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The spiritual causes of Alzheimer's and dementia illnesses

Updated: May 11, 2023

Many spirituals have wondered when coming in contact with a person with dementia, Alzheimer, or other mental illnesses of this kind, what happens to that person's soul since the person herself does no longer seem to be connected to the reality around.

As we all know, most of these kinds of diseases occur in old age and are attributed to brain degeneration, and medical research and studies have produced all sorts of hypotheses about their causes. Medical science has not identified actually the causes of dementia's spiritual root but rather the circumstances that favor its occurrence such as genetic factors like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc.

I will give you below my research findings over a good number of years gathered by using my ability to look into body energies and souls about the spiritual causes of Alzheimer's and other mental diseases in the same category, so you will be able to avoid them in the long run.

As we know, a soul comes to incarnate on this planet by acquiring a body by birth. A body is a complex energy construct and is actually an instrument for experimenting with this world by that soul, which needs an energy tool to experiment with other energies around.

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Age, mental illnesses, and soul connection

The soul is not energy at all, it is only consciousness with a certain level of awareness that the soul has reached. The world we live in is a 3D world from the awareness (vibration) level point of view, this being the average level of awareness of most souls in a percentage of 90% of this humanity. In a percentage of 10%, we also find 4D vibration souls and higher, including even a few souls that have reached enlightenment, hence they have reached the 7D vibration (7th chakra vibration).

The soul-mind connection and the dementia spiritual root

When coming for embodiment on a planet a soul comes with an initial plan of major lessons to study, a plan he tries to follow throughout life using that body. As we all know, life experiences in this world are rather difficult and in general most persons drift away from the ideal plan of the soul due to all sorts of subconscious limiting beliefs they gather over life, such as fears, worries, enmities, attachments to wealth, to other people, obsessions, etc. Nevertheless, it's important that during life the soul remains in connection with the mind at all times so that the mind-soul communication channel still works, even if only in a small proportion of say 5-10%.

This way, the soul can transmit to the mind through various channels such as intuition, dreams, synchronicities, etc., some feedback manifested as guiding beacons (divine messages) so the person can adjust his path in life to a certain extent, and at the same time that person remains aware that there is something beyond the immediate reality given by the 5 senses.

The problem is that Alzheimer's and dementia patients in general have become for a long time already disconnected from their souls by their own choice and very attached to the 3D world around them. In other words, they developed very strong attachments to the reality around them and refused anything that can’t be sensed by the basic 5 senses, or confirmed by mainstream science.

Moreover, they lost any constructive curiosity about life, are fearful of any change, and are very attached to old habits.

The main issue here is that fundamentally a soul takes a body in a world to experiment around until the last moment of the body's life, not just stay and repeat the same gestures forever and hence lose any chance to learn something new. There is a good number of people that reached 100 years old or more and are in good health, and when interviewed by scientists on how they managed this, they all reported they kept their curiosity about life, they felt joy for the smallest thing around them, were optimistic and grateful for every moment in life!

In Alzheimer patients, in response to their withdrawal from the connection with their own soul, the soul "moves away" from them and mostly ceases to participate in their daily lives, and as a result the person loses the support of their own soul. The soul's withdrawal from the intimate connection with the body technically implies also the withdrawal of the subtle energies of life maintenance. These are felt especially in the brain's energy fields which are very sensitive to any such changes.

Without the permanent subtle energy feed of the brain coming from the soul, the result is big neurological issues like memory loss, disorientation, confusion, speech problems, depression, etc. Therefore, Alzheimer's and dementia's spiritual root is all about the relationship between our minds and our soul who divorce one another!

The person basically becomes a vegetable disconnected from reality and from communication with other people, no longer able to understand the life experiences he is going through and unable to progress, because he has severed the connection with his own soul through the choices he has made along life. Alzheimer's spiritual root and the dementia spiritual cause is ultimately the divorce between the soul and mind of that person.

This divorce between the soul and mind of that elderly person is the spiritual root of memory loss, confusion, depression, and all the other dementia symptoms. In other words, the spiritual root cause of dementia is losing interest in reality around you, in anything new life brings to you. Neurology established a long time ago that taking on a new interest will shape new neurological paths in our brains, and make it more adaptable since it's known our brain has neuroplasticity. Well, our brain was designed on purpose like this to allow it to adapt to anything new and interesting around like a new life experience that brings additional awareness to our soul. If w give it up then the soul gives up and retires from the connection between mind-brain-soul, and it reflects in the physical brain attrition, and this is actually the spiritual cause of memory loss and other brain issues.

How to remain connected with your soul in old age?

The spiritual root of dementia, or of Alzhemer's for that matter, is in other words the "protest" of the person's soul for being ignored, for disregarding the main mission he has as a soul on Earth, i.e. learning new things, go through new life experiences, and thus raise his awareness!

Since the spiritual cause of dementia lies in the separation of soul and mind, my advice is, no matter how old you are, never forget that the dementia spiritual root is losing the connection with your soul, with God, and with the higher dimensions. Rest assured you are a soul that has an earthly experience by using a body, and you are immortal as a soul.

Keep your curiosity alive, don't avoid on-purpose changes and challenges if possible, be humble and open, and remember your soul connection and all will be well.

Laugh often, keep your interest alive in everything around you but not so much in mass media which spreads only fear, try learning something new whenever possible, be optimistic even if your body aches and try to rise above pain, care about other people and invest your love and soul in them. Spirituality can help you a lot in keeping these mental illnesses at bay, and therefore keep your soul interested in staying with you up to the end.

Only this way the soul will remain intimately attached to your body and will give you its full support, keeping you aware, curious, and connected to Life until the very end!


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