The human brain and how it releases DMT upon death

Updated: Apr 10

The human brain and how it releases DMT upon death
The human brain and how it releases DMT upon death

DMT is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in principal ...,N-Dimethyltryptamine

One can meet DMT also in well know plants like ayahuasca used in shamanic rituals in S America for instance. Some people got crazy permanently after such rituals and others even died, it’s not stuff you would take in the kitchen at home alone …

When a person dies DMT is released in large quantities automatically by the pineal gland to help the soul leave the body easier and return to God, to higher dimensions of vibration, to reunite with his parent-soul (feeling of going through a tunnel, a light appears at the end, etc).

In the brains of advanced spirituals at the peak of their meditation, DMT is released in larger quantities and allows them to “penetrate the veil” (energetic barrier) towards higher dimensions and so contact their higher soul, higher entities, future timelines, etc. One could say DMT literally opens a “tunnel” through the thick energy barrier between mind and soul so they can communicate.

For people upon dying, it very much facilitates the “extraction/decoupling” of the soul from the body it used in that life, and thus helps the soul return to higher dimensions (to Light/God). The problem on this planet is that even with this facilitator very many souls still remain around after the body's death and roam around as wandering souls (ghosts, specters …) without returning “Home”.

Nonetheless, don’t try to ingest DMT by yourself as some do, or without competent help you can run into serious issues… When ingesting DMT artificially one opens forcefully the tunnel between his mind and higher dimensions through the crown chakra. Therefore, a large and unexpected flow of higher energy (prana/chi) comes down like an unleashed cascade through the crown chakra in our brain and we start to feel “high” and very good.

Problem is that this higher energy also clashes with and dislocates the lower energies in our mind and body energy fields, including in our subconscious which is full of limiting beliefs and negative energies. These are stirred and “explode” in us and we can get unbalanced in a matter of even minutes, our soul starts to separate from our body, and other rather unpleasant things occur after the initial period of being high …

Only having a high shaman next to us, and on top of it experienced in this can keep us not going under, and even reap some benefits of such a session by releasing deep lower beliefs.

In ancient times, such sessions of using psychedelic plants like ayahuasca were conducted by high shamans ONLY for their many year-long and most advanced disciples when they encountered an issue like a deep belief they couldn’t release. In such cases, the shaman would evaluate the situation, talk with the disciple’s soul, then with his parent-soul permission, and also ask for the feedback of all spiritual guides, and only upon approval of those such a session would be conducted.

In modern times these very esoteric and high rituals got into the pop culture and started to be treated like some other commodity, and people are shocked when “lighting struck” them so to say and they are left damaged ...

Safest is to develop an advanced meditation practice and DMT will be released automatically into your brain, exactly when you need it and by the amount you need it. Playing the apprentice wizard is fun but has its risks.


You can learn more by reading other posts on this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than the spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long personal practice and experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

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