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What is the human ego and what is its purpose

Updated: May 19, 2022

Human ego and its feminine and masculine aspects
Human ego and its aspects

What is ego and its role

The Ego is actually a tool that in small amounts is really useful, while in big ones is damaging, it’s that simple.

A soul comes on this planet and takes a body (being born) in order to have an instrument to experience life around since a soul has no energy whatsoever being only consciousness, and hence needs an energy instrument to interact with other energies around so to gather experiences and increase his awareness.

This instrument has several energy layers beyond the physical and has a complex functionality, this being one of the main reasons that very long ago the initial Architects of mankind allowed intelligent souls to start using these bodies for the above goal. Now, within the functionality of a body a specific energy structure able to hold emotional patterns was designed, a structure that we call subconscious.

This subconscious, which impregnates energetically the entire body, is actually a stack of beliefs that we gather in life from all sorts of sources (family, school, friends, religion, mass media, etc). This subconscious controls us in life and dictates how we behave and what decisions we take in life, rather than our IQ.

The Manifestation of this subconscious we call Ego who gives us our Identity: what we think about Who we are among other people and in universe, and How we perceive and approach life.

Personal space and ego

Now, in practical terms on this planet and in this level of rather low vibration, in order to be able to survive you need some minimal personal space you can preserve, and for this you need some sort of a minimal ego. For instance, if someone comes down to you and demands you to strip and give him your clothes and money, or if he asks you to jump from a 10 story building, then you should be able to say No to him. So no soul that still has a body down here can survive without some small ego, including Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, etc, that can say No, and even allow you to defend yourself if the case is. I would call it a passive type of ego.

On the other hand, unfortunately on this planet, the average human developed a big and active type of ego that is aggressive, whether openly or indirectly because of fears in his subconscious, and that tries to take from others by any means whatever resources are being perceived as scarce: money, land, positions, influence, sexual partners, etc.

Actually, if one studies the history of enlightened souls like Krishna, Rama, Buddha, Jesus, etc you will find they said No without hesitation a good number of times to things they didn’t agree with. Does this make them egoistic? Absolutely not, they just evaluated a situation and decided to refuse it, that’s all; they didn’t judge it, just evaluate from their own point of view.

So, the initial purpose of allowing the development of an Ego by the initial Architects of this humanity was to allow a reasonable 3D vibration range of experiences to be accessible by a soul coming to incarnation here. The clashing of egos of humans around triggered life experiences that benefitted the souls that came down here for experimentation. It was intended as a tool that allows these experiences and ultimately enrich the soul.

In time it got out of hand so to say, and morphed into a “beast” that became aggressive at the average human level, and therefore started to attract since many thousands of years quite aggressive souls full of dominant male aspect here on Terra, like the ones from Orion and Sirius star systems that incarnate around in close to 80% of the population.

These kinds of souls were used to live in war-based societies in their original star systems for a very long time and inherently brought their tendency also in their lives on Earth. This is why for so many thousands of years we got so many wars and a paternalistic and masculine-centered society.

Society, ego, and the masculine and feminine aspects

Ego is very much influenced as a manifestation by the balance of feminine and masculine aspects in a person.

In the last decades, the balance started to tip in the other direction of having more feminine aspects around. This is a good thing, provided as a civilization we learn to use the positive feminine aspects and not the negative ones. In our distant past, there were also matriarchal societies that eventually collapsed because of these negative aspects.

The negative masculine aspect results in a dominant ego, even a violent one, selfish, who promotes Individuality and Separation. It easily ends up in direct conflicts and wars as history shows. It despises the weak, like women, minorities, physically impaired, animals, nature who are seen just as items for exploitation.

The negative feminine aspect results in a less physically violent manifesting ego, but nevertheless still based on Separation, and works preferably indirectly against who she perceives as “opponents”. It’s based more on gossip, plots, and conspiracies against each other ...

In conclusion, the ego is not negative per se provided we know how to control it. Nevertheless, being assertive and able to say No so to keep your own personal space clean, is fundamental for your own evolution as soul and body, regardless of how high one is as soul.

On this subject, there are a number of opposing views that preach the complete eradication of the Ego, opinions that come from different spiritual traditions but also from different “modern gurus” like Eckhart Tolle, as a supreme solution to spiritual ascension.

In this post, I have tried to explain you the difference between theory and practice concerning the Ego, and if we talk about practice let me remind you of a famous Latin proverb that said "Est modus in rebus!", meaning "There is a measure in everything", so let's always look for a Balance in practice, rather then to an extreme solution most of the time ....


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

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