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Is the world experiencing a mass soul awakening?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Soul Awakening, kundalini awakening, and the “dark night of the soul”
Soul Awakening, kundalini awakening, and the “dark night of the soul”

Soul Awakening, kundalini awakening and the “dark night of the soul”

Well, awakening is a personal experience, it’s not like we get together, hold hands, pray or meditate and voila, we all get a group awakening! Whatever you’ve been taught in your spiritual classes, or doing meditation in groups, I assure you people are too different from each other and each soul follows his own Path at his own pace. True that we can help each other on it, but ultimately each soul has its own list of experiences to go through like no other.

Besides being a very personal experience, humanity can’t be considered by far a homogenous entity of 8 billion people, they are divided into many smaller groups each with its own very diverged interests. For instance, one thing is to be part of a financial elite with many millions of dollars in your bank account, and something else to be a volunteer or caretaker in a hospital, they both see life completely different, their soul awareness levels are quite different.

Additionally, when talking about soul-awakening we have to consider also an associated kundalini awakening. A kundalini awakening in turn will trigger sooner or later a “dark night of the soul” process, as the ancients called it. This process is triggered by deep hidden limiting beliefs that are pushed to the surface and manifested mentally, emotionally, and even physically in the short term.

Without going successfully through this process no true spiritual progress can be recorded, it’s only a delusion. Unfortunately, many people don’t go through it correctly when it occurs, and quite nasty energy-based and psychological trauma can happen.

The dark night of the soul designates a very deep and personal experience, it’s not something we go through together in a group whether of two people or of 1 billion people. Originally, this mental and emotional status was reached by disciples of some advanced spiritual masters who guided their closer disciples through this, giving each a customized guidance. It can’t be really done by general guidelines, like what one might find in some books or elsewhere …

Energy pressure over Earth, and push for quick changes in mass consciousness

Under the continuous pressure of the ever-increasing energy levels over Earth, these last years tumultuous events starting more visibly in 2015 with the millions of Syrian immigration in Europe, the unexpected election of president Trump, abrupt climate changes, technological advances that allowed an increased control over the masses and so on, have put humanity on an accelerated path of self-awareness pressure.

Now, who really got the cue and perceived the message and worked on increasing his self-awareness, from my experience when assessing the mass awareness around, was due to which group each person belonged to. The majority didn’t get the cue and didn’t wake up, which is ok actually; if not awakening this life maybe the next, or the next, no pressure actually on the soul just on the body, but the body dissolves at the end of each life anyway.

Dark night of the soul
Dark night of the soul

The ones that got the cue and worked on increasing their awareness level (soul vibration on chakra scale), some of them had to undergo such a dark night of the soul depending on how tough some of their lower beliefs in their subconscious were. It’s a rather unpleasant process to go through actually, I’ve been through it and I don’t like to recall it.

So there is an increasingly higher energy shower coming on Earth that started more than 70 years ago. This increased energy pressure started to stir quite a lot the people’s subconscious, hence deep hidden limiting beliefs were pushed to the surface and manifested physically in the short term, while in the past like 100 or more years ago the time needed for this was in many tenths of years or even generations.

These quick changes do present ever-increasing challenges to people, while the average human is opposed to change by definition, and as result you see the chaos of quick-changing trends around. All these hodgepodges of emotions and events are normal for such a huge mass of very different participants, a process which in the end will lead humanity to a higher awareness level.

The good news is that in 8-10 years at the latest things will settle in a way… well, actually only for the ones that will survive the process.

“We live interesting times!” as an ancient Chinese proverb states.


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