary school and students in high school, they obviously are of very different ages and hence knowledge, but are all still in school, part of the same general education process, just that at different points of it. Same with this universe, where worldly just means the lower 3D vibrations (D - dimension or chakra vibration) where the majority of people are, while spiritual are just higher vibrations than the worldly ones.

Marriage is ultimately an agreement, a partnership of a couple, between two people whether based on a signed contract or not. What matters is what they both put into it as passion, effort, time, (higher) understanding, feelings, and not the last being perseverance. As souls, during life, we use a body as a tool to gather life experiences and increase our awareness. To go through experiences we need other players in our life scenarios, who play their roles and who speak back their lines to us influencing our actions and hence experiences; these other players in our life scenarios we call soul-mates.

A soulmate can be a job colleague, friend, family member, lover, spouse, teacher, role model, etc., so they do not necessarily be love partners as the general public perception is. It just needs to be an important figure in our life for a time period, whether short or long. Nevertheless, a spouse is many times the most important soulmate we meet in life, both because of the time we spend together, and also for the huge number of connections of high intensity we develop over life concerning family, intimacy, children, family friends, parents, common decisions, supporting each other, and so on.

All these aspects develop very strong energetic bonds between us, we hugely influence each other life-path and hence spiritual path immensely. These energetic bonds are open connections built between spouses over years, so that when for instance one is affected by some traumatic event the other spouse feels it immediately.

Now, depending on our soul awareness and understanding of Creation, we can play our role on lower vibrations like fighting for power in a couple, trying to impose all the time, manipulating the other, taking advantage of any lack of attention of the other party, having no morals whatsoever, in short by waving our inflated ego. We could also play our role in the couple on higher vibrations, like using understanding, being altruistic, using love and gratitude, helping others, striving to understand the reality around together, etc. As for behavior, an example for the first case might be a banker or trader on Wall St. for instance, while an example for the second case might be a volunteer going to Africa in a poor area to help people suffering from Ebola.

Technically speaking now, you can consider lower vibrations belonging to the C1-C3 (C-chakras) range, where C1 is the root chakra, and C7 the crown chakra, while higher vibrations belong to the range of C4-C7 chakras. In this context, negative and lower are different; lower or higher is just neutral as meaning, just denotes a different vibration.

Emotions belonging to each chakra can be both positive and negative, depending on whether they are constructive or disruptive. Negative emotions risk to turn on long term in limiting beliefs that strongly influence our life path.

Role-playing and its impact on the marriage

Since people on this planet as souls and bodies are about 3.5 as vibration on chakra scale, in a marriage majority of people do the role-playing of their life experiences around this vibration. It means their emotions and actions belong in the majority to the range of C1-C3 chakras emotions, where C1 (root) chakra emotions are concerned with survival (fear of death, fear of tomorrow, fear of aggression, of diseases, worries for loved ones, etc.), C2 chakra emotions are concerned with sexual attraction and reproduction (e.g. lust, passion, desires, etc.), and C3 chakra emotions are related with the ego (how one approaches reality around). There are both positive or negative emotions for all three chakras, and hence the two spouses play along in the marriage a mixture of all these. At the end of the marriage, whether it lasted 1 year or 60 years, they learned some of their lessons and some not; for the lessons not yet learned no problem, they will return in another life and continue experiencing them with the same or other soul-mates.

Now, in my evaluation less than 10% of spouses in marriages on this planet have souls in 4D (dimension vibration, or chakra scale) vibration and even higher on the chakra scale, so they are able to experience C4 chakra (heart chakra) emotions like higher love (non-transactional), C5 chakra (throat chakra) emotions belonging to communication on many levels and not only with other humans, C6 chakra (third eye) emotions belonging to a true reality understanding and sharing with the spouse, and C7 chakra (crown chakra) belonging to connection to higher vibration, entities, cosmos and the like. This range of life experiences one might call them “spiritual” if you like, but are in fact just another higher level of life experiences.

Problem is that both spouses need to be higher souls in the range 4–7D, while if one is the average 3D soul and the other a higher vibration soul, in time there is a risk of the two splitting apart because they are too different. Higher souls generally went through some spiritual experiences that triggered in them soul growth, like spiritual awakening, kundalini awakening, chakra healing, spiritual practices, they were students of a genuine spiritual master, and so on; many paths can lead someone to spiritual growth.

In conclusion, I would say a marriage remains just worldly if the spouses have average 3D souls and bodies vibration, while if the two have higher souls then they do have access to experience between themselves lots of higher vibration experiences, that will give them access to increased awareness on a higher level. Therefore, they get the chance to move on in their next lives to being reborn in places of 4D vibration to continue their experiences on higher vibrations.

I noticed that if a soul holds his higher vibration against adversity long enough, then in the next lives he will be reborn most likely on other planets of higher vibration. On this planet there are very few areas that can hold a 4D vibration or higher for long, so to offer an appropriate environment for higher souls to experiment. They can still come for embodiment but in singular targeted missions for a specific purpose, and not in the normal sequence of lives of experiencing around.


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