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Understanding the Difference Between Soul Plans and Life Choices

Do you crave a deeper understanding of your soul's journey? If so, you're not alone. Many of us yearn to unlock the secrets of our soul plan and align our life choices with our true life purpose.

In this article, I dive into the difference between a soul plan and life choices, exploring how they intersect and shape our lives. Understanding this distinction can help you make more conscious decisions that vibe with your soul's desires, leading to greater fulfillment and joy in your life path and spiritual journey.

I'm excited to share with you my spiritual research and insights on this topic, gathered from observing many people and how their soul plans and life paths intertwine by looking into their souls and body energies.

Exploring our Life choices

Life choices are the decisions we make based on our limited understanding and perception of the world. They are influenced by our personal desires, ambitions, and attachments. Often, they're driven by fear, ego, and the desire for external validation. While personal choices can lead to temporary gratification or success, they may not always align with our soul's desires and long-term fulfillment.

Soul Plan, life choices, spiritual journey, soul path, soul contract
Soul Plan and Life Choices

So, I've noticed that the average person tends to make decisions about what's Good or Bad for him using pretty simple criteria.

•         Good is what brings Pleasure

•         Bad what brings Displeasure

This is valid for all living organisms on Earth that swing between searching for Pleasure and avoiding Displeasure.

A person evaluates everything according to how internal or external factors reflect in his body sensations of pleasure and displeasure. Now, I found that what’s good and bad for the body come from:

•         Body’s biochemistry (body impulses like hunger, thirst, fear, need for sex, etc )

•         Environment

•         Subconscious Beliefs


I learned that everything that happens to us is first reflected energetically in our inferior chakras: the root chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra. Life events reflect in a person’s chakras as follows:

•         Root chakra: Survival fears (e.g. fear of death, of lacking things belonging to survival like food, shelter, water, air, money).

•         Sacral chakra: Sensations due to intense intimate emotions, sex, substances (drugs, some plants, etc), extrem sports (adrenaline).

•         Solar plexus chakra – Typical Ego feelings: recognition, fame, self-esteem, controlling everything around, power over others, etc.

Sure that also the superior chakras are affected, but later on.

What is a Soul Plan

As souls, we all come into this world with a Soul Contract, kind of like a list of major life experiences and lessons we’re here to learn. It is a blueprint that outlines our purpose, lessons, and experiences in this lifetime. It is the essence of who we are as a soul and what we came here to accomplish our life lessons.  These lessons might be things like dealing with envy, greed, fear of others, future worries, jealousy, you name it.

This soul contract turns into a Soul Plan that guides our journey through life. The choices we make along the way really shape our life experiences.

Our Soul Plan encompasses various aspects, including the lessons we need to learn, the relationships we are meant to have, and the challenges we will face. It is a roadmap for our spiritual growth and evolution. While our soul plan is unique to each individual, it is interconnected with the Collective Consciousness and the greater Universal Plan.

Understanding the Soul Path

The Soul Path refers to the Spiritual Journey we take to fulfill our soul plan. It is the path of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Our soul path is not always straightforward; it often involves overcoming obstacles and facing challenges that test our strength and resilience.

We experience a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and joy when aligned with our soul path. We feel in flow with the universe, effortlessly attracting the opportunities and experiences that support our growth. However, when we stray from our soul path and ignore the whispers of our soul we may feel lost, disconnected, and unfulfilled.

Therefore, concerning our Soul Plan in life, Good or Bad means:

•         It’s Good what keeps our soul on the Optimal Life Path to 100% experience his initial Plan

•         It’s Bad everything that removes him from the Optimal Plan.

As you can see, our souls and our minds have very different viewpoints on life! Remember, for our soul our body is just an instrument, and the Soul Plan takes precedence. If the body gets damaged along the way, well, that’s secondary for the soul! The soul is eternal, but the body is just temporary.

The Relationship between Soul Plan and Life Choices

The relationship between our soul plan and personal choices is super intertwined. While our soul plan lays out a kind of blueprint for our experiences, it’s totally up to us to make choices that vibe with our soul's desires. Our personal choices can either back up or get in the way of our soul's journey, depending on whether they come from a place of true alignment or just our ego.

From watching many persons on their life path and through my spiritual research, I've realized that the relationship between your soul and body really comes down to two main scenarios:

  • When you're aligned with your Soul Plan like over 50% at least, your soul is super keen on keeping your body in good functioning conditions.

  • On the other hand, if your body's choices cause you to stray from the soul’s plan, your soul isn't as invested in keeping things running smoothly for your body. Unfortunately, I found the average alignment of a person with his Soul Plan in this 3D vibration humanity is just 10%!

When you do veer off course, your soul tries to signal your body, hoping you'll find your way back. This signaling might show up as hardship, events, illnesses, dreams, visions, or even messages from others. Unfortunately, most people aren't aware of these signals and just ignore them. However, there are a few who do notice and understand these signs; generally, they are rather advanced spirituals.

If the Soul and Body paths start to diverge too much and for too long, a Divorce is triggered between the Soul and the Body! A soul leaves the body when:

•         The body is too worn out and can’t be used anymore (eg advanced age)

•         Deviation is too wide and hope of a comeback is hopeless (early death)

Our soul plan and personal choices touch every part of our lives, from our jobs and relationships to our health and spiritual growth. They shape our experiences, the lessons we learn, and even the people we meet. When we're in tune with our soul plan and make choices that reflect this, we end up creating a life that truly resonates with our deepest desires and purpose.


However, if we start ignoring what our soul is really calling for and just following what our minds want, we might end up feeling lost. This path can leave us feeling empty, unsatisfied, and like we're missing something important. So, keeping our soul plan and personal choices aligned is key to living a life that's full of fulfillment, authenticity, and joy.


The Importance of Aligning Soul Plan, Life Choices, and a High Character

Aligning our soul plan and personal choices requires Self-awareness, Introspection, and a willingness to let go of Limiting Beliefs and patterns. It's about tuning into our spiritual intuition and making choices that sync up with our divine path.


I've found that to really follow our soul plan, we need a special quality often called High Character. Here's how it breaks down:


  • Higher Character: Can postpone or even sacrifice instant gratification for higher principles.

  • Lower Character: Struggles to resist the temptation of instant pleasures, like small kids, some criminals, or generally people considered to have low character.


I've never met or learned about an enlightened soul, someone vibrating at that seventh chakra level, who didn't also have a very high character score. Think about prophets like Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Lao Tzu, etc.


Tools and Techniques to Unlock the Soul Plan

Learning about our soul plan takes some deep diving into ourselves, and there are tons of tools and techniques out there to help us on this journey of self-discovery and alignment like:

  • Meditation. Find your own quiet spot and time to just be with yourself. Dive deep, meet your soul, and maybe have a chat with the universe while you’re at it.

  • Journaling. Keep a diary of your daily emotions and thoughts. This can help you spot those sneaky negative beliefs so you can work on tossing them out and improving yourself.

  • Mindfulness These are great for tuning into your inner vibes and connecting with your soul’s wisdom.

  • Working with a spiritual guide or master can provide valuable insights and support as we navigate our soul plan. These spiritual guides can help us uncover the hidden patterns, beliefs, and wounds that may be blocking us from aligning with our soul's desires. They can offer guidance, tools, and techniques to release what no longer serves us and step into our authentic power.

Soul Plan, life choices, spiritual journey, soul path, soul contract
Walking the Soul Path

So, grab your journal, find your quiet corner, and maybe even link up with a spiritual guide to start uncovering the amazing journey of your soul!

Seeking Guidance and Support for Soul Plan Alignment

Embarking on a journey of soul plan alignment is not always easy. It requires courage, patience, and a willingness to face our fears and shadows. Seeking guidance and support from trusted mentors, teachers, and spiritual healers can provide a nurturing space for growth and transformation.

Surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals on a path of self-discovery and alignment like an advanced spiritual school can offer inspiration, encouragement, and accountability. Sharing our experiences, insights, and struggles with others who understand can help us navigate the complexities of our soul plan with grace and compassion.

Conclusion: Embracing the Journey of Self-Discovery and Fulfillment

If we want to live longer, healthier, and more enlightened lives, here’s what we should do:


  1. Learn from the lessons on our life path.

  2. Listen to feedback or signs from our soul when we’re off track.

  3. Raise the vibe (awareness level) of your soul and body to change your destiny to a higher level.

  4. Help other people, whether physically or energetically.

Unlocking the secrets of our soul plan and aligning our choices with our true purpose is a lifelong journey. It’s all about self-discovery, growth, and transformation. By embracing our soul's path and making mindful choices, we unlock our true potential and live a life full of purpose, authenticity, and joy.

Remember, you’re not alone on this journey. Trust in the wisdom of your soul, listen to the whispers of your intuition, and embrace the guidance and support available to you. As you align your soul plan and personal choices, you step into your power as a co-creator of your reality.



You can learn more by reading other posts on this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed here and get a spiritual diagnostic, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery to raise your body and soul awareness and reach into higher dimensions.



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