The spiritual balance between the masculine and the feminine aspects in people

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

One of the less understood aspects in spirituality is the need for balance between the masculine and the feminine spiritual aspects in any human. This balance influences strongly soul growth, the chances for spiritual awakening, the kundalini awakening, the spiritual discernment, one’s path in life actually. Without a balance between these two aspects no spiritual health is possible.

First of all, I would define the masculine or feminine aspect as a lens through which a person sees life. In other words, one can define an aspect through that person's tendencies in daily life. Other factors that influence the aspects balance are his subconscious beliefs that make him take decisions, whether the person is a man or a woman, the environment he is in, his spiritual awareness.

Balance of feminine and masculine aspects

The masculine aspect in each of us represents the direction, the will, the drive, has a compass in life, the aspect that takes decisions, has discernment, makes plans, and takes them to fruition. On the other hand, it doesn’t have access to energy, it doesn’t have the access to the energy that shapes the results of his plans, and I am not talking about the physical energy here but the higher one that decides the future timeline.

The feminine aspect is pure energy, it nurtures, it maintains, is intuitive, it loves, doesn’t have preferences. The feminine energy is expert in growing anything starting from a seed, like given a seed it will turn it into a child, or a tree, etc by loving, nurturing and growing it. It does this due to her access to higher energy that she can shape by instinct.

Metaphorically, I would resemble the masculine aspect with a performant car like a Porsche, while the feminine aspect is represented by a tank of gasoline. On one hand is great to have a Porsche in your garage but with the tank empty it’s better to have a bicycle to go to grocery shop because the Porsche won’t budge from place. If on the other hand you have a tank with 50 litters of gasoline and no car you can maybe ignite it and see how it goes in flames in all directions, but again you can’t use it to go to the grocery shop. If you then put the gasoline tank inside the Porsche you finally have an excellent car that can drive you wherever you like. The same with a person, if he/she has both aspects balanced inside then nothing stands in her way.

This principle of balance between the two aspects applies holistically from the micro level up to the Creation level. Thus, at universal level, the Initial Consciousness using its masculine aspect made the plan for this universe and designed stars, planets, galaxies, star clusters, nebulas, etc. But these were just designs, so to make them come into existence it used its feminine aspect concerning energy (universal energy, chi, prana) to actually build these entities according to plans.

Another example is a soul that comes for embodiment on a planet and has a plan (masculine aspect) of how the future body will look like, connected of course also with his parent's body designs, but to make actually the body to come into existence according to the plan it still needs materials from the planet (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, etc) that he borrows from Earth, together with energy, which makes the feminine aspect, and only then a child will come into existence. After 70-80 years the soul gives back to Earth the initial elements when the body is worn out and dies.

Balance of masculine and feminine

From personal experience, I can tell you that if a spiritual is too much biased towards the masculine aspect like +60%, then he will have a good understanding of the spiritual concepts and procedures, but he will be mostly in his head when doing spiritual procedures instead of going into his heart, and hence won't have access to energy and so be able to move energies around to produce palpable results. On the other hand, if the spiritual has a too big bias towards feminine energy like +60%, then the person will have access to energy but won't have the needed tenacity to follow a process to its end and will divert along the way, will jump incessantly from subject to subject, will get excited by all sorts of exotic subjects, but with no palpable results.

Therefore, a person has better balance inside him both aspects, so to be able to reach to both sources of universal knowledge personalized in our brains by the two hemispheres, the left one being the masculine, and the right one the feminine.

In the last several thousands of years the bias was towards the more 3D masculine aspect, but lately started to change some … Anyway, no extreme is good.


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